Oh, the Evil: An MST of "The Avada Kedravra Ring"

Draco: Oy, Herm, look at this pathetic piece o' crap I scrounged off the Muggle comdur thing.
Hermione: Off the computer? Really? Let me see?

The Avada Kedravra Ring

Hermione: What in Merlin's name is that supposed to mean?
Draco: It's a dark curse, spelled wrong.
Hermione: I think Uric the Oddball did that once, and ended up having to wear hats for the rest of his life.

Hermione ran franticly down the corridor
clutching what remained of her bloody robe.

Draco: Heh, scantily clad AND bloody. My lucky day, eh?
Hermione: Quiet, you pervert, I'm trying to read.

"Good..." she though aloud," he's right there....." . "Aaah ......" she groaned as she looked down at her hip and lifted her hand and blood began to trickle slowly again.

Hermione: *sounding very studious* Oh come on, I would never take my hand off a bleeding wound! Compression is the key!

"Harry!......." she collapsed onto the cold, hard, stone floor, it had been too much for this now fifth year girl.

Hermione: *wrinkling nose* Banal, overused description and a run-on.
Draco: That's like bread and butter to these idiots, precious.

Harry looked down form the ladder of Professor Trawleny's classroom, he had fallen asleep during his O.W.L. 's and had just been woken up by the deep soothing voice (not to mention a pinch) of the Professor.

Hermione: Wait...He fell asleep *on* the ladder?
Draco: Meaning he must have been doing his OWL's on the ladder.
Hermione: And then someone apparently dropped a pinch of Professor Trelawney on him to wake him up.
Draco: Ah! That's why you're all bloody! You ground her up!
Hermione: Don't be gross.

"Oh my God!" he rushed over and flung himself at her side, he gentle cupped his hands under her auburn hair.

Hermione: Let's just face it. NO ONE, not even I, can get my hands around my hair.

"What the hell happened to you? When......... Why........ How....... God..". This expression slipped his lips as he glanced down at the ever-
growing puddle of blood at her side.

Articulate under pressure, aren't we, Potter?
Hermione: I seriously doubt that counts as an "expression."

"I need to ........... um........... the....." He could not think straight, for he thought that his best friend was going to die. She spoke softly," There is no time now.... Follow me...". She sat up and managed to gasp," Ron....... Malfoy....... Gryffindor ......"

Hermione: *gasps melodramatically* Oh, the tension!

her body went limp, but she had only fainted.

Hermione: OH, THANK GOD!
Draco: Hey, I thought sarcasm was my bit...?

"Oh shit........."

Draco: *laughs hysterically*
Hermione: Oh please, he swears SOMETIMES.
Draco: Yeah, right!

Harry picked up her surprisingly heavy body

Hermione: *indignant* I AM NOT FAT! I'm...curvy!

and ran (as fast as he could) up to the common room,

Draco: Oh, I'm glad you're putting your full effort into it, Potter...seeing as she's DYING and all.

how he got there he never quite remember how he >got up there.

Draco: I'm not going to even say it.

Laying her onto a couch he immediately saw the dark purple flame that had risen in the fireplace. Wands and limbs were appearing and disappearing into the flame time and time again. One particular head had red hair and he knew that it was Ron's.

Draco: Because Ickle Ronniekins is the only sodding Weasley in all of Gryffindor with that flaming red hair, after all.
Hermione: Wait up...I'm still trying to figure this out...they're IN the fireplace?!

"Ron!!" , without hesitation flung himself at the inferno. Instantly his scared seared with pain and was flung 20 feet into the air and with a shattering jolt he hit the ground, his scar seared with pain and only Hermione's ear piercing scream could only be heard.


Hermione: So basically...
Draco: In the course of this fic...
Hermione: I get covered in Professor Trelawney's gore...
Draco: And Harry swears...
Hermione: And leaves me on a couch while he jumps into the Gryffindor fireplace...
Draco: Where his scar is promptly ripped off his head, burns, and flys around the room. Inside the fireplace. Not to mention he gets his ears pierced with a scream. Hermione, I think this author is on...those Muggle things--what do you call them?
Hermione: Drugs.
Draco: Yes, drugs. This author is on drugs.


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