Title: Al Quasare
Author: Tigermoth26
Email: nvc425@hotmail.com
Rating: PG-13 Violence, Language
Category: Action/Adventure
Pairings: Daniel/Janet
Spoilers: Tok'ra and Cassie and Dominic Eps.
SUMMARY: A Queen is brought to Earth. Cassie gets kidnapped. Stuff happens.

Personally, this has got to be my least-favourite fic. It truly WANKS. Tell me what you think okay! I'm currently writing in some new scenes that should tie up the ends a whole lot better...so...yeah :) Maybe it will improve. In the meantime, enjoy yourself!

With many thankies to The Wonderful Bryn and the equally helpful Malida SC for their Beta-Reading help. These guys are fantastic indeed :) Much Happiness!

tigermoth26 :)
'At the hole where he went in
Red-Eye called to Wrinkle-Skin.
Hear what little Red-Eye saith:
"Nag, come up and dance with death!"

0730h GMT
Friday Morning
Cheyenne Mountain
Control Room, SGC

"Incoming Traveller."

One by one the chevrons engaged. Red flashes of light from the centre stones indicating an approved signal. A technician in the control room watched the computer read the energy signature as it came through.

He looked behind him to a stout man sporting General's stars on his Air Force uniform. "It's the Tok'ra, Sir," he said as the seventh chevron locked into place.

General Hammond glanced in surprise at the technician and started for the Gate Room. "Let them through."

The technician nodded in acknowledgment and typed in the iris deactivation code. The protective metal jaws withdrew into the Stargate in time to allow for the wormhole to burst forth through the gate. Hammond looked expectantly at the shimmering circle of blue light. The base's main team, SG-1, were uncharacteristically absent from the welcoming party, as they were offworld on an explorative mission.

Four human figures stepped through the Stargate and onto the ramp. Three men, and one woman. The men were cloaked in dull brown robes. Hoods, drawn low over their faces, concealed their identities in shadow. The one at the front of the group was Jacob, host of Selmac. The other two were unknown. The woman, on the other hand, was dressed far less conservatively. Rust-coloured leather clung to the curves of her legs like a poorly-fitted glove. Her shirt...if the scrap of material could be afforded such a label; was of similar design, but if the neckline of the garment plunged any further south, it would be nothing more than a leather belt with sleeves.

The one named Selmac drew back his hood and motioned for the others to do the same. "General Hammond," he rumbled, with the distinct voice of the Tok'ra. "We apologise for our unannounced visit, but there was not much that we could do." The grey-haired Tok'ra turned to introduce his companions. "These are Reynold, host of Much'tar, and Ming, host of Farwock. And of course, you are already aquainted with Freya, host of Anise."

Much'tar and Farwock bobbed their heads in greeting to the General. Each held staff weapons in their hands, and between them they carried a heavily jewelled chest. The female Tok'ra Anise also bowed her head in greeting, but did not risk a low bow, as her bosoms were already threatening to jump from the nonexistent confines of her dress.

Hammond took the hand of Selmac and shook it, and then turned towards the 'Gate Room door, silently indicating that they should follow. "Not a problem, Selmac." He said, as they headed towards the Briefing Room. "Unfortunately, SG-1 is not here to greet you. They are on assignment until 1500 hours this afternoon."

The group filed into the Briefing Room, where Hammond took a seat at the head of the wooden table in the centre of the room. Much'tar and Farwock placed their jewelled burden on the table between them, seating themselves behind Anise and Selmac who had already assumed places at the table.

The bald-headed General leant forward with his forearms on the table. "So, what brings you to Earth?" he asked, looking Selmac directly in the eye, and then glancing at the glittering chest.

The older man gestured to the Tok'ra behind him to open the chest. "General, as much as we despise to admit, we come today in search of your help." Much'tar took a sandstone coloured container from the chest and handed it to Selmac. "This," said the Tok'ra, handing the container to the General, "is a portable Goa'uld stasis chamber. We believe that the Tau'ri refer to them as 'Can-O-Pick' jars."

Hammond raised his eyebrows as a signal for the Tok'ra to continue. Anise took the moment to pick up where Selmac had left off.

"We believe that your people have come across one of these before," she said, her voice sounded deep and metallic, indicative of the Tok'ra who shared her body. "In the jar found by SG-1 was the carcass of the Goa'uld symbiont Isis. This one, however, contains a symbiont named 'Al-Quasa're'. She is a queen, whom, until now, we believed destroyed along with her host, a century ago."

Hammond took a double-take at the woman's solemn words. "You're telling me that jar has a Goa'uld queen in it?" His round face turned red, infuriated at the thought that the Tok'ra would dare to bring such a dangerous creature to the base.

Selmac moved quickly to alleviate the General's fears. "No General," he said, "A Tok'ra Queen. Like the Isis Jar, the seal is damaged, and without your aid in finding us a willing host...she will surely die."


1522h GMT
Friday Afternoon
Brook Street, Colorado

The pair walked down the street side by side, kicking small gravel stones out of their path. A gentle breeze tugged playfully at Cassandra's shoulder-length brown hair, whipping it over her shoulders in gentle gusts. Beside her, walked Dominic. Slightly taller than his female friend, he stooped his shoulders as he moved - the awkward posture of a boy who had grown taller that he possibly would have liked in his teenaged years. Their bubbling chatter echoed down the otherwise empty street, save for the occasional barking of the Big Brave House Dog.

"Did you see the Computer Nazi's face when she saw the desktop?" exclaimed Cassandra, her brown eyes twinkling with mischief.

Her companion smiled, furrowing his brows. "No, I missed it. What happened?"

Cassandra turned her head to face his as they walked. Around them the birds twittered amongst the rusty autumn leaves in the trees. She flicked the curtain of her hair as the breeze blew it into her face. "Ohhh, you SO should have been there!" She laughed. "Jane swapped the computer desktop in the library for some pictures..." the girl paused, waggling her eyebrows suggestively for effect, "...of the raunchy kind!"

Dominic stared in disbelief at his friend for a moment, and then joined her in her riotous laughter. "No shit, really?"

Cassandra nodded, and shoved him playfully off the path. "Yeah, it was hilarious."


At the far end of the street, a car turned. Its silver paint gleamed in the chill autumn sunlight. Tinted windows gave no clue as to the identities of its occupants. The car cruised slowly on silent tires, moving with the sleek stealth of a panther on the hunt.


The two teenagers continued walking down the street towards Cassandra's home. Their pleasant banter had turned to the latest gossip concerning their favourite television shows. Neither of them noticed the sleek silver Mercedes until it was right in front of them. Cassandra froze, a sick feeling coming to her stomach as she saw the car. Grabbing Dominic by the arm, she forced him to a halt beside her.

"Cass?" He asked uncertainly, "What is it? Are you okay?"

