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Sunday, 21 August 2005
Please help us helping this man
This is the story. In May 2005, a group of student at a Norwegian University found an unconcious man in the midle of the path, while doing their weekly jogging ruitine. After awakening, the man was totally reluctant to relate to the norwegian authorities, strongly objecting even medical investigation. Given the state of mind of the man, he enters a state of complete panic whenever there is a suggestion of contact with any person belonging to the authorities, the students have made a very difficult desicion, and hidden this man in a secret place since the end of May. The group of students that has taken on the resposibility for this person, has made serious attemts to get help from both Norwegian and Russian authorities, without succeding. They suspect that there is a hidden negotiation between the two countries, that probably is made difficult by the fact that the Soviet Union no longer exist. They have reason to believe that this is a former secret agent from the KGB, based on the following. a few hundred meeters away from the path where he was discovered lying unconcious, one of the students found a hand weapon and a KGB identification card, from the former Soviet Union, with the mans picture. He has a Norwegian name "Arve Larsen" spelled in russian letters, and given the stamp on the image, there is no reason to believe that this is fake. The gun has been identified as Russian. The group of students have made a very difficult dessicion, and kept this person hidden for more than three months. The reason is that the man probably suffers from some kind of trauma, he has not uttered a single word since they first discovered him, but evidently understands both Norwegian and Russian very well. He only relates to the people belonging to the group that actually found him, acting very suspicious towards every new person that he has been brought into contact with. As a consequence he has only been given medical investigation by medical students, since he is not willing to relate to people that could in theory be old enough to have a professional position for the Norwegian authorities.

Posted by scifi2/whoisthisman at 10:36 AM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 21 August 2005 11:10 AM EDT
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