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The Great Doppelganger Hunt

dop|pel.gang|er (dop'el gen'ger) n. {Ger double + ganger, goer: see GANG} the supposed ghostly double or wraith of a living person.
We have a theory. Sometime in the latter half of the twentieth century, a genetic experiment went awry, causing the unexpected creation of several identical dark, thin, heavily be-eyebrowed men throughout the continental United States (and, for some reason, Greece!). From all we can ascertain, they mean no harm (except one of them...I'll get to him later). But consider this presentation of DOPPELGANGERS a public service annoucnement of sorts....the clones are out there!

Liev Schreiber in Sphere LIEV SCHREIBER
Seen here in the movie 'Sphere', wherein I first happened to notice the interesting similarities between Liev and our beloved Adam Storke. I remember grabbing the armrest, leaning over a man who was either mine or Priestess Ashkta's date (never really figured that one out) and just did this little 'eep!' sound when he came on the screen. For some reason, she knew what I was talking (eeping?) about, and gave me this 'I know, I know' look. Currently Liev can be seen on home video in the film 'A Walk on The Moon', and the cinematic release 'Jakob the Liar'. He is much more easily accessible in film than is Adam. Dang.

Stephen Jenkins, lead singer of Third Eye Blind STEPHEN JENKINS
What can I say....that face, those eyebrows, those lips...Stephen is a Doppelganger indeed. Lead singer of Third Eye Blind, for those who don't know, there is also a website dedicated to the similarities between Stephen and another drool-worthy fellow, Nicholas Lea. I'll bet Stephen craves for the day when he won't be comapred to other luscious men. He's quite luscious himself. And that voice! Of course nowhere near Adam, but Stephen has earned a place in the Doppelganger hall of fame! (he's Greek, too!)

I'm a shameless temptress, and so when I found I would be working for a few months with a young man who also happened to be a *dead ringer* from Adam Storke, I laid my claims. Things very nearly came to pass....I remember one morning I was sitting at his house and 'Death Becomes Her' happened to come on. "You look just like this guy!" I pointed out enthusiastically. In his normally gruff way, he replied, "I look nothing like him." Priestess Ashkta can back me up in saying he was *wrong* I will not post a photo for fear of being was a weird time of my life. In case you're wondering, things never quite came to pass. He said he'd call. That was in February.

Oh, this one is cool!!! I had appendicitis late last summer (yeah I know you all really wanted to know that!) and I went to the emergency room. I was angry, in pain, and altogether messy looking. This guy sits down next to us and I swear my heart just *locked*. I was absolutely transfixed and for a moment I wanted to shout out loud "Good God, Adam Storke came to my hospital!" The same ice blue eyes....the same hair, tan, lips, everything....only he was in *my* hometown,which trust me, made things odd. In my weird state of agony/adulation, I spoke a while with him and found out he was a military man from somewhere up North (I almost wanted to roll my eyes, smile, and go "Mmm-hmm, SURE, Adam..."). He was funny and charming and his eyes were gorgeous. He had hurt his arm. I think he was suffering from a hangover. Anyway. I checked the sign-in list on my way out and I caught the name 'Chris'. I still think it was really Adam Storke, drunk and hanging out on the coast. *sigh*