Cassandra's lips moved silently, mouthing a word that Dominic could not understand, over and over. The look of intense fear in her eyes was growing with every moment. The dark-haired boy looked over in the direction where Cassandra's eyes had focused. Just in time to see the silver car as it ground to a halt just a few meters away.

Suddenly, Cassandra seemed to snap out of her trance. She whirled around in the opposite direction, tugging urgently on Dominic's sleeve.


Unsure of what was happening, Dominic turned and started running. He sprinted closely behind Cassandra, straining under the heft of the backpack on his shoulders as the fled down the street, away from the silver car. He desperately wanted to know what was going on, but Cassandra would not stop long enough, insisting that they flee.

So they ran. Their sneakers pounded the footpath in desperate escape. The intensity of the fear, which radiated of his friend, grew as they heard the rumble of car tires hot on their tail.

The silver Mercedes.

It screeched to a halt in front of them. Two men and two women burst out of the car. They were all dressed in crisp grey business suits, save for one of the women, who's tight leather garb looked more like something out of 'Debbie Does Dallas' than Business Suits 'R' Us.

Dominic heard Cassandra swear loudly when she spotted the suits walking briskly towards them. She turned, the panic clear in her eyes, searching desperately for a means of escape. The suits were closing in on them, the women's high-heeled shoes clicking like gunshots on the cement pavement.

"Leave us alone!" screamed Cassandra, picking up a rock and throwing it at one of the women. Surrounded, the teenagers slowly backed away, before turning and making a final desperate break for freedom.

They had waited for a moment too late. Both children cried out in terror as they were grabbed by the suited men and women and dragged towards the waiting car. They struggled furiously against their assailants. Cassandra used the self-defence moves that her mother had taught her, shins, instep, nose, groin, but to no avail. Cursing and fighting, the two teens were bundled into the car and driven away.

Nothing remained of the battle save the whisper of the breeze, tugging at the trees on the cold autumn day.

1700h GMT
Friday Evening
Cheyenne Mountain
Dr. Fraiser's Office, The Infirmary, SGC

Doctor Janet Fraiser sat at her messy excuse for a desk, dark eyes scanning over the latest reports from her medical laboratory. The fluorescent glare of the overhead light cast a bright glow over the cramped office. This was her sanctuary, a cosy, quiet respite from the daily stresses of service at the SGC.

The floor was dull grey concrete, the walls, the same inspiring shade of grey, were decorated here and there with framed photographs of fighter jets and a master's degree in Medicine. In one corner of the office was Janet's desk, surrounded on one side by a bookshelf overflowing with all sorts of medical paraphernalia.

Beside the blue-painted door was another table, crowded over with a computer monitor and several stacks of paper. Mounted on the wall above the table was a light screen, essential for those times when all you wanted to do was slap up a couple of x rays and examine them carefully. All in the comfort of your own office.

She put down the report and rubbed a hand over her eyes. SG-1 had returned from Aida - also known as P7X-832. A routine mission of exploration that lasted for two weeks. Nothing more, nothing less. Or...so she hoped. She smiled wryly to herself. Okay, so maybe that description was overly optimistic. The SG team in question had a tendency to harbour trouble wherever they went. It followed their every move like some bizarre Egyptian Curse.

The petite doctor snorted softly. Egyptian Curse? Yeah, she had definitely been spending far too much time around Daniel Jackson...getting, well...Up Close and Personal, for lack of a better description. Pushing thoughts of the Archaeologist aside, Janet returned her attention to the report on her desk. She chewed thoughtfully on her pen, pondering over the abnormalities that the medical report presented to her.

The door to her office opened slowly, gliding on silent hinges as it let a man in olive-green BDU's sneak in. She was so absorbed in her papers that she did not notice him until his hand came to rest lightly on her shoulder. Startled, she leapt up from her chair, catching her 'assailant' with a strong left-hand hook to the jaw.

The poor man stumbled back, cupping his injured jaw in one hand. "Ow," came his muffled response. "Jeez, some welcome party I get!" he complained, re-arranging his glasses so that they rested again over the bridge of his nose.

The short Doctor gasped, bringing her hands to cover her mouth as she recognised the miffed face of Daniel Jackson rubbing his jaw in the middle of her office. "Daniel! Oh god, I'm so sorry!" she exclaimed, suppressing the laughter that threatened to bubble up from her chest.

Poor Daniel. He never seemed to be able to do anything without getting himself injured. Even the most innocent of objects, for example, a paperclip, posed a threat to this accident-prone young man. Knowing Daniel, he'd probably manage to stick it in a power point and electrocute himself, or something as equally bizarre.

Doctor Fraiser reached up and gently touched Daniel's jaw with her hand, checking carefully for any injuries worse than the bruised ego that her punch may have caused.

"Some way you have of greeting a guy, Doc." He grumbled, dropping his head slightly so that the shorter woman could reach.

"Yeah, well, you should know better than to sneak up on me like that," she berated, smiling up at his wonderful light-blue eyes. "What are you doing here anyway, Daniel?" she questioned. "Your post-mission exam isn't for another twenty minutes." She released his jaw and stepped back, satisfied that no harm had been done.

Daniel stepped forwards with her, slipping his well-toned arms around her dainty waist. He brushed her cheek with a chaste kiss as he spoke into her ear. "It's been two weeks since I last saw you, Doc," he said, calling her by her pet name. "I didn't want to wait twenty minutes to hold you in my arms again."

Janet rolled her eyes, smiling. Daniel was quite the closet romantic when you got to know him "I'm glad to see you too, Daniel," she said, bringing her hands up to toy with the buttons of his BDU's.

The blonde Archaeologist dipped his head to kiss her fingers. His thumbs massaged tiny circles to her skin through the cotton covering of her uniform and lab coat. "I missed you so much, love," he murmured, pulling her closer as he traced tiny kisses along her jaw. "Aida was an awful planet. No rocks, no natives, no trees, no nothing. I could hardly wait to get back to you."

Janet sighed happily as one of his hands slipped around to cradle her breast through her blouse. She longed for his lips to stop wandering over her neck and just cover his mouth with hers. She stilled his head against her shoulder with a firm hand. "Daniel," she growled, as he began to tell her about the planet again, "Just shut up and kiss me already."

The taller man laughed, pulling his lover to his chest and finally kissing her passionately on the lips. Her hands clenched fistfuls of his uniform, pulling him closer to her as he sought out the hem of her shirt. They stumbled backwards together, sitting abruptly when Daniel's knees came into contact with her desk.

Laughing into his kiss at his inability to remain uninjured, Janet began unbuttoning the coarse fabric of Daniel's BDU's. Hoping absently that he had had the presence of mind to lock the door. Normally she wouldn't approve of showing her affections while at work, but this was a special case. It *had* been two weeks since she'd last seen him, and Daniel was right: she really had begun to miss him terribly. For that, she was prepared to make this one sacrifice to her moral standing.

