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TBWWB Terrian King
Monday, 14 March 2005
Where's Eben?
Mood:  a-ok
Hello? -ello? -lo? -o?
The echo is fading slowly ...
Naw, I haven't forgotten this blog and I haven't forgotten the story - just been very busy at other things.
One such thing is updating my web pages. I've finally given up trying to improve the Earth 2 screen caps I've made over the years and decided to post some of them in various places around "The Hall of..." fanfic pages. Not even the best of Photoshop can improve on caps taken from ten year old tapes. I've done what I can with them. The first batch to go up are some of the blurred out images of the secondary character, Eben Sinh. She's the pretty actress, Erin Murphy, whose main duty on the set of Earth 2 was to walk back and forth carrying props from here to there and make the campsite seems alive and vital when the cameras started to roll.
Over the years my brothers and I have spotted each and every appearance she has made no matter how far away she was from the camera or out of focus she might have been. We called it our version of "Where's Waldo?" We scoured the backgrounds of every scene to find Eben Sinh, and the two other Edenites who were rarely seen or referred to throughout the show's one season: Denner and Mazatl.
There will be fuzzy screen caps of them going up at my web pages, too.
I also added some caps to the "I Quit" page. They are pics of Devon and Danziger from the episode "Water." They are mouse rollovers that turned out pretty good. I'm going to be playing around with the technique with some of my other caps. I'm probably going to use the page with the secondary characters' names to link to those caps.
The Where's Eben? caps can be found through a link on her story page, The Pretty Edenite in the Background.

Posted by scifi2/terrian_king at 8:59 PM CST
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Thursday, 14 October 2004
I'm Still Here!
Mood:  lazy
Now Playing: Jeff Buckley
Many apologies for taking so long with the next chapter. Aside from starting a new job, one of my uncompleted atories at the web page has taken on a life of it's own. "Downing," a Star Trek story, has suddenly developed a fan following so I've been trying to get it completed as fast as I can. I can't believe how fast it caught on with readers and has spread from one person to the next. I put hit counters on all of my stories a couple of weeks ago and "Downing" climbed to over 500 hits in that time -passing up "I Quit" as the most read story at the page.
This is not to say everyone likes "Downing." Ha! Far from it. It's a story about Jean Luc Picard and Vash and I'm getting creamed by Picard/Crusher shippers in as big a number as I'm getting positive notes from non-shippers.
The P/Cers have been so nasty I started rewriting the story to really give them something to complain about. I've added Dr. Crusher to the story - she wasn't in the original version - and letting her have a romance with one of the original characters.
Ha! Ha! Ha! Mine is an evil laugh.
It's so much fun! I wish I could share some of the bad reviews but a lot of the language is not so nice. I believe "sucky" is the nicest word anyone has called it.

Anyway, that's my big excuse for taking so long.
It's coming, it's coming. And, yeah, there will be some John/Julia action, ok???
I promise it will be along soon.
Oh, one more thing. Did anyone else see the Ebay auction this week where a set of fan-made DVDs of Earth 2 sold for over $160??? I missed it, but a friend told me about it.
I wish I had known about it. I'd have never bid that high - can't afford that high a price - but I would have bid at least once while the price was still under a hundred. I think this link will let you see how the item was presented.

Earth2 on ebay

Posted by scifi2/terrian_king at 7:20 PM CDT
Updated: Thursday, 14 October 2004 7:29 PM CDT
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Saturday, 17 July 2004
The Next Chapter Is Here
After a lot of delays, I've finally fixed this chapter and gotten it back on track after taking a couple of little side trips : one into Solace/Navarro land and a separate one into Terminator/John Connor territory.
I've decided to go ahead and open a short Uly substory that I've been thinking about for a long time. In TMWFTE2, just before True and Uly find Gaal, the little boy can be heard telling True about how the Terrians can stretch their arms out to get things just out of reach, and that bit of information has always stuck in my mind. In COM, we saw him pass his hand through the ground and in Mooncross he was able to fire lightning from a staff, so I've since then imagined Uly being able to do many other things, too.
And anyway, Bev asked for a long story, so the more doors I open now, the more I'll have to close on the way to the conclusion.
Also, I need a few clues here. What shall they find in the pod? I'm thinking items that they can use but which won't make the remainder of the trip to the coast too easy. Any ideas? Personal items like they talk about or just building materials? Another vehicle? Better camping gear?
One of those long, fully equipped RV campers like they had in Jurassic Park II? Just kidding. That would be too easy.
Isaiah Ford's frozen embryo?

