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Altec Lansing (ACS 450) Speakers

The following is a summary of the major issues reported by 10th Anniversary Club members concerning the Altec Lansing (ACS 450) speakers. Please read the disclaimer and use agreement before proceeding!

Note: The 10th Anniversary system will be referred to as the "P133A" in this document. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


The 10th Anniversary systems included Altec Lansing ACS 450 Surround Sound speakers. Some members reported that these speakers "hissed," "buzzed," or "hummed." Initially, members were instructed by GW technical support to return the speakers to Altec Lansing for service. In some cases the "repaired" speakers worked fine. In other cases, the repair did not rectify the problem. GW then offered members who were unhappy with the performance of ACS 450 speakers the option of returning the speakers with the subwoofer for a $220 refund, or downgrading the speakers to the shorter ACS 400 model, keeping the subwoofer, and receiving a $50 refund (plus sales tax if you paid any on your original system).

The primary differences between the ACS 450 and ACS 400 model speakers are:

  1. The ACS 400 speakers have Dolby Pro-Logic circuitry, the ACS 450 speakers do not.
  2. The ACS 400 speakers are approximately 10.5 inches in height, the ACS 450 speakers are approximately 18 inches in height. According to the Altec Lansing Owner's Manuals, each ACS 400 satellite tower speaker contains two 3 inch mid/bass and one 0.5 inch dome tweeter. Each ACS 450 satellite speaker contains two 3 inch mid/bass, one 1.25 x 2.5 inch full range, and one .5 inch dome tweeter.


If you are experiencing unacceptable amounts of noise from the ACS 450 speakers, you may still have the option to either return the speakers and subwoofer to GW for a $220 refund or downgrade the speakers to Altec Lansing model 400 speakers plus a $50 refund.


Call GW Customer Support at 1-800-846-2000 and request an RMA number to obtain a refund or downgrade to the ACS 400 model.

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