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BABA the Universal Master.

SHIRIDI SAI BABA is the universal Master - Jagadguru, the one and only supreme Universal Power. Lord Krishna himself has said that whenever there is decay of dharma on the earth he comes down in the form of Sadguru to elevate the mankind. In BABA, one finds all the characters of God; He is omnipotent and Omnipresent - Sarvantharyami. The numbers of experiences of His presence even after 84 years of his Samadhi are widely prevalent. Those who have accepted him in their heart will vouch that BABA was present then and now and will be there in Future too. BABA always advocated importance of Bhav or bhakti rather and rituals. A ritualistic person need not have bhav or bhakti. Where as a person who is full of love and bhav, he is at peace and calm and at one ment with God. BABA has promised His devotees that He will look after them even have He leaves the mortal coil and He has been keeping his promise.

Baba said - "Believe Me, though I pass away, My bones in My tomb will give you hope and confidence. Not only Myself but My tomb would be speaking, moving and Communicating with those who would surrender themselves whole-heartedly to Me. Do not be anxious that I would be absent from you. You will hear My bones speaking and discussing your welfare. But remember Me always, believe in Me heart and soul and then you will be most benefited." So when the Master has promised this then there should be no question of doubt as BABA never lied. Though mind is fickle and lives in a world full of fear and external influences and keeps vacillating from good to bad and vice versa. In such a situation Man should hold on to the feet of the lord. Surrendering to God whole-heartedly takes a lot of practice and discipline this does not develop in the normal human beings unless HE wishes it. The Man who has completed his responsibilities and worked his karma diligently, upon such a man Guru showers His grace and only that man can surrender to the feet of Guru. Until such time we need to us do our prescribed duties sincerely and with dedication, be it to our family or community. Always keep this thought in mind that what we do is known to the Lord and He keeps the score card and showers His grace according to our actions. This does not mean that HE is biased, only that He gives experiences to people in such a manner that they work out their bad qualities and once good and bad actions are balanced then He gives them deliverance. All the while through good and bad, BABA is always with us and never leaves us. It is vital to keep this fact in mind. A mind, which is always conscious of eternity of BABA, will not ever be engaged in doing bad Karma.

We need not seek BABA in Shirdi, though the experiences we get at Shirdi are par beyond comprehension, BABA is present everywhere. Though Shirdi is BABA’s karma bhoomi, or place of action, there is no limitation to the grace of the guru. He is present every where. BABA’s grace is not restricted to a place or a region. Just think of Him and He comes to you in some form or other. Only we are ignorant to recognise His presence. BABA has also promised that "If you spread your palms with devotion before Me, I am immediately with you, day and night. Though, I am here bodily, still I know what you do beyond the seven seas. Go wherever you will, over the wide world, I am with you. My abode is in your heart and I am within you. Always worship Me, Who is seated in your heart, as well as, in the hearts of all beings, blessed and fortunate, indeed, is he who knows Me thus."

Let us all pray together for the kind grace of our lord and ask him to guide us cross this worldly ocean. Let us ask him to take hold of the reins of our mind and steer towards the good thoughts and actions always. It is only God who can eliminate the illfeelings, negativity, and hatred and fill us with love and compassion. When these two qualities take over then there is no question of terrorism, war, murders killings.

"Jab thak Suraj Aur Chand Rahegaa
Sai Thera Krupa Dharthi Pey Chayegaa"