The Dominance/submission
Discussion Room

Please Read the Philosophy and the Online D/s Etiquette Below!

The Dominance/submission philosophy

Within the lifestyle of Dominance/submission, it is held that there are those who desire to surrender themselves and there are those who desire to take control of another. When this union is established, it is a very powerful and intimate relationship. The submission is given to the Dominant. The establishment of this relationship is not instant, for it takes time to see the integrity of both partners. This is an important part of the D/s lifestyle.

Within this room, we honour this relationship, we honour what it means to be a Dominant and what it means to be a submissive. Everyone who is in this lifestyle is respected for who they are. The respect is held high to show that no one here is to judge another, as well as to allow everyone to feel comfortable in the lifestyle that they live.

The respect that is asked is that we all give each other the common courtesy one would of any guest.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Try to maintain courtesy within conversations but try not to give to a person what they have not actively demonstrated they have earned.  It is seen that many people present themselves as socially graceless.  They seem to desire to use crudity, open disrespect, anger, crass or tawdry language and expect that such usage is acceptable because they are 'self-proclaimed' (generally the title of Dom/me). How can one expect to inspire respect if they themselves are unable to behave in a respectable way?  Unable to carry themselves with pride, dignity and grace?

Again, Respect each other with the common courtesy that one would expect of any guest.

Online Dominance/submission Ettiquette

The D/s community is made of up many different lifestyles, the online D/s community is no exception. There are online D/s rooms that are focused around serious lifestyles, playing, certain styles of D/s such as Gorean. There are ones based on discussions and learning, while others focus on sceneing. Learn about the type of room you are in so that you will fit within the room community more. Find the room that fits your flavour and appeals to you.

Listed below are some common basic behaviours that are common to most D/s community rooms:

  1. Fill out a profile, those without a profile are seen as "Fly By Nite." Having a profile allows the community to see some integrity within you. This allows you to fit in the community better.

  2. Do not advertise in the room. It is a sign of inexperience. Do not come into the room and announce that you are a Dom or a sub, do not come into the room asking for cybersex, or that you want a submissive or a Dominant. Also, do not come into the room and ask if anyone wants to IM you. This presents others that you have a shallow view of D/s and that you are looking for instant gratification, this does not work in the D/s community.

  3. It is frowned upon when those that enter the community ask about age / sex / location. It shows that the user is not interested in taking the time to learn about room community and discover the personal lives of those that are a part of it on a more personal level. A D/s community does not cater to children or teens, those in the community will see when those type of users enter the room and it will be dealt with accordingly. Use your profile to allow others to get an idea of your sex / age / location.

  4. It is commonly accepted that one should get permission to IM a person before doing so, especially if neither know of each other. Since this is a D/s community, it needs to be understood that there are submissives who have rules that must be followed by their Dominant. This means that they might not be allowed to talk to others by IM. This is the importance of asking for permission before doing so. Another aspect that should be noted is that many of the members are involved in relationships. Review the profile of the person you desire to talk with, the profiles often mention if they are collared submissive or a Dominant with a collared submissive.

  5. Always speak to everyone with respect and courtesy. Understand that being a submissive does not mean they are not independent or that they are not intelligent, nor does it mean that a submissive is easy, immoral or a slut. It is expected that a Dom more then anyone else should treat all others with respect and courtesy. In doing so a Dominant will earn the respect of the other members of the community, Dom and sub together. Being a Dominant does not mean that he or she gets special privileges over the others in the room, in other words, just saying you are a Dom or a Master by your UserName will not give you power over others in the room. It is important to remember that a submissive gives her gift of her submission to a Dominant, a Dominant does not take this gift without her consent.

  6. If you are new to the community, remember that many have good established friendships with each other. Be friendly, courteous and observe the traditions of the room. Learn about the different roles of the key members of the room, this will help in understanding the fundamentals about the room and the community. In time you will become and established member of the community and participating with the new faces that venture in.

In hopes to make your visit more insightful, appealing and enjoyable, we hope the above is a nice guide to help understand the community. We welcome you to the community and hope that it is a discovery that you desire.