Title:Convincing Janet
By tigermoth26
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Rating: G
Category: Humour POV
Pairings: Daniel/Janet UST
Summary: fluff. Just read it.
Spoilers: none
Archive: DJA Heliopolis TTC
Disclaimer: The stargate people do not belong to me.
Isn't that weird?
Notes: I apologise for this story's lameness. Call
this an exercise in trying to recapture my creative
streak. FB is always fun.

I smile as my computer's instant messaging program
announces the arrival of a new user to my screen.

Why hello stranger. Long time no see!

I laugh quietly to myself. You saw me on the way out
to my car...all of an hour ago. I type in a semi-colon
and 'd' grin and make my smart-assed reply.

'Darn it...just when I thought I'd gotten away from

I scroll through another window as I await her reply.
That is the funny thing about the internet and chat
programs. No matter who you're talking to, it feels
like you can tell them anything without suffering the
consequences of your actions. That is, until you see
them at work again the next day. But that's beside the

The grey box in the corner of my screen flashes,
prompting me to click on it to read the message I've

Oh, now I'm offended. No matter, I'll see to
it that you get extra tests tomorrow morning. My
files tell me that you're up for another full medical
in oh...three days.

I poke out my virtual tongue at her with a ':P' .
Damn, that woman sure knows how to play things mean.
I reply with the customary 'suck up to the doctor
routine', and laugh aloud at her most colourful

I tell her that I will 'BRB' and head to the kitchen
for a cup of coffee. There are three main things in
life, I have decided, cigarettes, coffee, and money.
These are the objects that will lead a person to
happiness, I don't give a damn what the others may

'So Doc,' I type, returning to the table with my
deliciously steaming mug, 'How were things today in
the Daniel Jackson Infirmary?' I add in a little wink
to indicate the lightness of my tone. I can imagine
her rolling her eyes as she replies,

As if you didn't watch all the drama unfold on
your little TV screen anyway...and even if I was to tell
you, I wouldn't. Doctors never tell.

Oh, that was just oozing smugness. I know she wants
to tell me though, she always does. 'Go on, you know
you want to.' Okay, so that was lame, but worth the

No, no, it's okay. I don't.

Hmmm...I sip my coffee as I think of my response. The
liquid is bitter, horrid even, but I drink it anyway.
Ah, the things we do for love. 'Well, if the Doctor
won't tell me, perhaps the Major will?' I add a
little grin to the end of the line and hit enter,
watching the little lights on my modem flicker as my
message surfs the phone lines.

Eventually the message box lights up insistently
demanding that I look inside.

*sigh* Well if you must know...

Ah, that's my girl. I knew she'd come around. 'So
what was it this time? Alien Viruses? Mysterious
Entities? Hallucinations?...'
She types in a smile, All of the above and
more. In all, just the average day at the Infirmary.

I take another sip of my bitter coffee, 'Oh come now
Janet, don't act as if you didn't enjoy patching up
the desirable Doctor Jackson now...'

She pokes out her virtual tongue at me, I poke mine
back. It's interesting how two fully grown, mature
people can turn into such imbeciles by simply talking
on the internet.

I do not 'enjoy' patching up my patients
thankyou, as a doctor I would prefer that they were
never injured in the first place.

I grin...Well, that was vaguely the answer I was aiming
for, we both know very well that she particularly
enjoys the presence of at least *one* patient in her
infirmary although it always takes at least an arm and
a leg to get her to admit it. 'So there were no
admission of undying love today I take it?' I tease
her. A lesser man would not have the balls to do
it...although any normal man would have the presence of
mind not to hassle a superior officer...

Of course not! Don't be absurd! Now quit
hassling me about Doctor Jackson (for whom I harbour
feelings no deeper than friendship, mind you!) or I
will be forced to interrogate you about that nice
civilian friend of yours who always just *happens* to
be going in and out of your office all the time.

I smirk at the computer screen. 'Oh will you now?'

Her reply is speedy. Just watch me. :P ;)

My fingers fly over the keyboard as I type in my
reply. 'Hmm, well...how about we make a deal, 'cos
frankly, I *know* that there is something going on
between you and Daniel...otherwise I'd have already
taken him for myself.'

What's gotten into you tonight huh? Why this
sudden obsession with me and Daniel...perhaps I should
send you over to Doctor McKenzie, see if he can figure
you out...

I cringe inwardly. Ugh, Doctor McKenzie could make
any grown man squirm. A visit to Doctor McKenzie?
Oh, no thank you very much!

'Okay, okay. I'm sorry Janet. I guess I'm in the
need of a little light entertainment.'

So you've decided to pick on me? You know
sometimes, wisdom is definitely not your strongest

Oh, my bleeding heart. The Doc's sarcasm never fails
to amuse me. 'Well...yes, actually. That and the fact
that I've noticed the way you always look at him.'

The way that I look at him??
I can almost hear the incredulousness in her voice.
I do not *look* at Daniel Jackson. I observe.

'Oh, is that what they're calling it these days?' I
shoot back, I'm determined to make her admit she has
something for him this time.
'So please explain to me the five minutes of
uninterrupted Daniel Ogling I had going on my screen
at 1030h in the infirmary hmm?'

I thought you guys were supposed to be working
on those security cameras, not sitting around and
enjoying the numerous shows. God knows how much you
people contribute to the grape vine every day!

I laugh. Well of course we work...I was just...keeping
myself abreast of the latest news...that's all! 'Well
if you won't admit it, then maybe he will.' And it's
true. I've seen him watching her as she goes about
her duties from time to time. The look on that man's
face when he's in her presence can only be described
as 'goofy'. I return my attention back to my
computer screen. 'I've seen the way he looks at you...'


I've piqued her interest now, no doubt about it. When
it comes to talking about herself, Doc Fraiser can be
a prude, but when the spotlight moves on to others,
she's like a kid in a candy store. 'Sure! He's got
it bad for you. Hook, line and sinker.'

I find that hard to believe...

I roll my eyes. Honestly. 'I don't! The betting
pools we've got going for you two are giving Major
Carter and Colonel O'Neill a run for their money!'

I have second thoughts about telling her about the
betting pools just as she enters her reply.
Ah, so *this* is what the whole 'get Janet to admit
she's got the hots for Doctor Jackson' thing is all
about huh? Just out to make some money hmmmm?

Ack. Definitely a bad idea. Now she's going to go
out of her way to either make me lose the bet or just
plain embarrass me.

So which side are you betting on? For or

I squirm in my chair, and finish off the last of my
'Sorry Ma'am that's classified information.'

The hell it is. You do know that I'll find a
way to get it out of you, classified or not.

I grin at her over the computer screen. Now would be
the time to make a quick and stealthy exit. 'Sorry
Doc, gotta go. Early start tomorrow morning. Bye!'

Early start with my boot up your ass.

I send her a smile before turning off the program and
shutting the computer down. 'Bye!'