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Giving you Different Squaredance Related Links

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Organizations & Major Sources

Squaredans Historik (svenska) "Västerås Squaredance Club"
Robert French Do SA
Bob Lafleur´s Squaredance Pages
Hi Hat Record Company
Circle D & A-bar-K Records
ABC Records
Shakedown Records
ESP & Jopat Records
ABC Czech Record Company Page
Sting & Snow Records
Dave Gipson List of Callers
Supreme Audio
American Squaredance Magazine

CALLERLAB Program Lists
CALLERLAB Accredited Caller Coaches
CALLERLAB & ANDRA Programlistor

SACT Home Page !! (Swedish Association of Callers & Teachers)
ECTA European Caller Association
CSCTA Czech Caller & Teacher Association
Danish Squaredance Association
SAASDC Swedish Squaredance Association
Norska Squaredansklubbar

Canadian Square & Round Dance
href="">Galaxy Pisek Czech Squaredance Club LINKS to Czech Clubs

Swedish Squaredance Clubs

Western Airport Squaredance Club
Sollentuna Squaredancers
Falu Squaredancers
Ronneby Squaredancers
Finnveden Squaredancers
Hisinge Island Swinger
Lerum Squaredancers
Hamboringen Squaredancers
Vita Bergens Squardancers
Ericsson SD
Pepparrötterna SD
Tyresö Squaredancers
Umeå SD
Sundsvall New Wave SD
Riverbends Squaredancers
Blue Blossom SD
Deep Lake Squaredancers
Squaredansföreningen Hörnet Alingsås
Crystal SD Nybro
SDF Pionjärerna

Other Squaredance Clubs

Holbaeck Squaredancers, Denmark
Roskilde Squaredancers, Denmark

Callers & Other Links of Interest

Anna-Lena Jäderbergs HomePage med Linedance Workshops
Frank Lescrinier "Accredited Caller Coach" -Choreographic Page
Good Callers-Opinion or Fact
Timing is Everything
Humor by Nasser Shukayr about Squaredance 25 years from Now !
Choreographic by Lorenz Kuhlee -- Author of WINHASH
Caller Don Beck-(Out of Sight)
Kenny Reese Homepage
List of Czechoslovak Callers

My Choreo Page ( updated Aug-98)
My School Page

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