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All of our systems are designed and manufactured with the same high quality standards regardless of size or efficiency. Our designs are unique because they virtually eliminate the most frequent causes of product failure. They are simple to service and forgiving to operate. We use the highest quality materials and components available, because if a part fails, the unit fails. Finally, every unit is run tested before it leaves the factory. That's why we know..

There's No Better Quality! 


GMT Series: Multi-Position, upflow or horizontral,  Induced Draft Gas Furnace

We are confident that the GMT 80% AFUE * Gas Furnace is the gas appliance you require, and with the reasons listed below, how can you go wrong?
A simple appliance that performs
The GMP furnace is reliable and not complicated for you and your family’s comfort and convenience.

Lower operating costs
The GMP furnace operates at a higher efficiency than many older heating systems, which translates into increased savings on fuel costs.

Due to the unique Multi-Position ability (Upflow,  Left and Right Side Horizontal) there are few homes for which the furnace is not suited.

The GMP furnace is suitable for installation and operation in a utility room, closet, alcove, attic or basement.

Quality construction
Heavy gauge, reinforced, wrap-around insulated, steel cabinet with durable baked enamel finish featuring our "Weld Free" manufacturing process which ensures product durability.

With proper installation the GMP is virtually maintenance free and should not require more than an annual checkup.

Outstanding warranty
A 5 year all parts warranty, with the new tubular heat exchanger having a 20-year warranty.

No pilot light
The hot surface ignition system used on this equipment automatically ignites the burners and controls blower functions so you will not spend endless hours searching for and lighting a pilot.

Quality is build in while each unit undergoes stringent testing as it goes through the manufacturing process. In the final test, each unit is completely assembled and must run efficiently before leaving the assembly line and factory.

*  Annual Fuel Use Efficiency
model btu cfm price ea.
GMT045-3 45,000 3 TON $401.00
GMT070-3 70,000 3 TON $427.00
GMT90-3 90,000 3 TON $454.00
GMP90-4 90,000 4 TON $475.00
GMP90-5 90,000 5 TON $496.00
GMP115-5 115,000 5 TON $529.00
GMP135-5 135,000 5 TON $610.00


GMNT  Series: Multi-Position Condensing Gas Furnace
The 92+% AFUE GMNT Gas Furnace…for efficient, affordable heating comfort.
Energy efficiency is the key to controlling the cost of heating your home.
model btu cfm price ea.
GMNT040-3 40,000 3 TON $604.00
GMNT060-3 60,000 3 TON $624.00
GMNT080-4 80,000 4 TON $671.00
GMNT100-4 100,000 4 TON $753.00
GMNT120-5 120,000 5 TON $845.00

GMNTE Series:  Multi Position Condensing Gas Furnace, 2 stage.
True 2-stage operation with 2-speed combustion blower, 2-stage gas valve and ECM indoor blower.
Energy saving ECM indoor blower provides constant cfm over a wide range of ductwork static pressures.
model btu cfm price ea.
GMNTE060-3 60,000 558/1410 $902.00
GMNTE080-4 80,000 786/1822 $1002.00
GMNTE100-4 100,000 878/1901 $1110.00
GMNTE120-5 120,000 1058/2020 $1210.00
LPM-03 LP gas conversion kit $107.00

Condensing units

CKL Series: 10 SEER Split System High Efficiency Air Conditioning
model btu size price ea.
CKL18-1 1.5 TON 23 X 23 $379.00
CKL24-1 2 TON 23 X 23 $399.00
CKL30-1 2.5 TON 23 X 23 $439.00
CKL36-1 3 TON 23 X 23 $471.00
CKL42-1 3.5 TON 23 X 23 $590.00
CKL49-1 4 TON 29 X 29  $621.00
CKL60-1 5 TON 29 X 29 $729.00