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Wenger Gallery

About the Artist

Using Recycled materials when ever possible.

Raised in southeast Minnesota, along the

Mississippi River, the artist grew up in a

community of German and Norwegian

immigrant craftsman that held great value in

quality of work and commitment to one's


Trained at the University of Wisconsin, in

River Falls in Fine Art, with a concentration

in Sculpture.

Then later trained under a Minnesota Master

gunsmith, in the field of metalwork, the

artist was able to forge together the classical

study of art with the craftsmanship of metal-


He continued his study of the craft of

traditional blacksmithing while he worked at

open-air museum an the outskirts of

Minneapolis, Minnesota. This provided the

artist with an opportunity to explore deeply

the old skills of metalworking, while fine

tuning his own skills.

Initially the artist's artwork was heroic sized

figurative pieces, but later, the artist moved

toward smaller scaled works, as well as

moved to abstract, as his skills became fine

tuned. Later adopting Islamic Calligraphy as

one of his primary subject matters in this

new form — Sculpture.

Whenever possible the artist utilizes

recycled materials, to further promote

stewardship & environmental awareness.