Finally, Daniel managed to work her blouse free of her pants. He ran his hands up inside her shirt, fingers tracing the curves of her breasts with a feather light touch. Janet moaned, pressing herself closer to him, revelling in the scent of him and the warmth of his hands on her body. Reluctantly removing his hands from underneath her blouse, Janet grasped the bottom of Daniel's black undershirt and pulled it up and over his head, throwing it carelessly on the floor beside the table with his crumpled BDU shirt.

Her eyes dragged appreciatively over his well-muscled torso. Sure, she had seen it all before, being the Chief Medical Officer at the base, but that still didn't dampen the excitement she found, discovering every inch of his body.

A knock sounded at the door, stopping the couple short in their embrace.

"Janet? Doc, are you in there?" Came the worried voice of Major Carter, the female member of SG-1.

Janet groaned quietly, slipping off her lover's lap. Damn. Just when things were getting interesting, too. Sharing an exasperated grin with her, Daniel stood up from his seated position at the table and bent over to retrieve his uniform, hastily slipping it back on as Janet re-arranged her blouse and her hair.

"Just a minute, Sam!" called the Doctor, hastily straightening her lab coat. Daniel moved uneasily behind her desk, picking up a sheet of paper and pretending to read it, just as if nothing had been going on.

Janet grinned, seeing he was just as uncomfortable as she was, and went to answer the door. "Hey Sam, come in. How can I help you?"

The tall, blonde Major stepped into the room, brushing her hands over her pants as a matter of habit. "Hey Doc, sorry to bother you. But have you seen Dan - "
Samantha looked up then, spotting the Archaeologist behind the Doctor's desk.
"There you are Daniel! We've been looking for you everywhere," she said in exasperation.

Daniel looked up, totally innocent. "Hmm? Me? What for?"

Major Carter rolled her eyes, her expression had 'typical!' written all over it. "The briefing, Daniel. It's been happening for the past five minutes. You're late!"

Dropping the papers back on the desk, Daniel looked at the time. Oh shit, he really was late. Moving quickly over to the door, he thought up a cover story to tell to the Major. "Oh, sorry, Sam. I just came in here to show the Doc some things...we must have...lost track of the time." He shared a nervous glance with Janet as he followed Carter out of the door. It was a lame excuse, but it would have to do. "Thanks for looking at that for me, Doc. I'll see you soon."

Smiling secretively at him, Janet put her hand on the door, watching them leave. "Anytime, Doctor Jackson. I'll talk to you later."

1713h GMT (-0500h)
Friday Evening
Cheyenne Mountain
Briefing Room, SGC

"They brought a WHAT in here?!" demanded the angry voice of Colonel Jack O'Neill, sitting in front of General Hammond in the Briefing Room. Directly behind him, sat Teal'c, a strong, silent Jaffa who wore the symbol of the Goa'uld on his forehead. To his left, sat Major Carter. She shot a warning glare in his direction, reminding him that he was in the presence of an Air Force General. In front of Sam, sat Daniel Jackson. His blue eyes darted nervously from Jack to Sam, to the General, and back again, sitting silently as he had already arrived late for the meeting.

General Hammond leant forward towards Colonel O'Neill, pinning the younger man with a stern gaze. The Colonel never did seem to take news of the Tok'ra very well. He voiced his opinions about the rebel Goa'uld as often as he could, claiming that a snake that claims to have seen the error of their ways and has repented is still, and always would be, a snake.

"Colonel O'Neill, may I remind you, that we have pledged an alliance with the Tok'ra in our battle against the Goa'uld. Now I know that their bringing a Tok'ra Queen to this base unnerves you, but all they need is a willing host. The least we could do to help them is look for such a person. Now I am as uncomfortable with this as you are, Jack, but I do believe that it is our responsibility to help them."

The grey-haired Colonel slammed his fist down on the table in front of him, leaning forward in his chair. "Damnit Sir, I *know* that we have an alliance, but what exactly to the Snakeheads expect us to do?" he demanded. "With all due respect, Sir, how the hell do they want us to find them a host? Are we going to put an ad in the New York Times saying 'Wanted: One healthy Human Being between the ages of twenty to twenty-five, who is willing to be a host to a snaky, red-eyed parasite that goes around the universe pretending to be a God'?" He paused, waving a hand around in the air for effect. "For crying out loud, Sir, how are we excepted to make this happen? Do they want us to kidnap someone?"

General Hammond suppressed a laugh at the Colonel's description of the advertisement and shook his head. "Son, frankly, I have no idea," he said. "However, I will be sending out teams to all of our friendly planets in search of willing hosts."

The members of SG-1 did not look surprised, nodding their heads in acceptance.

"SG-1 you have leave until 1030 hours tomorrow morning. I want to start this mission as soon as possible, even as we speak, that symbiont is dying. SG-1 dismissed."

The General was answered with three 'Yes Sir's' from Carter, Daniel and Teal'c as they got up and left the room. Colonel O'Neill pushed back from the table with a disgruntled 'Sir' and then left the room.

Hammond sighed, watching the retreating back of the facility's most impertinent officer. Rising up from his chair, he let out a relieved sigh. Well, he thought. That's the hard part over and done with.

1754h GMT
Friday Night
Cheyenne Mountain
Infirmary, SGC

Flashing a penlight into each of the Colonel's eyes, Doctor Fraiser stood back and wrote some notes on her clipboard before picking up a thermometer and sticking it into the disgruntled man's mouth.

One of her nurses dabbed the Colonel's arm with a bit of antiseptic and then stabbed a needle in, injecting a vaccine into his bloodstream. O'Neill flinched, glaring at the poor nurse as she put a bandage over the small wound.

Fraiser removed the thermometer from the Colonel's mouth and recorded the temperature on the clipboard. "Don't be such a baby, Colonel," she chided, giving a reassuring smile to the young nurse.

The Colonel grumbled something under his breath, glaring mildly at her too. "Why do you always have to stab us with those things?" he complained rhetorically. "They're not even necessary half the time, I bet."

The Doctor rolled her eyes patiently. "It's a simple routine injection, O'Neill. You know very well that we have to do it. The least you could do is be a little nicer to my nurses. You never know, I might let them run loose with you if you don't find some manners quickly."

O'Neill sighed in defeat and got up off the exam table, picking up his jacket as he went. An airman came hurrying over to the exam table, addressing Doctor Fraiser as he spoke.

"Excuse me Ma'am, but there's a woman on the phone for you. It's about your daughter, Cassandra. She's gone missing."

