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MODEL - A Korean drama
Who will she choose? The one she loves, or the one who loves her the most?

MODEL is a unique story of three individuals, and their struggles to make it big in the fashion industry. Han Jae Suk is a male model. He's poor and orphaned since childhood, and he has the manners of a street thug, but he's still hanging on, waiting for a chance to be successful. Kim Nam Joo is a fresh graduate from fashion school, who has both the talents to be a fashion designer and the grace to become a successful model. Jan Dong Gun is the estranged grandson of one of the biggest companies in Korea.

Kim and Han first met when Kim asked him to model her clothes for her school's fashion show. Both men fall in love with Kim at first sight, but she chooses Jan Dong Gun, and the two men become bitter rivals, both in love and in their chosen career. But for the next two years, Jan always puts work as first priority before love, and in his never-ending battle of wits to regain his rightful place in the family empire, he eventually loses Kim. Meanwhile, Han Jae Suk, who's been in love with her all this time, has become a successful model - in fact, THE hottest male model in the country. He stays by her side always, and eventually Kim realizes her love for Han.

Three years later, Kim Nam Joo becomes a successful fashion designer, and Jan Dong Gun is finally released from prison (after being arrested for one of his scams). He tries to win back Kim, but she and Han Jae Suk are very much together, and in fact, already planning their wedding. But, in a cruel twist of fate, Han Jae Suk dies in a tragic car accident.

Both Jan and Kim mourn the loss of Han Jae Suk - she for her lost love and when she realized she'd always taken for granted that he'll always be there for her no matter what, and him because he realized Han was his best friend all along. In the end, they put on a non-profit fashion show in memory of Han Jae Suk, where Jan wore the outfit Kim designed for Han, but in Kim's eyes and in her heart, there was only Han Jae Suk.


WHY? He's a good person and a good friend, even to the bitter enemy who "stole" the girl from him, and he's always looking after the other models under his wing. His love for Kim Nam Joo is pure and selfless, and he's always looking after her, trying to keep her from being hurt, and always tries to be there for her. He is finally rewarded when Kim Nam Joo is touched by his selfless devotion and finally falls in love with him, but sadly, fate intervened and cheated them out of a happy ending. But even to his death, Han Jae Suk thought of others before himself.

FAVORITE PARTS: Plenty! When he wrote "I Love You" on Kim's cast while she's asleep in the hospital; when he brought her home after she got drunk (when she was heartbroken over Jan Dong Gun); when he looked after her when she was temporarily blind; when he proposed (or rather, SHE did); the split-second before he died, when the image of Kim Nam Joo appeared in front of his eyes for the last time; when Kim Nam Joo saw his "ghost" and thought she had plenty to say to him, but in the end all she could say was "Thank You". Thank you for loving me. Thank you for everything you've done for me.

FAVORITE LINE: Incidentally, it was not spoken by any of the major cast, but by Han Jae Suk's sister, when she told Kim Nam Joo: "To marry the man who loves me the most, that is a woman's true happiness."


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