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Eye Witness # 51


Recently to me David Enemy sent times the "The enemy " ep CD-r of its chapel EVERYBODY'S ENEMY and I must say that I can really only welcome that, because EVERYBODY'S ENEMY are really directly bombig!! This me so far perfectly unknown volume plays a first-class mix from schlampigen (that is here again times meant only absolutely positive!!), rotzigen Punk fucking skirt and fast, traditional Japcore and in addition sets succeeded trueful "pissed as fuck ", however despite its in-usual singing! These six pieces respectively 12:02 minutes are always catchy as all bright, go off however nevertheless like sow and this kind perfectly clean boarded that mood wants I definitely more to hear and therefore can you one drauf read that I will hundertzementig stop the eyes after EVERYBODY'S ENEMY!! Heavily class!!!

[ selfreleased, then ton write: David Royer, 5-32-2-302 Sakaragaoka, Setagaya Ku, Tokyo 156-0054, Japan ]