Title: Interrogation
Author: tigermoth26
email: nvc425@hotmail.com
Rating: PG13 adult themes, sexual references
Category: Daniel/Janet Angst Sam/Janet friendship
Spoilers: None!
Series: RST (Story Two) ( Sequel to 'Spur of the Moment')
Series Status: Unfinished
Summary: Sam asks her friend to reveal what is troubling her.

Disclaimer: Stargate people aren't mine. If you really believe I
can make money out of this, perhaps you should get some mental

Notes: Feedback will be loved and hugged and given ridiculous pet
names. It also encourages the muse to keep on musing...Faster
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Thanks to Shaure, who beta-read this for me. :) Thankx Mate!


Samantha Carter turned up on her doorstep with an armful of movies
and a bottle of expensive wine.

"Oh...hey Sam, do come in."

Janet stepped aside to let her friend walk through. Her daughter
was conveniently out somewhere...off to see some boy band that was
currently all the rage at Colorado Springs.

Samantha dumped the movies on the coffee table and not too gently shoved a video tape into the VCR.
" Thought we could have a girl's night in." She explained, settling back onto the sofa.
She paused, and ran her fingers through her short blond hair. "...And talk."

Janet gave the seated woman a confused look and took the wine bottle
into the kitchen, popping the cork and fetching two glasses as she
made her way back to the couch to sit down next to her friend.
"What about?" She queried, absently watching the trailers as she
handed her a glass of the blood-red wine.

They watched Sandra Bullock flounce across the screen as an FBI
Agent come Miss America. Sam sipped from her glass and then fixed Janet with
an inescapable stare.


Sam nodded, still watching Miss Congeniality as she flew through the
air. "Yes. Daniel."
Sandra Bullock slipped over and fell on her ass. "I want to know
what's been going on."

Her friend frowned. First at the television screen, and then at
Sam. "Nothing's been going on."

A pair of blonde eyebrows rose in disbelief. "Right Janet.
Whatever you say."

Flounce! Flounce! Flounce! THWACK! Whoops, there she went again.
FBI Agents were never made to be girls.

"I don't know what you're talking about Sam." She said, quickly...too
quickly, perhaps. Hopefully her friend hadn't caught on.

Sam refocused her attention back to the screen, someone was trying
to save Private Ryan's ass. Three sons down and one to go. A
soldier held his intestines and cried. The shoreline washed up red
with blood.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about Janet." She accused, "Ever
since SG-1 nearly died on Kamara. Something happened between you
and Daniel. Something changed."

Janet stared at Sam like she had antlers growing out of her head.
"Excuse me?" She asked, pouring herself another glass. Judging by
the direction this conversation was taking, she was going to need
several more.

Sam downed the rest of her wine and refilled her glass again. She
studied the color of it pensively before reconvening the
conversation with her friend. "Janet..." She sighed, taking another
sip of wine, "I want you to tell me what's going on. I'm your

The President danced with Sydney Ellen Wade

"You and Daniel have been avoiding each other for weeks. He won't
talk to us, we can't talk to him. Jack, Teal'c and I are all
walking on eggshells around him. We're walking on eggshells around
you too." She paused, refilling her glass and waiting as Janet did
the same. "Something is seriously wrong, and as a member of SG-1 I
have to find out what the problem is and fix it."

Air Force One smashed into the sea with a ball of flame. "As your
friend...I want to make sure that you're okay."


Another glass of wine.

"We had sex."

Surprised silence. Samantha Carter tried valiantly not to stare in
disbelief. "You and..." She trailed off, The shock of the statement
still hypnotizing her.

"Daniel. Yes."

Janet nodded, downing the whole glass of dark red liquid in one fast
swallow. She pointed clumsily to the glass display cabinet by the
window. "Whiskey."

Nodding, Sam stood up and retrieved the bottle. She unscrewed the
lid and watched as Janet poured herself a tiny glass.

"Not what you thought it would be?" She queried gently.

"Spur of the moment. Meant nothing at all." The young doctor
poured herself another shot. There was nothing like alcohol to
soothe the pain.