1745h GMT
Friday Night
Cheyenne Mountain
VIP Quarters, SGC

The Tok'ras Much'tar and Farwock knocked politely on Anise's door to summon her to join them in the evening meal. The Tok'ra dignitaries had been given VIP accommodation by their hosts at the SGC. Hearing no reply, the pair knocked again, calling to her through the door.

"Anise-Freya?" they called. "We are heading to the Commissary, do you wish to join us?"

Again, they were greeted with silence from the other side of the door. "Perhaps she rests?" mused Farwock, glancing at the Tok'ra man beside him. Much'tar bobbed his head in agreement. "Indeed. Should we not go in and awaken her? The Bald-Headed one said that the Commissary closes in half an hour. She will be hungry if she does not eat."

The Asian-looking Farwock nodded, reaching out to turn the handle on the door.
The two Tok'ras stepped through the threshold, hoping to find their fellow Tok'ra inside. Farwock looked in confusion at his friend. "Anise-Freya is not here," he said, stating the obvious.

Much'tar glanced around the room as well. He spotted the jewelled chest that held their Queen's Canopic jar standing open on the dresser. "Look," he said, walking quickly to the chest, "She has left the Royal Box open."

Farwock came quickly to stand at his side, peering into the box and then looking to his friend with a sense of dread. "The Queen's stasis chamber is gone."

Much'tar turned, heading out of the room again. "We must inform Master Selmac," he said sternly. "He will not be well pleased."

1800h GMT
Friday Night
Cheyenne Mountain
General Hammond's Office, SGC

The General sat at his large oak desk. To his right was his computer, cursor blinking rapidly as he typed out a letter to the President, recognizing the good work of his people at the SGC. The General's office was decorated with all manner of things; mounted on the wall was a wooden eagle with its wings outstretched. A symbol of the strength and power of his beloved US Air Force.

A staccato knock on the door signalled the presence of Doctor Fraiser, who stepped up to his desk with his beckoning nod. Shortly after that came another knock. The three Tok'ra dignitaries, Selmac, Farwock and Much'tar, filed into the room without even waiting for permission to enter.

General Hammond looked in confusion to the sudden influx of visitors to his office. "How may I help you Doctor Fraiser?" he questioned, deciding to deal with his visitors in order of appearance.

The auburn haired woman stood at attention in front of his desk, standing easy when he asked her to speak. "Sir, I'm sorry to bother you at such short notice, but something urgent just came up," she said.

The General looked up at the Doctor, noticing the sparkle of barely restrained panic in her eyes. "What is it, Major?" he prodded, noticing how her hands tremored slightly at her side.

"A few minutes ago I received a phone call from Cassandra's babysitter, Sir. She told me that..." The woman paused, deciding to cut straight to the chase. "Cassandra has been kidnapped, Sir. Along with her friend, Dominic."

The stout General blinked in surprise. The Doctor's words were certainly not what he had expected. Then again, the Stargate Programme was not entirely known for its predicability. Just as he opened his mouth to reply to Doctor Fraiser, the Tok'ra Selmac cut in.

"General Hammond, if I may interrupt," he rumbled, stepping forward to the imposing oak desk. "My assistants Much'tar and Farwock have come to me with some very troubling news." He turned to gesture to the two men behind him, "When they went to summon Anise for her evening meal, they found that she was not there. When they entered the room to investigate, they also discovered the Royal Box opened and the Queen's stasis chamber gone." The old Tok'ra's eyes dropped to the table. "We have reason to believe that the disappearance of Doctor Fraiser's daughter and the Queen's Stasis Chamber can be directly linked to Anise's absence."

Both the General and the Doctor looked at them then, Hammond's eyes pinned the Tok'ra with a stern glare. "Are you trying to tell me that Anise stole the Canopic Jar and somehow got out of the base unnoticed, and then managed to kidnap both Cassandra Fraiser and another civilian...all by herself?"

The Tok'ra shrugged helplessly, nodding affirmatively. "We are unsure how she may have done it, but that appears to be what was occurred, General. We are sincerely and humbly sorry."

The General heard Doctor Fraiser growl something underneath her breath as she fixed each Tok'ra with an outraged glare. He placed a restraining hand on her shoulder, warning her to calm down, before he called to the Lieutenant standing guard at his door. "Lieutenant Dyers, send SG-1 in here immediately."

1030h GMT
Saturday Morning
Unknown Location

Sighing softly, Cassandra fought her way through the haze of cobwebs that seemed to have overtaken her brain. She blinked against the bright autumn sunlight that streamed in from the window, mentally cursing her mother for opening the curtains while she slept. Just because her mom was a morning person, didn't mean that she had to be one too.

She turned her head and buried her nose in the crisp starchy smell of her pillow. Crisp starchy smell? Her eyes snapped open, taking in the dull grey concrete of her surroundings and the metal railings on the gurney she was lying upon. She realised with a start, that she wasn't at home anymore.

She shivered, the memories of the four, grey suited men and women and the silver mercedes that had abducted her and Dominic. Dominic! she though with a start, what had they done with Dominic? The frightened girl tried to sit up, finding to her horror that she had been handcuffed to the bed with one wrist.

She heard the click of high heels at the door, a feeling of dread rushing through her veins that came from life experience. She could feel its presence, though her mind told her that it was impossible. A leather-clad woman stood at the door. No, it could not be! her mind told her, but her body told her otherwise. A Goa'uld.

Fighting back her terror, Cassandra lifted her eyes to stare daggers at the Goa'uld woman. "Who the hell are you and what the fuck do you want with me?" She spat, wishing desperately that she was not handcuffed to the bed.

The woman smiled, gently reaching a hand towards her in what appeared to be a gesture of friendliness. Cassandra shrugged her off. "Don't you dare touch me."

The brown-haired woman frowned, dropping her hand. "Do not be afraid, child. I am not a Goa'uld, I am a Tok'ra. My name is Anise. You will be of great aid to me and my people."

Cassandra huffed, fury rapidly replacing her fear. "The hell you are, lady. A Goa'uld is a Goa'uld. And you're definitely one of them! There's no way in hell that I am going to help you."

Anise reached out to take Cassandra's free hand, stilling it when she tried to pull away. "Child, do you not know? The Tok'ra are against the Goa'uld. We fight against them with everything that we have."

"Bullshit, you are," the young teen snarled. "If you're so nice then why the hell did you kidnap me? If you're trying to get on my good side, you haven't done a very good job of it so far."

The Tok'ra smiled, releasing Cassandra's hand. "I am sorry, child. But there was no other way. You will realise the wonder of the gift I will give you when it is time." Cassandra looked disbelievingly at the leather-clad woman. Sheesh, you'd think she'd have a better fashion sense being a Goa'uld...

"Whatever, lady. I don't care who or what you are. But I do know that when my mom finds you she will severely kick you snaky leather-clad ass."