Chapter 6

Cameron, Mazatl and Baines stood side by side on the grassy bank of the lake and watched the tiny figure of Zero, a splash of off-white color against the blackened hull of the ship, as the unit carefully and slowly made it’s way toward the cargo pod hanging beneath the only surviving sensor arm on the outer hull. He was accumulating the remnants of burned material, possibly soot, from the ship and he was becoming harder to see as the sun moved to throw this side of the ship into shadow.
It was midafternoon and they stood in a false twilight area created by the mass of the ship, even though the sun was just slightly to the west of zenith.
It was hard keeping their attention on the progress of Zero with Alonzo restlessly pacing back and forth on the sand a few meters in front of them. Every now and then Solace would look up, note the robot’s position and begin ranting at the lack of progress. It did no good to point out that five minutes or less had passed since the last time he stopped and looked.
Normally Mazatl and Solace got along fine, but at the moment, Mazatl wanted nothing more than to yell at Alonzo to stop acting like he was the only one affected by this turn of events, to go do something useful so sane people could monitor Zero’s position. Not that it would do any good, but he’d feel better afterward. He had to figure Solace was upset because of the uncertain fate of the other survivors and that he wasn’t thinking rationally. It was pretty obvious he had been counting on finding the lander in good condition. Now he probably had his hopes set on a smaller flying vehicle of some kind being inside the pod.

The headlong rush by many members of the group to get to the top of the hillside and see the ship didn’t seem to surprise Danziger or Heller when the main part of the group reached the camp marker. The two gladly relinquished the dunerail so the first group of people could make the trip to the top. Cameron, Denner, Magus, and the two children joined Mazatl to visit the site of the Roanoke’s landfall.
It was spectacular. Yet. . .
Here was Alonzo muttering about never getting a break, and all Mazatl could see was the biggest break of all sitting in front of them. What were the odds, anyway, that the ship would be spared a fiery death by quick thinking crew members trying to save themselves? And then having it land in a big old puddle of water?
Mazatl himself was drinking in the sight of the enormous craft he had helped build. They had done it right, from the designers and engineers to the construction crews and fitting teams. Somehow they had built a behemoth that had survived atmospheric entry and a crash landing.
“Can you believe it?” Magus’ voice spoke softly to no one in particular. She stopped beside the three men while Denner and the children walked a short way down the beach to look at the ship without having to deal with Alonzo’s muttering.
Cameron turned to glance at her. “I left a couple of packs in one of the men’s rooms. I wonder if they’re still there?”
She laughed lightly. “If it was mylar it probably melted and stuck everything together.”
“Damn. I had some Earth cigars and Scotch in one.”
“So did the commander,” she said. “I saw him bring a crate aboard after Devon was settling in.”
Mazatl crossed his arms. “According to Navarro’s message the inside of the lander bay never reached flash point. I doubt if the rest of the interior did either. If we can get in we might be able to salvage some personal goods, but most liquids probably burst their containers as they heated up.”
Magus patted Cameron’s arm and turned to walk away. “Well, I’ll leave you two to dream of contraband. Di and I are going to take the kids back down the hill to eat something, and let the others come up.”
For a short time the sounds of True and Uly protesting their return to the bottom of the hill echoed across the water and through the trees.
Alonzo glanced their way briefly, but quickly returned his attention to the ship. “How much longer can this take?” he asked no one in particular.
Mazatl gave Solace a weary look and went after Magus. “I’ll go with you,” he said, lengthening his stride to catch up to her. “If no one else wants to come up, I’ll bring the rail back with some food we can prepare up here.”

