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Ye Olde Series

Aha! And here, at long fucking last, we have the marginally famous series I feel I'll probably be working on until college. I've chaptered it and tried to make it as easily navigable as possible.

Also! Some people have been so shibby as to draw me fanart for this non-loveliness. Firstly, there is my beloved Jen (aka Shinigumi) who has bestowed on my not one but TWO pretty pictures! You can find her Blaise/Draco stylings here and the shibby Harry/Draco here. Second, we have the work of Tangle, who runs a smashing Potter slash fansite. She drew me Draco!

Okay, now that's out of the way. IF YOU'RE NEW TO THIS FIC, PLEASE START AT THE VERY BEGINNING. Otherwise, here is a chapter guide.

Arc I: Quelle Chance!

01: And This is Why I Love Mornings
02: Destruction and Other Cool Stuff
03: Business as Usual, Maybe
04: Takedown of a Self-Righteous Prick
05: My Lucky Streak Falters
06: The Plot Increases in Viscocity
07: Enter the Stupid Kitten
08: Operation Steal Stuff
09: The Plot Turns Into Peanut Butter
10: Operation Really Steal Stuff
11: Mean, Mean Man
12: You People Scare Me
13: Homicidal Maniacs
14: And That's All She Wrote

Arc II: Malchance

01: Happy Holidays
02: Tastes Like Chicken
03: Exodus, Or Something Slightly Similar
04: Fun With Sharp Objects
05: Blackmail is a Boy's Best Friend
06: Humuhumunukunukuapua'a
07: Intermezzo
08: Slightly Creepy
09: Brain Like Burning
10: Draco Malfoy and the Lost Mind
11: Severus Snape and the Smashing Sidekick
12: Chaos Ensues
13: Chaos Continues to Ensue
14: Draco Dies a Horrible Death
15: You All Knew This Would Happen
16: The Drumroll is the Worst Part
17: Into the Fire
18: Philosophy Meets Slapstick

Arc III: De Savoir [update pending, see my ff.n account for new chapters]


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