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Ellen Stephen Hospice
Ellen Stephen Hospice
The only Hospice on any reservation
Box 1805
Pine Ridge.S.D. 57770
Phone: 605-455-1217
Fax: 605-455-1218

Mission Statement

To give comfort, assurance, and care to families and patients who have life-threatening illnesses and to educate and nurture others in this care.


The needs of our patients and families come first. Our goal is to provide outstanding physical, emotional, and spiritual care to ensure that our patients enjoy the best quality of life possible. By caring for the needs of both patient and family during the patient's illness, we will enable individuals to complete their lives with grace, dignity, and comfort.

Ellen Stephen Hospice's emphasis care with will also be evident in our bereavement services. We will continue to offer the most comprehensive and innovative bereavement programs for people of all ages, with a special commitment to caring for the needs of children.

Our Patients and families will receive care of the highest quality and integrity, whether this care takes place in their home or in one of the nursing home through which we offer our services. ESH will continue to provide services that exceeded federal and state licensure requirements. All of our services will be available to anyone eligible to receive them, regardless of ability to pay.

Additionally, ESH will have a commitment to its staff, both paid and non-paid. Realizing that the strength of our agency is its staff, we will provide a nurturing and supportive environment in which our staff will be able to grow, both personality and professionally.

Further, our commitment will extend to the community we serve. We will engage in activities to educate and increase awareness of hospice care in the community. We will also provide educational opportunities for students in the health care field, which will demonstrate the positive effects of a care plan for students that places the needs of patient and family first.

In summation, ESH will continually strive to be a leader in advocating patient rights and in providing the highest quality care to individuals with life-threatening illness, and their families.

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Ellen Stephen Hospice Inc.
Bruce Williams, RN, Hospice Director
Box 1805
Pine Ridge.S.D. 57770
Phone: 605-455-1217
Fax: 605-455-1218

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