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Christmas two

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pretty tree
stained-glass bells
carolling penguins
snowman with animated snow (cute)
snowball that goes SPLAT! Merry Christmas
old-time santa face
snowing on a girl outside
neon santa and sleigh
neon candycane
the grinch and his reindeer (okay, it's a dog)
the REAL Frosty and Crystal

waving snowman
an elf
another elf
snowing becomes a snowman
three elves piled up
four snowmen
Seasons Greetings in red
dancing candycane
santa's workshop
three snowmen
yet another elf
reindeer under the mistletoe
an igloo

kids sledding
outdoor scene
two houses from a Christmas village
santa's face shaped like a moon
cartoonish santa
manger scene
santa and an elf on a seesaw
soldiers marching
a bunch of goodies
snowmen in a wreath

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