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THE FUN PAGE...Games, Links, etc.


Only click once. Please be patient. I'm not as young as I used to be.
NOTE: If you have access to a color printer, print the letter from the web.
Put it in an envelope with the return address written with a red marker:
Santa Claus, North Pole. Then address it to your child and put it in your stack of mail.
Tell your child you just got it from Santa. They probably won't notice the missing postage.
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The Site Fights Growing XMas Trees
Send a Site Fights Growing Christmas Tree!

Happy Holidays
Send a Stocking!!!

The 12 Days of Christmas Village
Kid's Domain Christmas Games
The Christmas Superstore (online shopping)
The North Pole (Email Santa!)
Online Coloring Book
A Christmas Lightshow
Santa's Tracking Radar
Christmas Games and Party Ideas
Funtasia's Christmas Games
Seasonal Word Games and Activities
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