Anise, seemingly unfazed by the child's insults, went to the door and talked to someone outside. Cassandra tugged at the cuffs, trying to think of a plan to escape. She stopped abruptly when Anise turned back to face her. "You must be hungry, child. I have sent for someone to fetch you some breakfast. I would advise that you eat."

Her captive pouted, an idea formulating in her mind. "How nice of you," said the young girl, sarcastically. "Either way, I gotta go to the bathroom."

The Tok'ra puffed out a breath at the uncooperative child, taking a key out of one of her skin-tight pockets and unlocking the cuff, placing the open end around her wrist. "As you wish. Follow me, I will show you the way."

Cassandra sighed, following Anise through the dull concrete corridors until they stopped in front of a door. The Tok'ra gestured for her to go in, but Cassandra stopped short, lifting their cuffed wrists to the woman's brown eyes. "I don't know about you, lady, but there is no way in hell that I'm going to pee with an audience. Being in the same house with my mom and her boyfriend in the next room is sickening enough."

"As you wish." The Tok'ra replied grudgingly, unlocking the cuff to leave it dangling from Cassandra's wrist. "But do not try to escape."

Cassandra fluttered her lashes sweetly. "I wouldn't dream of it."

1030h GMT
Saturday Morning
Cheyenne Mountain
Briefing Room, SGC

Eight pairs of eyes followed the Colonel closely as he paced back and forth inside the Briefing Room. SG-1, the Tok'ra, Doctor Fraiser and General Hammond were gathered together trying to figure out how Anise had left the base unnoticed and what her intentions were with Cassandra and the Tok'ra Queen.

Major Carter sat forward in her chair, speaking to the rapidly moving Colonel O'Neill. "She must have had some outside help from somewhere," she mused. "She couldn't have kidnapped two children off the streets all by herself. Let alone known specifically where she could take them from without having any witnesses."

The Colonel paused in his pacing and turned to face the people gathered at the table. "Maybourne," he growled. "He's got to have something to do with this."

"Colonel, what makes you so sure?" Intoned Hammond, tilting his bald head in question.

O'Neill threw his hands up in front of him, "Oh I don't know, Sir," he said with a hint of sarcasm, "maybe the fact that he and those thugs from the NID are so eager to get themselves an alien to interrogate that - "

He was cut off mid sentence as Selmac interrupted him. "Perhaps Anise kidnapped the girl as part of a deal with this NID that you mention. It makes sense. The NID get their alien to interrogate, and the Queen gets a suitable host."

Hearing those words, Doctor Fraiser, whom had remained silent for most of the meeting jumped in, barely restrained anger tightening her voice. "Woah, woah, woah!" she said. "Are you trying to say that Anise is going to implant *my* daughter with a Goa'uld?"

"A Tok'ra Queen, Doctor," Selmac corrected.

Janet swiped her hand through the air in a violent motion. "Queen, Tok'ra, Goa'uld, whatever! Either way, one of your people has kidnapped my daughter and is probably going to put a snake in her head!"

Major Carter touched Janet gently on the arm, giving her a look that pleaded for her to calm down. The Doctor sat down abruptly, the frustration of not being able to help her daughter evident on her face.

The people gathered looked to the General for his decision. "Well people, it looks like we have a situation on our hands. If Anise really does intend to implant a Goa'uld into Cassandra, then we must find her and stop her before she does. Secondly, Jack, I think you should follow up on that possible lead you have with Maybourne. SG-1, you have my full permission to take whatever means is necessary to find Anise and Cassandra and bring them back to the base under custody."

He paused, looking through his mind for anything that he may have missed. The imploring stare of Cassandra's mother, from where she sat at the opposite end of the table, caught him. He sighed. "And yes, Doctor Fraiser, you may go with them too."

1059h GMT
Saturday Morning
Unknown Location

Anise tapped her high-heeled toe impatiently outside the door of the bathroom. The child was taking entirely too long in the bathroom. She was probably up to no good. "Child, I tire of waiting for you, finish up in there!" she called, waiting for the sarcastic reply.

There was none. Huffing in anger, Anise threw open the door, in time to see the young girl as she scrambled out of the window. The Tok'ra woman rushed forward, grabbing the child by the arm and dragging her back inside as she kicked and screamed incessantly.

"Mal hock tar!" she cursed at the child. "You are more badly behaved than any other child I have had to deal with. The Queen will not be pleased."

Cassandra struggled against the woman's painful grip on her arm as she dragged her back to the room and handcuffed her to the bed again. "I don't give a flying fuck about your Queen, you freak!" she cried, managing to slap the woman hard across the nose.

The Tok'ra swore at her again, and with a squeak of leather and the tap of heels on concrete, swept grandly out of the room.

"Bitch," muttered Cassandra.


Cassandra sat on the bed, in anger, for ten minutes after that. She was hungry, and she was as mad as hell. That Goa'uld woman...or Tok'ra or whatever the hell it was she called herself, had lied about her breakfast. Not that she would have eaten anything from that bitch anyway. She wondered idly where it was that they were holding her, and wherever it was that they had put Dominic. She'd feel better if Dominic were in here with her, she thought. Together they could come up with a plan to kick these people's asses and get themselves the hell outta dodge.

She was broken away from her thoughts as the Tok'ra bitch returned to her room. Behind her was a man dressed in white nurse's scrubs, pushing along a metallic trolley with a sandstone coloured jar and several nasty-looking medical things.

Sensing the feeling of dread again, Cassandra drew back against the wall to curl herself up into a protective ball. "What the hell do you want now?" she asked, shooting daggers at the nurse and the Evil Bitch Tok'ra.

The woman said nothing, instead she took the sandstone-coloured jar and removed the lid. Cassandra's eyes widened in horror as she pulled out the writhing, snake-like symbiont of a Goa'uld.

"Get that thing away from me!" Cassandra screamed, pushing herself as far back as she could against the wall.

Anise held the symbiont up to Cassandra's face, smiling gently. "Do not be afraid, child," she said sweetly. "This is Queen Al-Quasa're of the Tok'ra. You will make for her an excellent host."

"NO!" Screamed Cassandra, squirming to get away from the writhing Goa'uld. The Tok'ra woman frowned, speaking to the nurse. "Have her strapped to the bed. Her struggling will distress the Queen." The nurse nodded, filling a needle with what the frightened child could only assume was a sedative as another nurse took her arms and legs and strapped them to the bed.

She felt the sharp sting in her arm as the nurse injected her with the sedative. The last thing she saw before being pulled into the blackness was the unearthly flash of little red eyes as the Goa'uld writhed in front of her.

