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Favorite Ranma fan fiction
(Mini-Series/Continuing Series)

The following is the list of the best mini-series/continuing-series Ranma fanfiction I've ever read!
Everything listed here is highly recommended! Enjoy!

Ill Met By Starlight Ranma Saotome comes to Nerima, to be engaged to one of Soun Tendo's daughters. But in this story, he comes with a dark secret, which may cause the death of people around him...
An alternate Ranma-verse, where Ranma is the villain of the series, instead of the hero...
by Mike Loader and Susan Doenime
Status: Completed. Genre: Dark/Psychological Thriller
Meiyo Ai Soshite Nikushimi(MASN) Translating as Honor, Love, and Hate, MASN is an epic story about Ranma and Akane's maturing relationship; a thrilling story of a love that knows no bounds, and the trials that come with it... by Joseph "Ashira" Kohle
Status: Incomplete. Genre: Dark/Drama
Hearts Of Ice Shampoo casts a blood spell to send Akane away to the Kami realm. After being forcibly torn apart from each other, Ranma and Akane come to realize their true feelings for one another...
Love never is easy. Ranma tries desperately to search for a way to bring Akane back, as Akane settles in the Kami plane in the Snow Woman's domain. And both in the Kami plane and the mortal plane, certain entities would do anything to keep the two apart...
by Krista Perry
Status: Incomplete. Genre: Drama/WAFFy/Sad
Waters Under Earth The last pieces of the puzzle fell into place, when the phoenix king Saffron was defeated by Saotome Ranma in combat. Now Ranma must go back to Jyusenkyo to fulfill the prophecy... by Alan Harnum
Status: Completed. Genre: Epic Adventure
Turning the Wheel A thrilling tale of adventure, magic, and love. Ranma Saotome and cast must fight against demons, and evil sorcerers, if they wish to survive... by Alan Harnum
Status: Completed. Genre: Lovecraftian Saga
The Shadow Chronicles Akane is almost killed during a fight between Ranma and Ryouga. A mysterious stranger leaps out to save her, and his arrival triggers a chain of events, touching the lives of everyone close to his heart. Their lives won't ever be the same again... by Mark MacKinnon
Status: Incomplete. Genre: Dark/Drama
Tiger Claw A mysterious sorceress appears in Nerima, setting things in motion. Some dark secrets about the forbidden Cat-Fist technique are to be revealed, and in the center of it all, Ranma Saotome - and a love so possessive, and so demanding, that he would overcome all trials, to keep that love... by MadamHydra
Status: Incomplete. Genre: Dark/Drama
Lines of Destiny An amusing and amazingly well written Ranma/Sailor Moon crossover fic. Ranma is revealed to be the last Sailor warrior, the senshi of Earth... by Louis-Philippe Giroux
Status: Incomplete. Genre: Comedy/WAFF
The Taming of the Horse Akane decides to take a more active role in her relationship with Ranma. It's a very WAFFy story... (be sure to check out its sequel, "Centaur," too!) by Vince Seifert
Status: Completed. Genre: WAFF
Girl Days Ranma decides to "tackle his feminide side with masculine determination." It's a hilarious comedy, guaranteed to give you stomach cramps from lack of air. by Kenko/Robert Haynie
Status: Incomplete. Genre: Comedy
Thy Inward Love A "progressing relationship" type of story, where Ranma and Akane find ways to "bump off Ranma's other fiancees." (be sure to check out the TIL sidestories, and "Magic", the TIL sequel.) by Richard Lawson
Status: Completed. Genre: WAFF/Serious
Choices Long version : Ranma and Akane go to a party, have a huge fight, and the next day, Ranma finds out that everyone in school has turned against him. Short version: Ranma's life goes to hell. by Mike Noakes
Status: Incomplete. Genre: Drama

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