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Star Trek Stories

My dad got me interested in Star Trek when I was a kid. We watched the original series reruns whenever possible. When Next Gen came along, I was already very familiar with the Star Trek universe, and a TOS snob. I wasn't going to watch TNG. How could it possibly be better than a classic? No way! A captain other than Kirk at the helm of the Enterprise? Forget it!
Then a girlfriend I had at the time asked me to help her babysit her young cousins and I agreed. Turns out the kids loved TNG. They couldn't stop talking about Data and Wesley Crusher. That evening, I saw "Inner Light" and Patrick Stewart's performance had me awestruck. This was good! He was good! Why wasn't I watching this series?
In all the years I watched TOS reruns I was never inspired to try to write stories of my own. I don't know why.
After seeing only a few episodes of TNG, I was hooked. Story ideas popped up all over the place. Only a handful are really good, and they are the ones I'm planning to place here.
Since rewrites on them are taking so long, I might end up putting them in chapter by chapter just to have something in this section a visitor can read and decide if it is worth coming back to find out what happens next.


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