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You Can Do It Yourself

my name is Jan, and I'm one of those "Do It Yourselfers"...
Around my house they call me "Little Miss Fix-it", because I've done everything from putting shake shingles on the roof of my house to replacing the O-rings on my faucets.. including installing ceiling fans, and toilet fixtures...
In the past, I've gone to the library and checked out books that would tell me what parts I'd need for the job I was working on, and how to do the work...
Then I spent a small fortune buying books on "Do It Yourself" from such places as Readers Digest...
After that I got real cheap and would go to the 'Five & Dime' to buy my parts... only to have to replace them a few months later because they couldn't stand up to the job...
But ya' know what? I've gotten real smart in the last six months.. because for all my plumbing and air conditioning needs, I've been getting in touch with APH Wholesale Supply Co., and they've not only helped me with good advice as to which parts to use on what job, they have given me a price quote right up front and have shipped my parts the same day . ... and I've done all this without having to leave my house... Because I found them online... that's right... I've been able to shop from my very own computer...
I can fax, phone or email them and all my problems are solved...
Take my advice... and give them a try...
You can call them at:1-800-668-9436
or fax them at:605-668-9439
or email them at:
Or go back to their Hone Page and shop around.

Or go ahead and search the internet
But, before you do, be sure to bookmark
APH Wholesale Supply Co.


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