Gerti: God of Lies

The Godess of lies is the most sick and twisted deity with the darkest of all intentions. Her ultimate goal is to rid the world of all that is truthful and good. This is not doen by force, no, much more twisted are her ways. She uses trickery, deceit, and illusion to get what she wants. Of all her preists, 90% of them are weilders of illusionary magic. She only has one temple, the Temple of Illusion. She is the only deity on Krymus with constant communication(telepathic) with her top preists.

In order to truly go on into the afterlife, you must shed yourself of ideals such as truth, justice, freedom, fair play, goodness, honor, and charity. Instead you must look to lies, chaos, vengence, slavery, cheating, evil and selfishness. These are not things to be shunned but the natural way. The things that make up an emotional being. To deny it is to deny individuality and free thought. Although most people would look at this and think "how could anyone think this way?!", you must realize that a lot of people deep down are sick. They become even more sick when associated with this twisted deity. To those who worship her she is the one and only Goddess, but to everyone elese, she is a feind and a tyrant.

close to 25,000

Her individual "churches" are all that is in this heirarchy. The preist rules that church, and Gerti rules the preists. This can cause major problems and feuding amongst them but it is usually commanded to end by Gerti herself.