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The Computer Crash Disaster of 1999

(or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love my Hard Drive)

The one thing one used to hear from me, constantly, to the point of annoyance, was "my computer sucks". It did. Everyone believed me, but not really since I was still churning out quasi-sites left and right and managing quasi-email forums. Then the kicker hit and convinced everyone that I had been right all along.

I have survived the horrible, crippling disaster known as a Computer Crash.

Sure, a lot of people SAY "my computer crashed" but that usually means it stopped working momentarily and they need to take it into the shop, blah blah blah....but mine DIED. I woke up one August morning to hear Jay, the computer guy, telling me that my not-so-beloved old 486 had a bad hard drive, and NONE of my files were salvageable. I was heartbroken, I was helpless...I cried a lot. I mean, I lost an entire screenplay and most of my 'Chemistry of Vision' planning. And some good fan fiction.

I also lost a lot of the stuff for this site.

I think I've succeeded in, for the most part, successfully piecing together what I can from the remnants. But it's just not the same. Just so everyone knows the trouble I've seen.Just so everyone knows my sorrow. But I survived!!! And if I, the world's most irresponsible and hyperactive writer, can do it, YOU can do it! So do not fear the computer crash... but ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS back up your files!!! I mean that!!! **public service announcement from me**

Enjoy the site. Positive Vibes. Love ya all.

Buy a Zip drive, too.