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APH Wholesale Supply Co.
1701 Locust St.     Yankton, SD 57078

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"Goodman furnaces and air conditioning equipment"

Unbelievable prices on all air conditioning and heating equipment !!!!!!!!!!  A 2 ton condensing unit and A-coil for just $492.58.  Click on Goodman furnaces above to see more great money saving prices.

We are a wholesale supplier of Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Heating and Refrigeration fixtures, components and supplies. With special emphasison Mail Order and Prompt Service .
we rate among the top in our field.

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We are not here to impress you with a fancy page and a lot of exotic graphics, but to save you money.  There are a lot of pages offering the same products that we do, so go ahead and check them out.  I know you'll find our competition higher priced than we are so be sure you bookmark our site, so you can come back when you're ready to buy. 

Our approach to business is very simple.
Give our customers more than they expect.

Our technical support staff is ready to help you with your A/C, Plumbing or Heating problems. Please call our 800 number during business hours (7:30AM - 5:00PM CST) and we will be happy to help you find a solution.

We are Goodman, GMC and Janitrol distributors. Call us for any information you may need on your heating and cooling problems.


Water main/lines 

Curb Stops 

Corp Valves 

C900 Pipe 

PVC Pressure Pipe 


AWWA Valves 

Mueller Brass 

Wilkins Valves 

Backflow Preventers 




Steam Fixtures 

Boiler Trim 

Boiler Controls 

Steam Traps 

Y Strainers

Steam Vents 

Water Vents 


Duct Work 

Return Air Grills 

Goodman  furnaces. 

Goodman condensing units 

Supply Registers 

Duct Insulation 

Duct Hardware 

Duct Tape 

A Coils 

Line Sets 

SS Sinks 

Water Closets 

Lav. Sinks 

Kitchen Sinks 

Price Pfiester 

B&K Faucets 



Flue Pipe 

Gas Piping Fittings 

Gas Valves 

Grinnell Fittings 

Tub Showers 

Neo Angle Showers 


Peerless Faucets 

Sloan Valves 

Trajet Whirlpools 

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