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Welcome to Steve's Breweriana Page

There was much excitement at the spring ECBA show at Merchant's Square in Allentown.   Not only did some very good items come out of hibernation, but what is undoubtably the rarest of rare Yuengling trays was brought by it lucky owner, Scott Parzanese #863, for show only.   Unless someone can prove otherwise, this may be the only known example of this tray.

Though this stock "carriage scene" tray does show up, as in the Northamton tray and other breweries, nobody that I talked to at the show could say they have ever seen another in Yuengling.   Could this have been a "salesman's" sample? I doubt it.   I don't think even Shonk would have set up the lettering just to make one tray.   Somewhere out there is another, and that is what makes this hobby interesting.   Here's the challange guys, go find a few more examples of this tray, but call me when you do.
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