Something was happening here that Julia couldn’t quite figure. Bess Martin, instead of urging Morgan to go with her to the top of the hill to see the ship as Julia would have expected, had shown little excitement about the Roanoke and had chosen to wait to make the trip. The doctor could see that, although relieved by this, Morgan was also acting a little puzzled by Bess’ insistence that the other members of the crew go first to see the great discovery.
Instead of charging ahead, Bess was almost single handedly making camp. While Morgan tossed tents and packs to the ground from the transrover, she was cheerfully dragging them away to places around the site where they could be opened or erected when the others returned. Throughout it all, Julia could swear Bess was watching every single move she and John were making since coming down from the hilltop.
It was ridiculous, but Julia just couldn’t shake the impression and the guilty feelings associated with it. After all, Bess couldn’t possibly know anything. Whatever happened on top of the crater rim was between herself and Danziger, and she was dealing with it. Besides, she had something more important to be worrying about. She still needed to talk to Danziger and Yale about Ulysses and what the Mother had told her through her dream of Eben Sinh.
It would be best to do it soon, before Zero found a way into the cargo pod or the ship itself. There would be no time after that.
For his part, Danziger merely concluded the Martins had stayed behind because Morgan was fearful of going to see the ship with the crew members who’d known the people in the stasis tubes. It would be a typical Morgan reaction, and a normal Bess response to back him up, to be the buffer between her husband and the others.
He thought little more about either of the Martins as he and Yale talked about the condition of the ship and it’s survivors. It whiled away the time as they began positioning the laser defenses around their new campsite. His mind was on what they might find in the cargo pod and inside the ship itself - if they could enter it. They were due a break in their misfortunes. That’s all he wanted. A break, a little luck to go with the fact that he was feeling better about life than he had in weeks.
The campsite was in shade, a kind of twilight made by the hill as the sun sank low enough to be lost from sight. Beyond the hill and it’s shadow the flat, grassy prairie was still aglow with sunlight.
“Hey,” Bess called to Julia. “Do you think we should build a fire, or wait for the others to come down from the ship first? I’m not on meals this week, but I’ll be glad to get something started.”
Julia, looking up from her work, moved her shoulders in a shrug. “Whatever you think is best. Aren’t you and Morgan going to see the ship before nightfall?”
“Oh, I don’t think the others will return before then. But that’s okay. They have more reason to want to see it than we do.” She looked toward her husband at the big vehicle. “Our memories aren’t exactly pleasant, in spite of everything we’ve discovered today.”
“Well, I can understand that. I’m sorry if you’ve had a hard time recently.”
Bess smiled and folded her arms across her waist. “We’ll make it through to the other side. How about you? Seeing the ship for the first time must have been a shock for both you and Danziger.”
Julia frowned and put her head to one side. “Yes, it was. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so amazing, yet frightening at the same time.”
Bess nodded, looking toward Danziger and Yale who were talking about something as they erected the perimeter lasers. “Finding the ship has kind of awakened all of us, dragged us out of the fog we’ve been in since we had to leave Devon behind, and after losing Eben. I have a feeling we’re going to see a lot of odd behavior among ourselves as we adjust to how things are, and as we try to move on.”
Julia turned her attention back to her work. “You could be right, Bess,” she said with a sigh and tried to focus on her instruments.
“Uh, huh. Learning to live again can be an experience that changes the attitudes of some people. Especially if they’ve been unhappy but never realized it.”
The doctor’s frown came back. “Are you and Morgan having trouble dealing with what we found at the site of the ship?” she asked, looking at the other woman.
Bess’ eyes widened. “Oh, no! No! We’re fine. I was just speaking in general terms.” She shrugged and gestured with one hand. “Well, you remember. You said almost those same words to all of us after the crash when Morgan and I met up with the rest of you.”
Julia looked up again. “Well, at the time I was talking about learning to live outside the familiar environs of the stations. Here and now, I think we’ve managed to move past survivor’s guilt as far as our feelings about Devon and Eben are concerned. I’m more concerned about false hopes being raised by the remarkably good condition of the ship.”
Bess nodded. “Perhaps that would be worse.” She raised her eyes and looked out over the wide plain they had crossed that day to reach this place. False hopes? What could that have to do with what she’d seen through the jumpers? She tilted her head and looked at Julia surreptitiously. Oh, this was maddening!
Julia caught movement from the corner of her eye, and she leaned forward a bit to look past Bess, to the hillside sloping upward from their campsite. “Looks like some of the others are coming back,” she said. “You and Morgan might get a chance to see the ship today after all.”
Bess turned and looked up the hill as the dunerail barreled down toward the camp. “Well. I guess I don’t have to worry about starting a cook fire. Here come the cooks.”

