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Course Overview

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The City Drama Studio beginnerís acting course is designed for people with little or no previous acting experience, and for those who wish to improve their communication and performance skills. It consists of three ten-week terms, one evening per week, for three hours. There is no obligation to continue past the first term.

Our classes are taught by highly experienced and motivated professionals who ensure that each participant is given the opportunity to learn and develop in a relaxed and social atmosphere.

The emphasis in the first ten weeks is on communication and the development of vocal, physical and creative skills. Classes consist of exercises designed to encourage spontaneity, group cohesion and stagecraft. The term culminates in a showcase performance for invited guests.

Second and third term build upon the concepts introduced in the first ten weeks, with a greater focus on character development, text interpretation and performance. Graduates receive a certificate and become eligible to perform in our Drama Club productions.



Each unit of the course is conducted concurrently on one evening per week (Mondays, from 6.30 to 9.30pm). Each unit is conducted over a ten-week period. In the tenth week, a performance night is held for invited guests. The night consists of:

An introduction to the course for the benefit of prospective students.

Explanation by teachers of course and unit content.

Oral testimonials from current students.

Presentation of certificates to third term graduates


STAGE ONE:         Performance of contemporary monologues 

STAGE TWO:        Performance of duologues 

STAGE THREE:     Performance of ensemble piece, usually text-based 

DRAMA CLUB:     Performance of plays by course graduates. 




Trust exercises

Developing spontaneity

Developing vocal and physical awareness

Relaxation techniques

Observation and listening (for characterisation and self-awareness)

Focus (personal and dramatic)

Basic improvisation skills (offering, yielding, blocking)

Introduction to basic acting concepts

Motivation - objectives (goals / victories), actions (tactics)

Introduction to text analysis

Preparation and performance of a monologue

View a drama performance


Creating a character 

Development of acting, voice and movement skills

Listening and responding

Affecting the other

Raising the stakes

Scene analysis and rehearsal

Performance of duologue

View a drama performance


Consolidation of acting, voice and movement skills

Interpreting a playscript as text for performance

Dramatic forms

Physical conditions of the performance space

Stagecraft and rehearsal process

Working with a director

Technical aspects of production

Performing in an ensemble

View a drama performance


Home Course Overview Course Philosophy Biographies Enrolment Details News and Views Links Photo Gallery