Why Won't God Answer Me?

Have you asked yourself
that question? Have you
asked others that question?
God? I know I have. Over
and over again. You know
what? It's okay to question
God. He likes it when we talk
to Him. I'm going to be
specific here. I'm talking
about God our Father, our
Creator. When you talk to
God and/or Jesus, be specific
who you are talking to.
Satan's band of henchmen also
go by the name of jesus, jesus
christ, god, etc. This is a
deception that we need to be
reminded of often.

Why won't God, our Father,
answer me? He supposedly
knows everything about me.
He's supposed to be every-
where isn't He? He should
know about my crisis. He's
supposed to know my heart.
He knows that I'm broke and
can't buy milk. He knows
that my boyfriend left and
I want him back, etc. He
knows that Aunt Sue has
cancer and that cousin Sue
was in an accident and that
daughter Sue got a DUI. He
knows that neighbor Sue had
a flat tire on her way to
work. I can go on and on
here. I believe that every-
one at one time has confronted
some kind of similar incident.
I can see a fist in the air
with an angry voice saying
"God if You know everything,
why did you let this happen
to me? God if you were real,
you would have made sure that
she wasn't hurt or he wasn't
sick. God why did you betray
me? God why did you foresake
me? God why are you punishing
me? God if you'll cure Aunt
Sue from cancer, I promise I
will go to church every Sunday
and make sure the kids go too.
God this is your fault, You
let it happen.
And on and on and on...

If there really were a God I
would know it. I don't
believe in anything about
God because nobody could be
that powerful. I'm an atheist
because God isn't real. God
won't answer me, so I don't
need Him. I don't go to
church because I don't want
to hear about being banished
to hell. God won't answer me
anyway. He hears us complain
to Him, blame Him and push Him
away, yet He stays loyal to us!

Where is God when your life is
falling apart? Where is God
when I need Him? He's right
there with you. The Father, Son
and the Holy Spirit. Why don't
you see Him? Are you looking for
Him? Are you listening for Him?
Are you seeking Him? Honestly
seeking Him? Are you praying for
needs instead of desires? For He
shall furnish all our needs. Why
did neighbor Sue have a flat
tire? God should have known that
she's always in a hurry. Neighbor
Sue should thank God for that
flat tire. Who knows what may
have happened if she wouldn't
have had the flat tire. Maybe
God provided that so she could
avoid a fatal accident. Why Sue
has cancer. I don't know. Is it
fair? No it isn't but at the
same time yes it is. As I said,
I don't know the answer but, I'm
sure God has a plan about it.
"For God can use all things."
Who knows what would happen if
God wasn't in the picture.

How much do I have to pray,
plead and beg God? Why won't
He answer me? The hardest
realization that I've had to
accept, is that ALL is in God's
timing. That's hard. Because
when I need/want something, I
usually want it now, tomorrow
or the next day. What I may
see as a need, God may see as
a want. When does God answer
a prayer? In His own timing of
course! When it comes, it's
usually much better than any-
thing I had ever hoped for. You
can't just say "God do this for
me, do it now". First you need
to believe in Him. Honestly
believe in Him. You need to be
honest with yourself too. Often
we deceive ourselves, yet we can
never deceive God.

So, why won't God answer? He
always does. You just have to
seek Him, watch for Him, etc...
You must be patient with Him.
Maybe what you want isn't what
you need. God does know what
you need. With all of the
excuses and things, that were
named above, are you challenging
Him? Are you commanding Him to
perform? Are you testing Him?
Are you honest with Him? Are
you honest with yourself? Are
you truly seeking Him? What you
are seeking, will it benefit Him?

Why won't God answer?
Because it's not time. His time.

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