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Taking it Back

Date: October 10, 1999

To: Priestess Rain

From: Your Subconscious

Re: Your Gonzo Approach to Writing in General

It has come to my attention that your 'Musings' page is just too damned opinionated for your own good. Cool it a bit...or at least graciously offer to eat a few words.

Wouldn't you know that sometimes your subconscious knows what's best for you? As a fan fiction author, I know there's nothing more crippling than flames. But as a fan of many things, I know that the temptation to flame those who deserve it is just too much to resist sometimes. Thus, the following quasi-retractions...

1. I do care about Prey on some deep, metaphysical level. Otherwise I wouldn't have gotten so angry when they cancelled it, nor would I have watched every episode front-to-back at least a few times.

2. Lewis was a cool villain and James Morrison played an awesome character. I just treat him with the same baffled bemusement I treated Mr. Morden on Babylon 5 and Krycek pre-Tunguska on the X-Files (I should note that I am now a bonafide Krycek fanatic, so you never know what's gonna happen, do ya?) I also started reading Prey fan fiction before I got into slash. The Lewis stories thus frightened me, probably because it was JUST LEWIS...I couldn't find any other fanfic out there! And when Tom was included, it was slash!! It used to scare me!! Now I'm heavy into slash and I even call myself a slash diva, thanks primarily to the X-Files for opening my eyes to the connotations thrown into character relationships every now and then....but I ain't gonna go back and edit my essays and musings to be Lewis-friendly. It's Gonzo Journalism, damnit! You can't edit it, that takes away the very substance of the piece! Anyway.

3. Okay, I still can't back down on how much Sloan's hair frightened me there after a while.

4. I will never offer a retraction on Ed for as long as I live. Though he and Attwood were very good for a laugh, and if it ever came down to a choice between Ed and, oh...say, Trash Can Man, I'd be jumping Ed in a second.

More to come when I get my bearings. And when I receive more and more flames.

Peace out!