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Who I am !!

My name is Bengt Eric Gjöe Geleff

Adr. PO Box 20034



Phone no: 46+ (0)31 26 22 66 or
Mobile 46+ (0)705 26 22 66
Fax: 46+ (0) 31 26 04 74

I started dancing in 1987 and must admit I thought Squaredance was something for old people.

The first night at the class I felt that this type of dance was boring.

But the second time I came to the class, I got some more out of it.

It had started to get interesting and fun too.

During the first term in the class I was picked out to be one of the members in a "showgroup" and that ment that I had to get thru the rest of the danceprogram quickly... So I was pushed thru the Basics.

I was also pushed into doing my first calling in 1988. I got so busy in calling and doing classes myself, that I never got the chance to get graduated until I danced A2. Someone grabbed my badge and put me together with my own classmembers, and there I was getting my graduation at last.

In the year 1989, I held my first callerclinic.

It was in Denmark and they did not have to many callers at that time.

This clinic was the first, of a long serie of clinics and schools, that I have held since then.

I have held at least two clinics a year, and every other year at least one has been a FULL Caller "School" after

CALLERLAB Curriculum Guidelines for callertraining.

I early realiced that the technical side in the art of Squaredance-calling was my "cup of tea". I can sit for hours with my checkers and I am realy having fun.

I try to present my choreography to the dancers in a way so they also can have fun dancing it on the floor.

The coaching of other callers and teachers have been a success so far and I have gotten a kick out of seeing callers that started of, at a clinic or school with me, doing the very first attempt to call, now many of those callers and teachers are very often used as dancecallers and class-teachers doing very well and there are many that are wellknown all over Scandinavia and Europe.

I have six children, and three grandchildren. I used to run my own company in Sweden (32 years),selling steelproducts, to the main industries in Sweden.
I sold the company to a german company and was employed by that company until my pension. I have now retired and is calling full time.(September 2001)

I guess one of my hobbies is to sit and move my checkers. I can do that for hours every day.

If I get some spare time, I have a hobby building and running radio-controlled ships, cars, and airoplanes, but that has not happend during the past year.

In November 1995 I decided that I would try to get Accreditation as a Caller-coach.

While doing my school in November 1997 I was told by Wayne Morvent to do the test at CALLERLAB for the Accreditation, and I did. I thought it was a bit early to try, but two coaches insited that I would pursue and go on. So I did. I then went over to the US, and did the final written and oral test and I passed so in 1998 I got my CALLERLAB Accreditation as a Caller Coach.
I must say it feels good to be one of a very small group (approx.31-35) and I am proud to say I am a member of CALLERLAB since 1988.

Spring 1998 I had the honour of being elected to the board of govenours in the Swedish Caller Association (SACT). It is very interesting and rewarding to work with all those leading callers in Sweden, for the benefit of the Squaredancers and Callers all over Sweden.

I see a bright future for the squaredance in Sweden, because most of the things that we can do to attract new dancers have not been done or tryed yet.

I have been calling at places all over, such places like England, Holland,Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Zwitzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, USA and Hawaii, Canada, Poland, Norway, and many places in Sweden.

I call the programs Basic thru C1 and teach from Basic thru C1.

As many callers would say, the Plusprogram is also my favorite program, in my oppinion plus is the program where all is having lots of fun. The plus with a touch of challenge is my absolute favorite, all to do the plus more interesting for everyone. I would like to see all the danceprograms used in a way that dancers find it interesting for years to come, not having to take to the next program to find squaredance interesting or challenging. But is still has to be lots of fun.


Hope to see you in a Square somewhere


Get in contact, I would love to call in your Club !