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A Brief History of
( AICS )

     The beginning of ANTIPOLO IMMACULATE CONCEPTION SCHOOL dates back to June 11, 1956 when Miss Agapita S. Panganiban, fondly called "Lola Pet" opened the first Antipolo Kindergarten out of compassion for the poor and dispossessed street children. It started with an enrollment of forty (40) six-year old boys and girls. In 1982, after running the school for 26 years and feeling the stress and strains of old age, she relinguished the management to her niece, Mrs. Lolita L. Mendoza, a retired elementary school teacher. The school site was then transferred to a lot of the Mendoza's in Villa Carmen Subdivision. Mrs. Mendoza worked for the permit of the school. Finally on Assumption Day, August 1982, Antipolo Kindergarten, (ICK) in honor of the patron saint of Antipolo - IMMACULATE CONCEPTION. The new management started with an enrollment of 153 pre-school pupils in 1983-1984.

     In 1989-1990, the enrollment stood at 295, prompting the president of the school to construct a 4 room building. Government recognition was given in 1991 for the Nursery, Kinder and Preparatory (Pre-School). With the opening of Grades I-IV classes in School Year 1993-1994, the name of the school was changed to Antipolo Immaculate Conception School. The enrollment in the pre-school reached 318 pupils and 265 pupils from Grade I-IV, with a total of 583 pupils.

     With the operation of Grades V-VI classes in school year 1994-1995, total enrollment zoomed to 801 (Pre-school and Grade I-VI pupils). The next year 1995-1996, the enrollment increased to 888 pupils. In the same year AICS was awarded Elementary Government Recognition ( Grades I-VI). From thereon, there was no stopping in the growth of the school. Total enrollment for School Year 1996-1997 (Pre-School and Elementary only) was 1,037, given instructions by 23 teachers under the supervision of the President, Arch't. Jesus L. Mendoza, Director Lolita L. Mendoza and Principal, Mrs. Anacoreta R. Villegas.

     In School Year 1995-1996, there was a total of nearly 5000 Grade VI graduates in Antipolo. The parents of these graduates clamoured for the operation of high schools from the private sector. Heeding the outcry, Arch't. Jesus L. Mendoza lost no time in constructing a 3-storey, 15 room high school building on a half hectare lot at Tanag, Circumferential Road, Barangay San Isidro. Thus, Antipolo Immaculate Conception High School was founded on June 8,1996, by Arch't and Mrs. Jesus L. Mendoza.

     In its first year of high school operation, SY 1996-1997, a handful of 204 first year and second year high school students enrolled. This SY 1998-1999, all levels are completed.

     The school administration is headed by a workaholic in the person of Arch't. Jesus L. Mendoza, as a President, a man of few words but full of action, who sees to the general improvement of the physical facilities while Mrs. Lolita L. Mendoza, the Vice President, an intelligent and enthusiastic school manager, takes charge of the management with the cooperation of the high school administrative officer Eng'r. Norberto Mendoza, and the other administrators as well as the service-oriented faculty. The administration and faculty steered the elementary and high school to its present status as an academic bastion for the youth of today and tomorrow. It is worthy to note that the school PTA officers and members worked hand in hand with the administration and faculty in the success of the various programs and activities in the process of molding the students to become well-rounded individuals and better citizens of the community. With enthusiasm the three entities are binding themselves together, the mission and vision for Philippines 2000, through service and dedication will soon be a reality.

     June 8, 1997 was the paper anniversary of Antipolo Immaculate Conception School. Looking back, it stands proud and tall of its achievements of the past years. With all the great, active, devoted, and humane people behind it, ANTIPOLO IMMACULATE CONCEPTION SCHOOL will forever be the LIGHT that beckons the youth into its fold.

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