1200h GMT
Saturday Afternoon
Cheyenne Mountain
Doctor Fraiser's Office, SGC

The office door closed and locked, and Janet let herself sink in exhaustion into Daniel Jackson's loving embrace. She leaned her cheek against his chest, fighting to keep her tears within her eyes. "I let her down again, Daniel," she said, referring to her daughter. "First with her illness, and now with this." She paused, shifting slightly within the circle of his arms. "She must think I am a lousy mother. I can't even keep her safe. She must hate me so much right now."

Daniel pressed a kiss into the Doctor's hair. "She doesn't hate you, Doc," he soothed, knowing that his words would offer little comfort. "Cassie's illness wasn't your fault. And neither is this." He cupped a hand underneath her chin and tilted her head up so that he could look into her sad, brown eyes. "Cassandra loves you. *I* love you. Nothing that ever happens is going to change that. We'll find her, Janet. Jack will be back with a lead anytime."

The petite auburn-haired Doctor gave a small smile as Daniel brushed the tears from her eyes. "I hope so," she whispered, thanking god that such a wonderful, loving man had ever come into her life. "Daniel," she added.


"I love you too."

1205h GMT
Saturday Afternoon
Unknown Location

Struggling through the blackness, Queen Al-Quasa're opened her eyes, slowly getting used to her new host's body as she rose into consciousness. She searched through her new mind, trying to find the consciousness of her host so that she could greet her.

/I am Al-Quasa're, Queen of the Tok'ra/ she intoned, hoping for a reply.

Something inside the back of her consciousness stirred, its fear evident in its voice.

\This...this is Cassandra Fraiser. What are you doing in my body?\ Demanded the terrified, yet furious voice of her host.

Al-Quasa're drew back, confused. /I was under the impression that you were a willing host, Cassandra Fraiser. Please do not tell me that this was not your choice?/

Her host gave off a wave of sarcastic fury, \Hel-lo, stupid. If you haven't noticed yet, I've been strapped down to the bed. I wasn't entirely in a position to voice my opinion here!\

The Tok'ra Queen gasped mentally in shock. /You are saying that I took you without your free will?/ She questioned. /This is not acceptable. Please, do not be angered. Pray tell me, who did this to you?/

She felt her host bristle at her words. \One of your guys, apparently. She called herself Anise. Wore a lot of porno leather. She'll probably be back soon. What are you going to do to her? I mean...we are kinda stuck here.\

Al-Quasa're sighed in relief, her host's fear had become diminished, replaced with a strong desire to have revenge on the one called Anise. She cast her memory back over her host's words, wondering at one of her comments. /Porno Leather?/

Her host laughed, becoming more at ease with the presence sharing her body. \Uh, don't worry. You'll see.\

1210h GMT
Saturday Afternoon
Cheyenne Mountain
Briefing Room, SGC

"Okay guys, this is what I got off our happy chappies at the Pentagon." Colonel O'Neill handed out sheets of A4 paper to his team members and Doctor Fraiser.

"Apparently Maybourne and his goons managed to steal one of those cool Tollanian 'Walk-Through-Walls' doohickeys and managed to get it to Anise. They also managed to provide her with an invisibility device that they stole from the Asguard."

Daniel looked up from where he was seated beside Janet. "Kinda like the one Nirti had?"

O'Neill nodded. "Yeah. One of those." He turned their attention back on the page in front of them. "Anyway, what we have here are ten data traces of phone calls made from Maybourne's cellphone. Each call made from various unused buildings moving in an easterly direction."

"So he's moving East?" said Sam, glancing from the paper to her CO and back again.

"Something like that," affirmed the Colonel. "Our best guess is that they've set up shop in one of the deserted buildings down there."

Janet looked up from her paper with furrowed brows, realisation dawning on her face. "Saint Mary's Hospital," she said.

Her team-mates looked at her in confusion. "What was that, Doc?"

The young Doctor stood up, pointing to the paper in her hand. "That's it! That's where they are. Saint Mary's Public Hospital. It closed down a couple of months ago after the new one opened up. If they really are moving from building to building, Saint Mary's must be the place where they are now!"

Samantha looked over to O'Neill, who returned the look back to her. "Well, it's better than what we've come up with so far, Sir. I say we take it and run."

"I'm right with you on that one, Carter."

"Let's go."

1215h GMT
Saturday Afternoon
Saint Mary's Public Hospital

Al-Quasa're sat quietly in the back of her new host's consciousness, as enraged at being violated as Cassandra. She had started talking to her host, beginning to forge a friendship with her as they waited for the one named Anise to return.

The Queen felt her host grow tense at the sound of heels clacking on the grey stone floor. /Is this the one?/ she asked her host, trying to calm her as much as possible.

\Yeah, that's her.\

Al-Quasa're coaxed Cassandra to let her take control. The young girl's eyes flashed gold when the Tok'ra Queen took over.

Anise saw that her Queen was finally awake and bowed down reverently, bosoms quivering as they kept their tenuous hold inside her nonexistent leather dress.
"Your Highness," she greeted, "it is an honour to finally meet you."

Al-Quasa're snorted in disdain, tugging experimentally on the leather straps that bound her arms and legs. "Release me from these binds!" she ordered, her host's normally light female voice sounding deep and imposing with the Tok'ra Queen's influence.

Anise quickly complied, apologising profusely for binding her Queen.

Al-Quasa're stood up shakily from the bed, pinning the other Tok'ra with a withering glare. "My host Cassandra Fraiser tells me that she was blended against her will." The Tok'ra Queen grabbed Anise by the throat, choking her slowly. "You have broken the very belief that the Tok'ra hold dear, Child. You have taken advantage of a Tau'ri and you have violated *me*! I do not take such a violation lightly."

The Queen released the Tok'ra's neck, watching with a slight sensation of satisfaction when the leather-clad woman stumbled back, gasping for her breath.

"My Queen!" Anise deplored, trembling slightly. "Surely you see the great good that I have done for you? I saved your life by finding you a host. Your stasis chamber was broken, you were going to die!"

The Tok'ra Queen huffed, shaking her head slightly. "I would have chosen death at the hands of Osiris rather than take a host who was not willing," she stated coldly, stalking slowly in Anise's direction. She was intent on making amends to her host by instilling the other woman with as much fear as she had given to her host.

"You displease me greatly, O Leather-Clad one," she paused, looking over the woman's highly inappropriate attire. The laughed inwardly, talking to her host. /Ah, so this is what you mean by 'porno leather'/ Al-Quasa're reached out and fingered the scrap of leather parading as a sleeve. "What is this monstrosity that you clothe yourself in?" She asked, not even waiting for an answer. "These are not the dressings of the Tok'ra."

\Tell her she's a crusty hoe!\ came the voice of her host in the back of her mind.

"My host tells me that you look like a 'crusty hoe'." She dropped her hand from the offending garment. "I believe she means that you look like a Laktur'ka. One who sells their bodies for money."

