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Stephen E. Goudey's Family home page 2012-2013.

(Home page last updated in December 2012)

Hello my name is Stephen E Goudey. But most people just call me Steve. I am originally from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia but have lived in Fredericton New Brunswick, Canada, since 1972.

In 2012 my daughter "Jodi Lynn Goudey-Vienneau" and I completed a book on the 1000 years History of the Goudey's now living in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Canada. If you are a Goudey and would like an electronic copy of this book just send me an email and I will send you out a free copy. You just have to print off a copy and put it in a cover.

My email is


Why it was dangerous for everyone around Steve while he tried to learn a second language!

I can remember my early career at the Department of Advanced Education and Training, Province of N.B. back in the early 1980’s. I was employed as the Payroll/Employee Benefits officer for the Community College system. It was a developmental time in my career and I had a lot to learn. Bilingualism had been just introduced in New Brunswick. I was unilingual English and did not have much of a gift for learning a second language. At the time I new I had to consider what approach to take relating to my inability to learn French. One was to use it as a rationale for why I couldn’t advance and complain. Or engage myself in something I could learn. That was the French culture and spirit through friendships. That is what I chose. At every opportunity I got to know francophone. Especially during coffee breaks or during employee benefit meetings. It didn’t take me long to realize that they were very much like me. In fact over time I began to understand a lot of French people and their interesting culture. So much so one of my buddies Ron Labrie said Steve: Why don’t you let me start teaching you to speak a little French during your coffee breaks? I said fantastic Ron. So it began.

During the next two months every time I went on my break. Ron, along with Dan Fraser, Gerald Comeau and Gilles Johnson not only spoke in French but assisted me with my comprehension and vocabulary. My second language skills we beginning to improve except for one thing. I couldn’t get passed the liberal translation between English and French. In other words if I was translating something from English to French I would translate the phrase the way it was spoken in English not French. Ron said Steve you have to get beyond this way of thinking or you are going to end up in trouble one of these days. Another thing I was to learn about Frenchmen was how intuitive they were!

The next morning at coffee Ron said: Steve I have to go down town today to pick up some new shoes on my noon hour. Why don’t you walk down with me and I will teach you some more French. I said great idea Ron, but the weather is terrible out. Late October in Fredericton New Brunswick can be a bugger at times and that day was a prime example. The wind was blowing harder then a NB seagull during a nor’easter and it was raining in spats off and on. But Ron persisted and I agree to accompany him. As we walked down York Street toward queen we were deep in conversation. I think Ron was telling me about Minister Mabel Dewar’s vision for our Department. Out of the corner of my eye I caught the shadow of a large crinkled broken tree branch hanging over the side walk. It was swaying in the wind over a large rain puddle. I yelled “Canard” as loud as I could, but my buddy reacted too slowly. The branch hit him mid forehead right between his large blue eyes and he went down like a “French Regular” on the Planes of Abraham. The poor guy fell backwards into the water and was in a confused daze when he looked up at me. He said, damn Steve, didn’t you see that blasted branch in my path? I felt terrible but came back quickly and said: Ron I did see the branch and I did everything I could to warn you. Didn’t you hear me yell CANARD? Ron sit there puzzled, but all at once he realized he had heard me yell Canard, but he looked up quickly for a large low flying DUCK! After all, it was fall in New Brunswick. Needless to say, that my French lessons with Ron were over from that day forward. He said no more French for you “Goudey”. It is too dangerous for others around you. Just continue to make a lot of Francophone friends and let them do the translating for you! That should keep you both safe. That I did and the rest is History. The friendships I have made during my 31 years in Provincial

The Mystery of the Spirit keys

The year was 1842.This is the story of the Cargo Schooner Spartan, 75 tons and its interesting and brave 27 year old master was my great, great, great grandfather Aaron Goudey of Yarmouth Nova Scotia.

Aaron had been born in Yarmouth during 1815 as I said during the turbulent years of the War of 1812. He was told by his Family about the many American Privateers attacks on their coast during those years. He loved to hear about tales and mysteries of the sea. Aaron seeked adventure and at an early age went to sea himslef. This was to lead to great things later on in life.

