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PROJECT ZERO||||||||||||||development progess:1%
Project Zero Features:
almost every object physicalized

destroyable walls,objects,vehicles (almost everything)

shader 2.0 support (stunning real life
visuals "Machinima, or “machine cinema")

vast cities containing thousands of npc's(travel
around a giant living world)

ai logic (the enemy decides how to do objectives)

hundreds of weapons,even use your surroundings as
weapons (such as a corpse or barrel)
multiplayer support
decide how to take on objectives (hundreds of
for a single outcome)

ground,air,water vehicles
Depth of field effect used throughout to draw the
attention to particular parts of the scene make
it a true cinematographic experience

high quality anti-aliasing to minimize geometry

Dense, lush vegetation (Tree's and grass move
with the wind)
More information on CryEngine
Coders,Design Artists,and Beta Testers needed

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Project Zero