Anise bowed her head in shame, shattered that she had failed to please her Majesty. "I am sorry, my Queen. I only hoped to gather your favour by giving you life."

The Queen paused for a moment, thinking that perhaps the poor woman had been misled by her desire to do good. That moment did her wrong, however, for when she looked up, she saw the Tok'ra's eyes flash with gold. The woman's hand clutched her about the throat and forced her back to the bed, strapping her down once again.

"So that I may destroy this blasphemous movement against the Goa'uld. You will suffer, Shol'vah. You, and all of the Tok'ra combined. Now that I have you as my hostage, they will do anything to get you back."

The Tok'ra Queen struggled against her bonds, spitting in the face of the Goa'uld. "It is *you* who are the Shol'vah, Anise. My people will never yield to the false gods. We die free!"

Al-Quasa're winced after Anise jabbed something sharp needle into her arm. The darkness pulled her under, accompanied by the furious screaming of her host.

1315h GMT
Saturday Afternoon
Outside Saint Mary's Public Hospital

Teal'c and Daniel huddled by the front door of the deserted hospital building. Sam, Jack and Janet had gone to take the back entrance. They waited silently for O'Neill to signal them over the radio.

The radio crackled twice, that was the signal. The archaeologist and the Jaffa jumped up and slipped quickly into the front door, Teal'c's zat gun held at the ready for any attackers.

The dimly lit hallway was as silent as a tomb. There was not another person in sight. Teal'c showed Daniel a flight of stairs leading to the second floor that he thought they should investigate.

The radio crackled as O'Neill came in with a reply.

Daniel nodded to Teal'c the start moving up the stairs. They crept up them stealthily, careful not to alert any possible bad guys of their presence.


Outside the building, Sam Carter glanced back at her friend crouching behind them, handgun at the ready. "You okay to do this?" she asked, watching the Doctor as she nodded tensely.

"As ready as I'll ever be," she replied. "I just want to get my daughter back."

The Colonel turned his head and nodded to the two women, indicating that they follow him through the door.

The first floor was empty, just as the archaeologist had described. Only the glitter of fluorescent lights lent any illumination to the darkened corridor. "The goons must be on the second floor," O'Neill commented, leading his team down the hallway to the flight of stairs that Daniel had described. He made a couple of field signals to the two women, and as a group, they cautiously began climbing up the stairs.


Teal'c heard the footsteps before Daniel did, grabbing the young archaeologist by the jacket and pulling him into a small alcove in the wall for cover. They waited in silence as two black-suited men walked past their hiding place, heading for the lift at the far end of the hall.

In a mutual decision, Daniel and the dark-skinned Jaffa began following the suits covertly, knowing that they would lead them to Cassandra and the Tok'ra Anise.


Rounding the corner, O'Neill ordered his 2IC and the doctor to continue to the third floor while he checked the rooms in the second level. The two women went up without argument, and he began searching through the rooms.

He swung round through an open doorway, handgun up and ready to fire. The room was empty, but several devices cluttered the desk that stood like a lost dog in the center of the room.

He looked at the devices curiously, recognising one of them as the stolen Tollan Wall Device. Pocketing the metallic grey object, he looked at the other device on the table. He could only assume that it was the invisibility device stolen from the Asguard, and pocketed that too.


Major Carter and Doctor Fraiser crouched low at the entrance to the stair well. They watched in silence as a nurse entered into a room, rolling a tray of supplies in front of him.

Together, the pair ran over to the room, taking cover to watch the nurse administer something to the patient who lay on the gurney in the middle of the room. "Get lost!" said the irritated teenage voice.

Janet recognised the voice, glancing to the major who was crouching down in front of her. "That's Dominic," she whispered, making sure that only the Major would hear her.

Sam nodded, holding up three fingers to indicate a countdown.


The pair burst into the room, startling the nurse who spun around to face them, dropping his metal tray with a clatter to the floor.

Dominic watched as the tall blonde woman and the woman whom he recognised as Cassandra's mother zapped the nurse with some kind of electrical gun, making him fall convulsing, to the floor.

Mrs. Fraiser (as he knew her), came to his bedside, checking his pulse. "Hey, Dominic. We're going to get you out of here. Are you okay?"

The boy could only nod in affirmation, watching the tall blonde woman as she searched the prone nurse's pockets for the handcuff keys.

"How did you find me?" he asked Cassandra's mother.

The other woman walked over to the gurney, keys in hand. "Leaps of intuition." Was the only explanation that she could offer, releasing the handcuff from around his wrist.

Mrs. Fraiser stood back and helped him from the bed. "You okay to walk?" she asked. Dominic nodded again, standing shakily on his own two feet.

"Yeah. I'm fine."


Teal'c cast a glance over to Daniel as they followed the suit upwards to the third floor. They both halted suddenly, hearing a clatter and the sound of a female's voice demanding to be let go.


Cassandra had woken up again, the sedative's effects still clouding her brain. The Queen had let her take control of her body, saying that she was taking some time to think of a plan to escape.

In the meantime, Cassandra took to making as much of a nuisance of her self as she possibly could. If these bastards were going to hold her against her will, she might as well make the most of it.


"Burn in hell, you crazy bitch!"

Teal'c and Daniel shared a look. That was definitely Cassandra's voice all right. The Jaffa contacted his team-mates over the radio.



Sam and Janet stopped in their tracks, taking a moment to process their teammates words before springing into action. Telling Dominic to remain in the room, they went out into the corridor, meeting up with the Colonel on their way.

"They must be up on the third-floor," he commented, flicking of the safety on his gun. "By the way," he added, "I found those devices that Anise used to escape the base with."

Following the Colonel to the stairs, Samantha nodded. "Good work, Sir. We found Dominic."


The six adults fanned out into the hall, careful not to alert any of their enemies to their presence. Janet's heart beat determinedly in her chest. She could hear her daughter swearing up a storm in one of the rooms at the far end of the corridor.


Anise stood up from her workbench and glided to the door, the Tau'ri child was making a racket again. The unending cacophony made it difficult for her to work.

She filled another syringe with sedative, and started for the girl's room, intent on having her silence.


The Goa'uld turned slowly, her brown leather pants squeaking as the material slid over her legs.

At the opposite end of the corridor stood five of the Tau'ri, each one of them holding a handgun at her. Narrowing her eyes, Anise started walking towards them. When would the Tau'ri ever learn?

"Not a step closer, Anise!" said the firm voice of Colonel O'Neill.

She took another step.

"I mean it! Right there or we shoot!"

Anise laughed, and stepped forward again. A single bullet whizzed past her shoulder. She stopped short. Okay, perhaps the Tau'ri weren't joking. She bristled defiantly. She lifted a hand to summon her guards. "Men!" She snapped.

Four dark suited men and women erupted into the corridor, every single one of them holding weapons at the ready.