Cameron had gotten tired of watching Alonzo pace soon after the dunerail left, and he had gone to the shed to look around and see what might have been left behind when the companions of the five in the stasis tubes departed for the com dish. He knew the colonists inside the chambers, but the others he recognized only from seeing them around the ship in the days before final boarding. He decided to poke through the crates and boxes, remembering back to the day a year or so ago when he and three others found a convict’s stash in a cave. There might be something useful in them.
A few minutes of poking around revealed most of the crates in the shed held building materials, tools and what looked to be kilometers of cord and wiring on spools.
He closed the last of the crates and straightened his back, stretching his arms. He should have gone back down with the others. He took a few seconds to look at the people in stasis, then walked out of the shed to return to the lakeshore. Oh, well. At least there was another door to replace the one Danziger almost blew off it’s hinges.
Baines, a little more understanding of what his friend was feeling, sat on the sand above the waterline, and muttered answers to whatever Solace said; but it was only a matter of time before he got tired of it, too.
“Alonzo! Will you shut up and sit down for a few minutes? You’re driving us all crazy. Take a look around, will you? I’m your only friend. Everyone else left.” He began digging into one of his pockets. “Come on, sit down. Have something to eat.”
“I’m not hungry.”
“I’ll drag you over here if I have to, Solace. Sit down and calm down and, for pete’s sake, shut up!”
Alonzo sighed loudly, threw his hands in the air and trudged across the sand toward Baines. He glanced at Cameron coming slowly through the trees and lowered himself to the ground beside the other man. He crossed his legs and slumped forward, holding his head in his hands. When he spoke his voice was muffled.
“I really thought the lander would be here. I would have moved heaven and earth to get it out of the ship and airborne, not matter how long it took.”
“I know, man. I felt it, too.” Baines had a small cloth bag of dried berries in his hands. He poured a bit into the palm of his hand and handed it to Alonzo. “Here. Ain’t much, but they’re the sweet/sour ones with the natural folates that Julia is so hyped on. Whatever that is.”
Alonzo took the bag and poured a few for himself. “Please, let’s not talk about Julia. I’m not her favorite person right now. We had a fight. I think I might have made her cry.”
Baines looked at him. “I know.” He tapped the back of his hand against Alonzo’s arm. “Sorry. Julia said to keep in touch when Danz and I left, so I had my gear on, she had her gear on. . . Well, I didn’t listen in on purpose. Just happened.”
Alonzo grimaced. “I should have let it go. I was just so damned. . . I don’t know. What’s another word for friggin’ disappointed? Dispirited? Yeah, that’s better. I think I felt my spirit die for the second time on this planet. This time I don’t think dreams of people from my past will bring it back. First time I just lost my ship, now I lost something more important, maybe for a second time.”
The sound of footsteps approaching from behind caused both men to look over their shoulders, even though they knew who was coming.
Cameron stopped beside Baines and looked down at both men.
“Have a seat,” Alonzo said, and tossed the bag of berries up to him.
“You should have told her about Britt,” Baines said as the third man lowered himself to the ground beside him. “It might have eased the tension. Seeing Britt burned as bad as she was probably didn’t help your state of mind. Julia would have understood. She’s a doctor. She already knows the toughest half of it.”
Alonzo shook his head. “I can’t. If I’d had more time to get used to it, maybe it wouldn’t be so hard. She keeps being snatched away from me just when I think we’re going to have time to work things through, you know?”
Baines shrugged, knowing he wasn’t referring to the doctor. “I’m sure they made it, Lonz. They’re probably at the com dish right now wondering where the rest of us are.”
Solace’s head lowered again. “They didn’t come back, Jake,” he said in a low voice. “Britt got all the stragglers off the ship and safely to the ground. She would have come back for these five if she could.” He shook his head slowly. “Something happened. Something bad. She’s. . . dead, anyway. After all this, she dead, anyway.”
“You don’t know that!” Baines answered and glared at him. “Man, look at you! You’re making me look like an optimist!”
Alonzo made a sound halfway between a choke and a laugh. “Don’t try to cheer me up, man. I still have to face Julia later and I think she’s going to want an apology. I don’t know if I can give it.”
“Hmmh. You were pretty hard on her.”
“I know, but. . .” he said miserably. “She didn’t get it. She just didn’t get it.”
Baines looked at him. “And she never will until you tell her the whole story about you and Navarro. What was she supposed to do? Read your mind?”
Alonzo looked up at the ship. “After we get inside the pod and the ship. After we see what’s there. Maybe then.”
He lowered himself onto his back and stretched his legs out across the sand. Putting one arm behind his head, he crossed the other over his eyes. He knew Baines would be giving him a disgusted look, and he didn’t want to see it.
His thoughts immediately turned to Navarro. Baines was right, of course. He should have told Julia about her a long time ago, but he believed her to be dead from the mutated virus that ravaged the crew members of the third escape pod. Dead was dead and talking about her to Julia wouldn’t have brought her back or made her rest easier. Britt had come into his life, turned it upside down, and left it again without ever knowing she had affected him so profoundly. Now, it seemed, she had come and gone again - and he was more deeply shaken than he’d been initially.

