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L E A D E R - O F - A D U N


Real Name : HAROON


QUOTES :Quote: Take a bullet wit some dick n take tha dope from dis jet. Out of town, put it down fo da Father of Rap. Come back, get back, that's da part of success. If you believe n da X u b relievin yo stress. I Own all. No Doubt like Whoa! N YO MOUTH! - XTC

AbOuT : Battle.Net: Brooklyn[Rush], SeaGateBrooklyn, Leader-of-Adun Member Name: *..` Haroon PimpN2000 like WHOA! `.. * Location: Either Sea Gate, Brooklyn NY or Room 408 Vander Shot Outs: To all ma boyz @ Poly Prep, KHS, and Hofstra University: "Go Flying Dutch!" To and to all you gorgeous dollz @ Bogarts and Montereys.To all ma niggas on that have kept me company during my recovery from my car accident and my newly torn rotator cup, You all are word nigga bird chillz. Andy, Cole, Brandon, and all you other old members that have been with me since Spring of '99 Word em up. And an Extra Word UP to JIMMA, ma main nigga who keeps this page up the #### dated!! Brotha you da man! PEACE FROM BROOKLYN!! ###: Male Hobbies: Clubs/Bars, Drivin, Eat n out, Pool, Movies, Sports, Gym, Karate, Shop n, TV, Party n, Drink n, Drop n, Pop n, Smok n Stoges, Pull n Joints, Sleep n, Poetry n jus plain ole chill n. ~~Cancun 2000~~. Chk out AOL Hometown page fo pic Occupation: Structure Posta Boy 'n Model 4 Jade Promo, Student @ Hofstra, Pimp'n it to da fullest in the year 2000.