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Welcome! Leave your dignity and maturity at the door…

This Transfan site is dedicated to a small, but strong group out there that defines fanfic by creating characters that hook themselves up with the mechs as the "love of their lives" and turn them (Decepticons, mostly) into simpering pussies. That’s right, kids--Mary Sue. This phenomenon, combined with the insidious SNAD (Sensitive New Age Decepticon for you newbies) is the root of all that is evil in this world; the time for attack is NOW!

After reading many transfan fics, and coming across some really...bad ones, Thundercracker (Just call her TC) is giving Mary Sue the mocking--uh, homage it sorely deserves by creating the Mary Sue to end all. Ladies and Gentlemen, it is an honour and privilege to introduce---


Let her guide you through these treacherous waters with her one-sided simpering, total dependence on her Mech, and awesome array of powers that seemingly rival even Primus him/herself, not to mention the nonstop whining about her love life.

So journey on, fellow traveler. Seek and explore what this pile of garbage has to offer. There are many twists and turns. Some have made it out alive, others have not been so fortunate. Let the beacon of sanity be your guide. Oh wait, there isn’t one. Either way, you’re fucked.

Here, TC got smart and seperated the updates page from the rest of the muck. Wanna find out if there's anything new? Check here first.

Hey...where did everything go?

Nowhere. With the Pile expanding at a rate expected of any crap heap, a bit of organizing was done. Check out the new categories.

The Gist of This Place!
The reason TC put this crap up in the first place. The fics, Diarrhea art, homage to the people who drove TC to creating Diarrhea and the infamous Bad Fic Salute.

TC's er...Lourve
The shrines, TC's comics, Whack Gallery and some feature by Reflector since they've been bugging TC for more exposure. You'd think the shrine was enough.

Everything Else
Whatever else didn't fit into the Gist or Lourve. Right now it consists of her lousy OTFCC reports.

Credits and links!
Some people TC needs to give accolades to and lots of fun links.

Linkie TC?
Knock yerself out.

Jus' copy into your own hard drive, you can link anywhere in the POG ya want.


The Transformers are owned and copyrighted by Hasbro, Takara, whoever it is and any fan characters are owned and copyrighted by their respective owners. This site, although disgusting as it is, is for parody, bestiality and private exhibition only--YOU GET THE GODDAM PICTURE ALREADY! Go away.

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Comments? Questions? Email her! TC doesn't bite...that hard. (Hard...Nngh) Ok, she'll shut up now.