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Hey! Leaving already? Hope you signed my guestbook....Below are some places you can find me. My nickname under Headbone Zone is StardustDancer. Feel free to page me! My VirtualDog's name is Bruno. If you have a link you'd want me to put up here, e-mail me the website address.


The Headbone Zone: chat, games, & more!
Virtual Dog (raise your own dog online)

E-cards & Stuff

Blue Mountain E-cards
The (Send an E-card, join the kissing connection, or read up on all the stories!)

Other Stuff

The Elevator Division (The BEST band on this EARTH!)
Brodie Kagstarr (Another awesome band)
Hotmail (free e-mail)
Mix 93.3
TEEN Magazine
The Hampster Dance!!!!!!!!
The STICK MAN Dance!!!! (I love the music on this one.....)
Elmo Dance!!!!!
Fishy Dance TWO!!!!!!!!!!
The ORIGINAL Fishy Dance!!!
Lizard Dance!!!!!!
Dancing Boogie Blocks!!!