...Pain? What pain? A quick fuck with Daniel meant nothing at all.
It wasn't as if she loved him or anything...Nothing like that at all.

Well...that's what she'd been telling herself, anyway...

"Are you sure about that Janet?"

A sigh. She gazed tipsily at the remaining contents of her glass.
Tyrannosaurus Rex was not a happy dinosaur.

"I don't...I don't...I really have no idea." She admitted.

Velociraptors shrieked their way across the screen, chased by an
incredibly pissed off T. Rex.

"What happened?" Sam ventured, afraid to ask, but knowing that
talking about it would help her troubled friend.

A Brachiosaur sneezed. Mmm, snotty-fresh.

Janet downed another glass, and grasped at the bottle for another
refill. "I thought you guys were going to die. He thought you were
already dead."

A silent pause, a couple of pissed-off dinosaur noises.

"You came back...In such bad condition. We really thought your luck
had run out. "

More whiskey. More wine.

"I went to his office after we'd gotten you both stabilized. He was
at the computer...drinking coffee. I walked over to him..."

Take Note:- 'Roar Roar Roar' means 'I am going to eat you'. In

Sam waited patiently for her friend to continue. Only
half-listening to the annoyed roar of hungry dinosaurs in the

Eventually Janet continued. "I walked over to him, and then he
grabbed my hand and kissed me. I..."

Sam reached out and placed her hand on Janet's arm, concern flooding
her slightly buzzed mind. "Janet...Did he...?" She trailed off, the
implication clear in her eyes.
Janet shook her head quickly. "No, no it wasn't like that Sam. He
didn't force me to do anything. I needed it just as much as he did.
It was like...we couldn't get our clothes off fast enough. Damnit.
We started fucking like bunnies in heat. And now..." For some reason
the doctor found that tears were welling in her eyes. She wiped
them away furiously with the back of her hand. "...Now our friendship
is ruined. We can't go back to the way things were. We've thrown it
all away for the sake of a five minute fuck." With that said, Janet
downed the remaining whiskey in her glass, shutting her eyes as the
alcohol burned a passage down her throat.

"Oh...Janet." Soothed Sam, as she pried the wine glass from her
friend's fingers and pulled her into a hug as the smaller woman
succumbed to tears.

Janet sobbed pitifully into her friend's shoulder, the alcohol in
her system allowing the otherwise strong and controlled Doctor to
let her emotions go. Samantha held her friend tightly as she cried,
the humid wetness of Janet's tears beginning to soak through to her
shoulder. "Janet honey," she said, using the doctor's own 'personal
term', "Shhh. It will all be okay. We'll find a way to make
everything better again. Shhh."

Pulling away from the other woman's arms, Janet snuffled and dried
her tears. Air Force Majors never cried. And if they did, it was
never for long. She turned her head to stare listlessly at the
television screen, now playing a black and white battle of static
ants. "I really doubt it, Sam." She said, "We can never go back to
the way things were. It's too late."

Samantha reached out for her friend's hand again. "Janet. It has to
be okay. You and Daniel have to fix this. If not for us, but for
yourselves." She squeezed Janet's hand reassuringly. "You should
talk to him, you know? You care for him. And I'm almost certainly
sure that he cares for you too."

The Doctor managed a smile and squeezed back at Sam's hand. "Okay
Sam. We'll see. But I can't make any promises." She covered a
yawn with the back of her hand, and caught the time on the VCR out
of the corner of her eye. "I think I'm going to go to bed now."
She stated. "Why don't you crash here? It's far too late to be
driving home now."

Smiling gently at the brightening of her friend's mood, Sam nodded,
fighting back a yawn of her own and said, "Yeah, thanks. I think I

Janet stood up slowly and went to turn off the VCR and fetch some
blankets for Sam. When she returned, Sam reached out and took her
by the hand. "Janet."


"Promise me you'll make it up with him soon, okay?"

Janet sighed, smiling again reluctantly. "Okay."

"Sweet. Goodnight Janet."

"'Night Sam."