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Rinoa and Squall

Theirs was a love that spanned the generations

There was a soldier whose name was Laguna, and he was in love with a beautiful pianist, Julia, and he came to her bar to watch her everyday, but he was too much of a coward to walk up and say hello. Eventually, they did meet and had a long talk, and they hit it off. Julia told Laguna about how she wanted to be a songwriter someday. One of the things she told Laguna was, "I felt your eyes on me".

Laguna was called away on a mission with two of his friends. He got separated from them, and he was gravely injured. A woman, Raine, and her adopted daughter, Ellone, nursed him back to health. From Raine, Laguna learned that Julia had become a famous singer with her hit song "Eyes On Me", and there were rumors of a tragic love affair with a soldier, before Julia married a certain General Caraway. Laguna was happy for Julia, and he stayed with Raine. Eventually, he married her, but then Ellone was kidnapped, and he went to rescue her. He was away for a long time (he became a president of a foreign land after defeating a witch), and Raine gave birth to their son alone, and then shortly after, she died.

16 years later, Squall LeonHeart, a SeeD soldier, met Rinoa Heartilly at a SeeD graduation party. Squall was an anti-social who grew up alone in an Orphanage, and he was rude and hostile to everyone, thus he had no friends. He would say "Whatever" to anything anyone says to him, and he always has a sour, bored look on his face. He also had a long angled scar on his face after a fight with Seifer. While Squall was distant and surly, Rinoa was vivacious and cheerful. Squall and Rinoa worked together on a mission and got to know each other. When Rinoa was put under a spell by a witch and fell into a coma, it fell upon Squall to rescue her, and it was here that Squall and Rinoa both realize their real feelings for each other.

After a long terrible fight, they finally defeat the witch and the land is safe once again. And in the final scene, Rinoa and Squall stand together on a balcony watching a falling star, and Squall looks at Rinoa with a tender, loving look in his eyes.

NOTE: In case you didn't get it... Laguna met Julia, but because he had to go away, they didn't end up together. Laguna met Raine and married her, and they had a son, Squall, but because Raine died and Laguna was away, Squall was taken to the Orphanage where he grew up. Meanwhile, Julia married General Caraway and they had a daughter, Rinoa, but Julia died when Rinoa was a little girl.

Sadly, none of them (Laguna/Raine/Julia) ended up together for long, but thanks to those two up there (Rinoa/Squall), their love will go on, and their dreams will come true.

Interesting fact: Julia told Laguna, "I felt your eyes on me." Julia's hit song was entitled, "Eyes on Me". And once, Squall also told Rinoa, (paraphrasing) "I felt your eyes on me, and I felt peace."

"You were looking at me... You smiled when our eyes met. It made me feel calm, tranquil... Rinoa, give me another chance."
"Even if you end up as the world's enemy, I'll... I'll be your knight."
"Rinoa? I want to hear your voice. WHich way... do I go? I can't make it back... alone. Am I... all alone again? Where... am I?"

EYES ON ME - Faye Wong

Whenever sang my songs, on the stage, on my own.
Whenever said my words, wishing they would be heard.
I saw you smiling at me. Was it real or just my fantasy?
You'd always be there in the corner of this tiny little bar.

My last night here for you, same old songs just once more.
My last night here with you. Maybe yes, maybe no.

I kind of liked it your way, how you shyly placed your eyes on me.
Did you ever know that I had mine on you?

Darling, so there you are with that look on your face.
As if you're never hurt, as if you're never down.
Shall I be the one for you who pinches you softly but sure.
If frown is shown then I would know that you are no dreamer.

So let me come to you, close as I wanna be.
Close enough for me to feel your heart beating fast.
And stay there as I whisper how I love your peaceful eyes on me.
did you ever know that I had mine on you?
Darling, so share with me, your love if you have enough.
Your tears if you're holding back, a pain if that's what it is.
How can I let you know I'm more than the dress and the voice?
Just reach me out and you will know that you are not dreaming.

DISCLAIMER: I've never played Final Fantasy or any other Playstation games. I read about the story of Rinoa and Squall from Internet fansites, and yes, I know they're biased, and no, I have no intention of playing the game. And if you're going to tell me how Squall is an ass, or Rinoa is a bitch, don't bother, 'cause I've already heard them all, and since I've never played the game, I can't relate, so spare yourself the trouble of sending me a flame. To make it clear, I only like it because of the love story and the awesome graphics in the FF8 videos. And all the pictures below are taken from other FF fansites. Thank you.


Rinoa meets Squall - Waltz for the Moon

End of Disk 1 (*gasp*)


Squall saves Rinoa (aawwww... ^_^)

Almost ending...

A happy ending...

Misc: Laguna and Raine

Posters of Rinoa/Squall

This is my most favorite FF8 picture. Click on the picture for a larger version so you can read the words.

Visions of an Angel... Eyes on Me...
Rebelling Princess: Rinoa Heartilly
Wing Heart - A Rinoa Heartilly Shrine

Shrine of The Lion
Stray Lions
Temple of the Lion

Laguna, Raine, Julia
Roses and Wine: Julia Heartilly
The Border Line - Laguna x Squall
For Eternity - Raine x Laguna
Till Time Do Us Part: Raine Loire