SG-1 started to fire, picking each one off without difficulty. Anise gasped. No! It wasn't supposed to happen this way. With a squeak of leather, the Goa'uld woman ran to the room in which Cassandra was held, taking a gun from one of her fallen bodyguards as she went.

She grabbed the child around the neck in an armlock as the members of SG-1 followed her in. She cocked the weapon and pointed the gun to the frightened child's head.

"Do not come any closer or I will shoot!" she said, eyes glittering in premature triumph.

Janet glowered at the woman holding her child. She trained her gun on the woman's head. Knowing that she could not shoot her without the risk of hitting her daughter.

"Don't even think about it," she growled. "You shoot Cassandra and I will shoot you."


Relief washed over Cassandra as she saw the familiar faces of SG-1 and her mother as they burst into the room. Sure, the Tok'ra Bitch Lady had a gun pointed to her head, but that was a minor technicality. She knew that her mom and her friends would be able to kick some ass.

Al-Quasa're questioned her host anxiously at the sudden influx of people into the room.

/Who are they?/

\My mom. SG-1. They're going to get us out of here\ she told the symbiont.

/Let me take over. I must warn them not to let Anise get away./

Cassandra withdrew, letting the Queen take control of her body. Al-Quasa're tried to pull the Goa'uld woman's arm away from her throat so that she could speak. "Be careful!" she warned. "She is a Goa'uld, you must not let her get away!"


O'Neill blinked, seeing the child's eyes flash white and then speak in a deep metallic voice. "Be Careful! She is a Goa'uld, you must not let her get away!"
He glanced over to his 2IC, still holding his gun squarely at Anise's head.

"Who are you?" he asked unsurely. It felt strange talking to someone you knew wasn't actually in control of their body.

The Tok'ra Queen still struggled against the Goa'uld. "I am Al-Quasa're, the Tok'ra Queen. This shol'vah blended me with my host without her consent. You must take us back to the Stargate so that she may be punished."

With a jerk of his head, the Colonel gestured for the Goa'uld to uncuff Cassandra from the bed. Scowling, Anise did so, still holding the gun to Cassandra's head.


Janet's heart fell when she saw her eyes flash with the colour of the Goa'uld. They were too late. Anise had already implanted her daughter with the Tok'ra Queen.

"Let me speak to my daughter!" she demanded, switching her focus from Anise to her child.

Al-Quasa're's eyes shut, and then opened again, letting Cassandra come to the surface.

"Mom, listen to her, she's telling the truth!" she begged.

"Its okay sweetie. We're gonna get you out of here," she soothed.


The scream of fire alarms broke the tense stand-off in the room. Anise's concentration broke momentarily, giving Cassandra a chance to knock the gun out of her hand. She broke free of the woman's grasp, and ran to her mother's waiting arms. "Mom!"

SG-1 acted quickly, Jack rushed forwards and cuffed the Tok'ra's arms behind her back with the cuffs that she had left lying open on the bed. Major Carter held her handgun to the back of her head as O'Neill guided the woman to the door.

Dominic stood in the hallway in front of the fire alarm, looking half scared out of his wits. "All these people with guns are coming!" he said. "We gotta go now!"


The team bolted down the stairwell without a second warning, bundling their Goa'uld captive into the back of the van and closing the door just as an entourage of black jeeps pulled up.

"No time to lose, let's hit it," said Jack, gunning up the engine.
And then, with a squeal of tires, they were gone.

1630h GMT
Sunday Afternoon
Cheyenne Mountain
Briefing Room, SGC

The three hooded Tok'ra dignitaries sat at the round table of the Briefing room. Queen Al-Quasa're sat regally beside them, flanked to her left by her host's mother, and the team members of SG-1.

"The stolen devices have been returned to their rightful owners," spoke Selmac, addressing the table as a whole. "We have heard news from one of our scouts that they have found another, more suitable," he looked pointedly at Doctor Fraiser, "and *willing* host for Queen Al-Quasa're. They will arrive with her in a manner of days."

"And what of the Shol'vah, Anise?" asked Al-Quasa're, speaking the question that all of them had been wanting to ask.

"She will be removed from her host as a punishment for her wrong," spoke the Tok'ra, gaining appreciative nods from those gathered. He stood up then, placing his wrinkled hands evenly on the table. "On behalf of the Tok'ra I would like to apologise for the trouble that we have caused. We will see to it in the future, that it does not happen again."

"Indeed," agreed Al-Quasa're, turning her head to speak to her host's mother. "I am sorry for taking your daughter as a host without her consent. When we become un-blended I will take care to remove from her all of my memories so that she may live a happy life."

Janet tentatively took her daughter's - the Queen's hand. "Thankyou, Al-Quasa're. We would really appreciate that."

Five days later
Doctor Fraiser's Home,

The evening stars twinkled gently upon the people snuggled together beneath a rug against the chilled autumn night. After the drama of the past few days, Cassandra was finally home, symbiont-free. Dominic remembered nothing of the SGC, and the Tok'ra had returned home - with their new Queen.

Daniel hugged his lover to his side, playing with a strand of her hair as they gazed up at the night sky. "So..." he murmured, adjusting his arm as she shifted against him, "What happens now?"

Janet looked up at the pensive expression on his face, propping herself up on one elbow and nuzzling her nose against his chin. "What do you mean?" she asked, not really understanding the direction of his question.

Her lover shrugged, deciding that he did not know what he was on about either. "I don't know now, come to think of it. I guess I was just making light conversation...we haven't been able to do that for a while."

With a nod of agreement, Janet smiled and snuggled deeper into his arms. "I agree."

At her comment Daniel chuckled and pulled her lips up to his, drawing her into a loving kiss. "Oh well," he whispered breathlessly, after coming up to air. "I do know one thing, for sure."

Janet kissed him back playfully. "What's that?"

Daniel grinned, flipping them over so that he leant on his elbows above her. "That I love you."

The Doctor blushed, feeling the warmth of his love going straight to her heart. She pulled his head down so that his lips were hovering just above hers. "You know what, Daniel?" she asked. He looked at her questioningly. "I love you too."

From her bedroom window, Cassandra watched her mom and her boyfriend play Disgusting Schmoopy Old People on the back lawn. She hardly remembered ever having the Tok'ra Queen inside her, but now that she was gone, she could only be thankful that she was at home with her family, safe and sound.

Releasing the clasp on the window, Cassandra rolled it back and stuck her head out with a mischievous grin. She drew in a breath and yelled out the window to her adopted parents embracing on the grass.

"Augh, Mom! Daniel! For god's sakes! Get a room!"

Watching them as they broke apart and made faces at her, she closed the window with a smile, poking out her tongue at her dishevelled mother. She smiled to herself.

All was right in the world.

The Goshdanged End. (This story is currently being edited).