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Velvet Chain

This my Velvet chain page. I've decided to do a page about this group because I think they're great and they're Buffy fans too! Erika Amato, the lead singer of the group is part of many Buffy mailing list that I'm part of. For all of you that don't know who Velvet chain is. Well they're the group that were featured in "Never kill a boy on the first date" in season one.
Saturday February 6th 1999, they performed at the official posting board party, in Los Angeles, in front of many BTVS fans and Seth Green, Anthony Steward Head, Eliza Dushku, Josh Whedon and others from the show Buffy the vampire slayer. I guess you could call them the official band of Buffy the vampire slayer.

Here's some info that I've got from their web site:

Velvet Chain consists of bass, drums, keyboards, guitar, DJ/samples, and is fronted by vocalist, Erika Amato. The band is headed by composer-producer-bassist Jeff Stacy. The perfect match between Jeff Stacy's music and Erika Amato's vocals is the essence of Velvet Chain's liquid-explosive style.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Velvet Chain's appearance on the "Buffy" show continues to create prime-time national exposure for the band. Velvet Chain was prominently featured in an early episode that has aired several times, and is now available on video in the U.S. and Canada. Via links on the "Buffy" website, Velvet Chain has received over a thousand fan letters and CD orders.

Here's some pictures of the band with Seth Green and of Erika on Buffy the vampire Slayer:



To learn more about Velvet chain or to buy their CD. Visit Velvet chain's official web site:

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