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RULE #1 INVITE ONLY: We decide who can join and who cant so please dont ask us.
RULE #2 MEMBER COUNT: There will be only 40 members in Team Adun™. No more.
RULE #3 APPEARANCES: Active- means you play at least 7 games a week which is an avg of 1 game a day. InActive- means you have not played in the last 2 weeks but have informed me of why IN ADVANCE. If you are inactive for over 2 weeks but have told me why then you will stay a member. If you disappear into thin air without even telling me, then after 2 weeks of no show, yo will be disregarded and thrown out. If you wish to rejoin when you return, if you return, then you will be re-tested and we will see if any spots are open in Team Adun™.
RULE #4 A maximum of 15 members of the 40 are allowed to be inactive for over 2 weeks but only with NOTICE
RULE #5 We decided when you will become a full pledged member. Nagging about it to us will only lessen your chance. Don't be a baby. You dont become a member overnight.
RULE #5 No bashing on other Team members. We are all here to play not argue with one another. We're supposed to be seperate from all the other lamers on

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