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The Shogun Star Mining Ship
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Mutiny on the Shogun Star

Mining Ship, Mule Class, BG-01-Mu, License10xAM04 – The Shogun Star.
Owned and operated by Ares Mercantile and Mining, a mostly owned subsidiary of Blue Sun.

NPC Captain: Etta Bonita Chin, aka Lady Chin.
NPC Executive Officer, Operation Directors, and Pilot: Klaus von August
NPC Co-Pilot: Zip Bongo.
NPC Geo-Engineer: Travis Beacon.
PC Ship’s Engineer:

PC Master Miner, Ordnance Specialist:
PC Master Miner, Geologist’s Assistant:
PC Master Miner, Assistant Ship’s Engineer:
Fellow Miner,
NPC Apprentice Miner: Conchita Benedito, injured.
NPC Apprentice Miner: Pedro Benedito
NPC Apprentice Miner: Riaz Chang

ACT ONE, The Mining Ship – Shogun Star.
Lady/Captain Chin is from a rich Alliance Family, and she is in completely over her head. The episode opens just after she ordered an asteroid to be blown apart against the advice of the wishy-washy Geo-Engineer, Travis Beacon. The Characters must follow orders. They do, and a hidden gas pocket explodes and blasts one Fellow Miner and an Apprentice far from the asteroid. The ship must go get them, as the valuable inner metallic ores of the asteroid fall toward the sun.

. They chase after the bodies that were knocked far from the asteroid recovering the killed Fellow Miner, John Octavian, and the near dead, Conchita Benedito. Conchita is put in cryofreeze and they pursue the valuable ores that are falling sunward.
. Lady/Captain Chin nearly kills them again as she waits too long to pull back, trying to get more and more ore. Pedro gets out of his exo-suit and heads to the second deck to kill her, hopefully restrained by the others.
. Pedro insists that they must do something or she’ll kill them before they complete their five mission contracts. He invites them to his families home to figure something out.

ACT TWO, Border World Santo.
. The characters are huddled around a Pedro’s family’s dining room playing cards and bitching about the Captain. “She’s got to go, or she’ll get us killed.”
. If the characters can’t come up with an idea to frame her, or implicate her, or get her fired, lead them to