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A hero is someone who shows leadership and is strong-minded. He/she inspires people and people look up to them in a sort of way. Heroes are people who try to prove themselves or someone else in a unique way. One such a hero is my hero Billy Corgan. He is my hero because of his inspiration to me as a person and as a musician.

I have followed his music through out the years and I have discovered that all of his songs and lyrics have related to personal situations that I have experienced in real life. Throughout his songs, he expresses his feelings and emotions, which I think is very interesting. I look up to him not just as an "alternative rock star" but as a songwriter and a musician. He has inspired me to take up guitar lessons and try writing my own songs. His lyrics in his songs make so much sense to my life and me.

Once he has made a goal to do something, the goal is normally completed. He's determined to succeed, which really makes me look up to him. His determination for perfection is either towards an album, producing one or creating and image for his band.

One thing I really respect is that his band and him had agreed to give money from the profits of their latest album "Adore" to local charities. This shows his consideration for other people. (Along with his relationship with his fans) He gives the fans a show no matter what it takes. Once, before one of his band concerts, it was on the edge of raining. Well, he said no matter what happens, even if he unplugged his electric guitar and played a few songs on an acoustic guitar, he was going too give his fans a show. That is just something I really respect.

This concludes my thought has Billy Corgan as my hero. He is just a person who expresses all his rage, pain, passion, hate, love and faith towards his music and for a bald, 6'3 guy with a whiny voice, he's done alright!

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