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Pledge of Loyalty

Pre-School / Elementary

The Antipolo Immaculate Conception School is 
very close in our hearts. We pledge that the moral
values taught to us by our Alma Mater will always
be in our hearts and minds.

That we will try our best to share the knowledge
we have gained to everybody especially to our 
loved ones.

So God continue guiding us to have a bright future.

High School

We, the graduates of the Antipolo Immaculate 
Conception School promise to uphold the dignity,
honor and prestige of the institution. We will carry
on as we leave the portals of our Alma Mater the
wisdom and values taught to us in order that we
will turn to be worthy citizens of our country.

We will defend the rights and privileges of the
school as sons and daughters of our Alma Mater.
So help us GOD.

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