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Monday, May 31st 2004 3:01 PM
New 80 minute non-stop dance party mix....STEREO ZERO presents MIXOGRAPHY #1, with 22 all new original mixes by MARKY ZERO...more details and samples here.
Pictures from Dave's B-Day Bash here. Some things are still under construction but most links should work. Click here for Marky Zero MP3s.

posted by m.z. | webmaster

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-5.0 - BECK vs SNOOP and DRE.mp3 - i'm workin with what i got.[1/18/06] . .
-4.0 - JAY Z vs Q T PIE - encore.mp3 - more jay for your zee.[6-07-05]
-2.5 - LADYTRON vs JAY Z.mp3 - h to the ladies.[02-26-05]
-1.0 - SNOOP N' DRE vs BASEMENT JAXX.mp3 - next episode of music.[02-17-05]
-O.5 - NICO vs SNOOP DOGG.mp3 - drop it like it's velvet.[12-12-04] . .
00. - Spaceman.mp3 - rock out... of this world.
0. - SOUL GLOW HOE.mp3 - we b gansta (features MC BigButt and Weaze).
1. - DanceDanceDance.mp3 - the name says it all.
2. - the kids get up.mp3 - pop shit you can dance to.
4. - Bongquita.mp3 - 80s rap done by white guys, you figure it out.
5. - what-you-want-THE STONES remix.mp3 - stones redux.
.............more Zero MP3s here [www.markyzero.com].