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P r e s e n t s
Beast Wars; Reloaded. Revisited.
After BM, all became peaceful. Or so we thought...

A group of transformers, in the name of what's right
(AKA, they feel the reformatting of Cybertron set transformers back)
attempt to guess the date of the Axilon's crash on earth, plotting to go back and attempt to change it all.

To stop Megatron from ever coming to Cybertron and thus preventing the reformatting and the Beast Wars from ever getting far.

As they left, though, another group was sent out-- to stop them. In turn, both ships with their warp drives went back in time and came to earth, but something went wrong..

An unknown force to them, but what we would know as the "Aliens" (Vok), caused their ships to mal and they were thrust into a dimension co-existing with that of the Beast Wars.

Here, the transformers can only watch as the battle of the Maximals and Predacons plays itself out.

Facing their own conflict as well, both of these unnamed sides must fight to escape.. To prevent history from being rewritten..
Or to take up the quill and find a way to do so.