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 = over 90% of piece is made from recycled materials


 = the metal components of piece are made from recycled materials


= less than 50% of piece is made from recycled




Wenger Gallery


Many people who see our work are surprised when


they hear most all our pieces are from recycled




It is the philosophy of the artist that recycled art


doesn’t have to look like trash or resemble its


former form. Fine art can embrace recycling & still


enjoy refined tastes. Its is the goal of the artist to


provide both to his customers.


Regardless of people's individual art interests, we


can all agree recycling is a good thing, a key


component to our world preserving what resources


we use in everyday life.


As such, it is the goal of the artist to utilize those


materials that have already been mined, rather


than encouraging further mining & thus further


destruction of our environment in an effort to get


to raw ore.


However, sometimes its not possible to find the


necessary metal in the appropriate size. In such


cases, new materials are sometimes used. So in an


effort to assist our eco-conscience clients in


identifying those works of art that are recycled


materials, we use the label on the detail page of


works that are made from or have components


that are from recycled materials.



(you may have to scroll down to see chart)