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Mooch is my Boston Terrier. She is such a cute little dog.
Boston Terriers are a breed born in America.
Her real name is Gleska. Gleska means spotted in Lakota.
She has this name beacause she was born with a perfect spot on her head.
We call her Mooch, because that is what she does.
She will "mooch":
  • food
  • kisses
  • covers(she loves under the covers)

She LOVES to chase balls. Balls of any sort. Baseballs, basketballs (we can't take her to the court, cause she steals the balls), and balls of socks. She likes to attack trees.

She lives in Aberdeen, SD with her owner.

Her owner is Ashton.

Ashton is in the 3rd grade at Roncalli Middle School. Her teacher is Mrs. Kolb. Mrs. Kolb is real nice.

Mooch lives with her sister, Lucy. Lucy is a Schipperke. They like to go hiking at Sica Hallow. Lucy was saved from the Aberdeen Area Humane Society, when Ashton's mom worked there. Mooch thinks Lucy is a little wierd. She thinks everyone should help their local animal shelter. Mooch saw alot of hurt animals at the shelter.

If you ever come to South Dakota, you might see Mooch swimming in the Missouri River, where Ashton's Grandma lives. You might also see her at Wylie Park riding on the slide. Mooch thinks it's cool to go on slides. She is quite a sight to see at the playground.

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