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Ensign Tom Paris

Tom is the son of Owen Paris, a prominent Three Star Admiral, and because of it had a rough childhood emotionally. His father was very demanding and always seeing fault in Tom. His clearest childhood memories were of his bedroom, where he would lock the door and play games by himself and read. The first day of summer his father always made him get a haircut, which he hated and covered with a ball cap. His childhood doctor was Dr. Brown and he fondly remembers the holo-comics and garlic soup the Doc provided. Tom once tended to an orphan baby bird and he always had a dog when he was a kid.

It was probably a mixture of heritage and destiny that led him to pursue a career in Starfleet. He was accepted into the Academy and in his second semester took his physical training at Marseilles, France. When Susie Crabtree dumped him during his first year at the Academy he almost failed a stellar cartography course. His own father taught a Starfleet course in survival but Tom only received a B- grade from him. He did graduate though, with a major in Astrophysics.
He served on the USS Exeter before transferring to Caldik Prime. He is an excellent pilot, but while stationed on Caldik Prime he caused a tragic accident that killed three other pilots. At first he falsified reports claiming it wasn't his fault, but later admitted his error. Tom was cashiered out of Starfleet, much to the shame of his father.

Out of a job and looking for a fight, Tom joined the Maquis where his piloting skills would be utilized. He served on Chakotay's ship for only a few weeks before Starfleet captured him on his very first mission. Tom was convicted of treason against the Federation because being a Maquis is a criminal offense. He was sentenced to imprisonment at the Federation Penal Settlement in Auckland, New Zealand. Tom was serving his prison time when Kathryn approached him for his help. She hoped he would lead Voyager to the Maquis and in return Tom would receive an early parole. He accepted and was designated an "observer" aboard Voyager. He led Kathryn into the Badlands, where Voyager met the same fate as the Maquis ship they had been tracking; being pulled into the Delta Quadrant.

Kathryn gave Tom a field commission of Lieutenant (see footnote on Tom's rank) and assigned him to be the lead flight controller for Voyager. He appreciated her faith in him and has worked hard to keep her trust, shedding his tarnished reputation. Tom has made Starfleet history by becoming the first pilot to make a transwarp flight, surpassing warp 10. He is fourth highest-ranking senior officer, which has put him in charge of Voyager several times. Beyond piloting Voyager, he also heads the Flight Control division and teaches shuttle maneuvers.
His quarters on deck 4, section 3c are often empty because he also currently serves as a medical assistant to the Holodoc. Tom's two semesters of biochemistry at the Academy have made him the most qualified person on Voyager to act as a medic. Three shifts a week he reluctantly works in sickbay as well as various assignments as field medic.

Tom's love of pool led him to recreate Sandrine's poolhall on the holodeck, which gave Voyager a little flavor of Earth. The program became very popular with the crew. Beyond doing simple holo-scenes he's interested in creating a holographic novel. He has helped B'Elanna with her Day of Honor program and helped refine Neelix's Paxau Resort program. The holodeck also allows him to enjoy his favorite sports such as hoverball, snow skiing, and water skiing. And of course the holodeck has assisted in Tom's dating pursuits. He has a Sailing on Lake Como program as well as a Parking on Mars program, which includes a glorious convertible '57 Chevy. Antique cars are another of Tom's passions. He is a true aficionado of the twentieth century, thoroughly enjoying the history, cars, and movies of the period. Tom especially likes B-movies like "Bride of the Corpse". He is proficient at rock climbing, and his experience designates him as Voyager's expert.
He claims to be a good cook, and has even worked in the mess hall. Tom is not a huge fan of Neelix's cooking. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, plain hot tomato soup, and pepperoni pizza with Kavarian olives are among his favourite foods. He has been petitioning Neelix to make pizza once a week. After Tom's famous warp 10 flight Neelix even named a variety of coffee after him: Paris Delight.

Tom was immediately smitten with Kes' sweet disposition. On her birthday he gave her a costly beautiful locket. He never made any moves on her because of her relationship with Neelix. Even still, Neelix was suspicious and they wound up in a food fight over Kes. His interest in Kes waned into friendship and he dated Megan Delaney at least on one occasion. Tom also unsuccessfully chased Susan Nicoletti for six months. He has a favorite holographic woman, Ricky, that he claimed was in all his holoprograms. She most notably hung out at Sandrine's. When Voyager went back in time to Earth 1996 he found a romantic interest in Rain Robinson. His first sexual experience was when he was 17, in his bedroom when his parents were away for the weekend. Harry, Neelix, and the Holodoc have all sought him out for dating advice.
Tom and B'Elanna Torres are currently a hot dating item. He started with asking her out for a holo-date on Lake Como. She declined then and continued to dodge Tom's attempts for a full year. Once on Sikaris, B'Elanna underwent a reaction to the Vulcan Pon Farr and attempted to mate with Tom. He refused, not wanting to take advantage of her. Months later she finally admitted she was in love with him and they began dating. They have received a warning from Kathryn because they had been making a "public display of affection" and since then they have been trying to be a little more careful in public.
Tom is thankful for the second chance he's been given in life, and plans to make the most of it. He has proved he can be a distinguished Starfleet officer and a loyal friend and has turned his opportunity on Voyager into an adventure he is happy to be on.