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Labels: Slowgun Records. Tear It Down Records. Cargo Records. Fearless Records. Indecision Records. Three One G. Accident Prone Records.Transit Music .
Bands: Everybody's Enemy . Jailbait. Underminded.com. Counterfit.net. Over My Dead Body. PALPATINE. swindle. Against The Wall. The Nightmare Syndicate. Marky Zero2
Misc: Spiders FC. Michael Moore.com.insanediego.com. Free Radio San Diego 96.9 FM. SOMA San Diego. San DieGo Hardcore. The Scene. HABIDECL Design Club. geek america. San Diego Punk. Showcase Theatre Corona. avalon tattoo 2. Che Cafe. List of SoCal shows. Buddy Head . Tumyeto.com (Zero, Hollywood, Toy Machine, Foundation skateboards)

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