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See who is Enrolled in this school.
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Hello, Mrs.  Vi.Xen here, yes, yes I see. Name please?  Mousinex?  Can you hold for a moment?  Thank-you.
Why hello there!  Welcome to the MH.  Or Mouse High.  Are you here to sign up?  Become a teacher?  Or just a visit?  Well, I'll grab one of the students to show you around....How about....Kitty; she is in Gym class.  Can you wait one second while I finish this phone call?  We are getting another student!  Maybe you can see the students we have enrolled by clicking on the computer , or you can have seat on the couch and I'll grab you a coffe?
What grade will your daughter be attending?  Ok!  I'll call you back as soon as I speak to the principal.  Goodbye.

*click on the computer to continue.*

 If at any time you would like graphics made such as your locker, or just a banner for your site EMAIL ME !! I'd be glad too!!!!

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