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Jennifer Lien
For the first three seasons of Star Trek: Voyager, Jennifer Lien starred as Kes, a beautiful, young Ocampa who came aboard the starship with her lover, Neelix, and helped him run the Mess Hall. With her inquisitive mind and intelligence, Kes soon became an apprentice and friend to the fussy, pragmatic Holographic Doctor. During the fourth season's second episode, Kes transcended physical form as her advanced mental abilities mushroomed and in the process sent her crewmates 9,500 lightyears closer to home.

Commenting on why she was attracted to the role, Jennifer said: "Kes is wise and courageous while possessing an innocence. Being aboard the starship has proven to be a great adventure and the opportunity for development is enormous."

Born and raised in Illinois, Jennifer knew early on that she wanted to act. Encouraged by an English teacher along with a drama teacher, she began performing in summer theater and festivals at the age of 13. She cut her teeth on roles in Shakespeare's "The Tempest" and "Othello" before moving on to more contemporary dramatic and musical theater. Additionally, she guest starred on an episode of the Oprah Winfrey series Brewster Place .

At 16, Jennifer was hired by Another World and moved to New York to portray the newly-created character of Hannah, a misfit orphan, on the NBC daytime drama. She remained with the show for a year and a half, then gave her face a rest and put her voice to work. She can be heard on Saturday Night Live regular Adam Sandler's comedy album, has guest-voiced on The Critic , and even dubbed lines in the English version of the French Miramax film "Baby Blood."

Back before the camera, she landed the role of Roanne in the ABC series Phenom , and appeared in the short independent film trailer "The Hairy Bird."

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