By the time he was 27 he was already a master Mariner. But fate would also turn him into a master Navigator. Early in 1842 he had been in St Kitts. It was a beautiful island in the Caribbean. It is about 1200 miles from Miami Florida. While in Port he had befriended a beautiful women named Trinity. The most interesting thing about this tall thin beautiful black haired woman was she was schooled in the Voodoo religion.

When Aaron told her that traveling through the Mediterranean, he often got lost in the devil’s triangle off Florida because of strange weather conditions. The compass rarely read true north in that area. Trinity said maybe she could help. She said sometimes we need to let our subconscious mind take over our conscious mind. In other words let our spirit guide us. She said Aaron wait here. She returned 5 minutes later with a crude pair of wire L shaped utensils.

Aaron she said put these in your hands and focus. She put her hands on his shoulders and said I am passing on a gift to you that your ancestors and you can rely on for many things if they and you believe. Aaron was amazed and said what are these and how can they help me. She called them Spirit keys. She said here is how to use them. She said hold in your hands gently and asks the keys to help you find the way. They will point your answers if you are open to understanding. If your compass fails they will point to the directions you need. They can find lost objects and people. They can locate water if you are lost and thirsty. They can also measure a person’s spirit person. Where the physical ends and the spirit goes. In other words the realm of your presence.

Aaron was mesmerized by the gift his special friend had given him. The following day Trinity and he were together for the last time at Tabernacle wharf to say goodbye.

As the Schooner Spartan left the harbor Trinity had a strange foreboding about her friend and the ship.

The Schooner was carrying a heavy cargo of molasses and sugar and bound for Aaron’s home of Yarmouth Nova Scotia. In latitude 34 long 66.30 the beautiful ship sprang a hungry leak because of heavy seas. It increased so fast that she began to sink quickly. Aaron and his crew abandoned the ship in the middle of a dark stormy sea.

Not knowing where to row or steer Aaron decided to take out his spirit keys and try finding help. He closed his eyes and asked for guidance. The keys slowly turned into the dark sky and Aaron turned the rudder and told his crew to row. 3 hours later the dark looming hull of the schooner Fair Play out of Massachusetts loomed out of the morning sea and they were rescued.

Aaron learned a valuable lesson during this year about friendships and using the spirit world inside him to find the way.

He has passed down this gift to the oldest child of the oldest child of each generation to help our family light the path for learning. This way our family has always looked beyond what is in front of our eyes for the answers of life.

Captain Aaron Goudey went on to marry the beautiful Ellen Crosby of Yarmouth. They were like the famous Irving or McCain Family of New Brunswick in 2012 were living in 1850 Nova Scotia. He became a master mariner and ship owner after he returned from St kitts. He owned 13 schooners, 5 brigantines, 2 Briggs, 9 Barks, 5 ships and 2 Steamers. He was partner in Marine Insurance Company in 1837 @ Yarmouth NS and Director of Acadian Insurance co from 1858-1879.He was also president of electric telegraph in 1865. Director of Yarmouth Exchange bank in 1874 and 1879. He was President and part owner of the Commercial Wharf Company in 1866. Finally he was Director of the Yarmouth Marine Railway in 1880. Aaron died with his wife Ellen at his side at his home on May 14th 1883 at the age of 68. He never did see Trinity again physically but he saw her often in his dreams. He passed the gift of the Spirit keys on to his oldest son Aaron who passed it on down the generations to me. Would you like a short demonstration?

These spirit keys and the power they contain were passed on to me by my grandfather. It is amazing what you can do with them from finding lost objects,water and directions. You can even measure a persons' spirit self. As a story teller I hope to be able to give everyone a demonstration at our next Goudey reunion when ever that will be!:-)

I hope you enjoyed these two short stories. As part of my story telling around the Country I get to tell a lot of narratives about the Goudey Clan. Hope you get to join me one of these days. My next session is during Heritage week 2013 at the New Brunswick Lieutenant Governor's Home in Fredericton.Hope to see you there.

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