With the children back in camp, Yale decided to give them a quick lesson before they began their evening chores. While the others went about their business, he chose a spot for the lesson partway up the hill and well out of everyone’s way. It was quickly clear that Uly was having trouble keeping his mind on the lessons. Yale was able to gently bring his attention back to the subject at hand, but both the teacher and True could see something was on Uly’s mind.
Afterward, True was determined to find out what he was thinking, or worrying about. It had be very interesting to make him not take advantage of showing how much more he knew about Earth history than she did.
When Danziger saw the three of them coming down the hill, he called to the two youngsters to help gather firewood but to stay within sight of camp.
Knowing this was as good as an invitation to explore, True and Uly immediately ran for the small group of trees nearest to the campsite.
“What do you think is going to be inside the ship?” True asked as she walked slowly, looking up and down for dead branches to collect for the fire. “I hope we can find some personal stuff.”
Uly kicked gently at a rock, turning it over slowly to see what, if anything, would scurry from under it. Nothing moved. “Something to help Dr. Heller make my mom better,” he said. “The Terrians told me.”
True frowned. “How can the Terrians tell you what’s inside the ship? They don’t know!”
“Yes, they do! They know lots of things.”
“Not about the ship. How can they? Not even the grendlers have been inside it since the crash. My dad says it’s sealed up tight.”
“They just know.” He squatted to dig a rock out of the ground and look it over. “Hey look at this. It has blue lines in it.”
True came closer to look. “That’s the really hard rock. The stuff Yale said we might use to make statues and monuments some day.”
“Yeah. I wish we could find something really new.” He dropped the rock and rose. “Hey! Look over there! A broken branch. Do you have your cutter?”
“Of course. But what I meant was, what do you want us to find in the ship? You know, like stuff you had to leave behind but you wished you could have brought with you.”
They walked to the branch while True dug through her pockets for her cutting tool.
“Oh,” Uly said. “I had a lot of toys and stuff and VR programs. I might like to have some of those. The Opening of King Tut’s Tomb was about all the treasure they found inside it.”
True made a derisive noise. “Judging by what we found in pod twelve, I’ll bet they were all educational like that! I’ll bet none of them were fun like Groundside Agents: Streets of Vice.”
“Huh? What kind of game was that?”
She stared at him, open mouthed for a moment. “A really great game about secret agents who get shipped to Earth and Mars and the moon to look for bad guys hiding among the dirtwalkers. The agents had to go in and bring ‘em back dead or alive. All of us kids used to play it in the Quadrant. It was easy to hook up to the neuralnets and have hundreds of people playing at the same time. You could be a secret agent or a bad guy or a wild card. You’ve really never heard of it?”
Uly shook his head and True smiled to herself. Whew! Then her little exaggeration about hundreds of kids playing it would get by. In reality the maximum number of players was just six at a time.
“No,” he said, “but I played Rafting the Great Rivers of Old Earth once. There were six players and we had to see who could get down the rivers without being wrecked by rapids and waterfalls.”
True rolled her eyes. “See? Educational! I bet your mom and Yale were two of the players!”
“Well, yeah, but. . .”
“Well, I had the Groundside Agents program. My dad and Alex Wentworth never found where I hid it, so it’s still in the ship.”
Uly stared at her. “Really?”
“Yeah. I hope it didn’t burn up or melt.”
Reaching the branch, the two looked at it critically.
“Let’s just take the small branches for now,” Uly suggested. “We can bring Zero back to carry the heavier logs.”
Returning to camp with bundles of kindling, the pair walked quietly past the transrover. The wood, heavier than they expected, had them too winded for talking by the time they reached the perimeter of the campsite.
On the other side of the vehicle people were unloading items from the large bed. Not seeing the kids passing, someone tossed a large bundle of something back onto the bed of the vehicle. It hit high on the opposite side and bounced straight up and over the side toward a passing True.
Uly, walking a few steps behind her, reacted instinctively and quickly. With no time to shout a warning, he dropped his wood and reached out to push the falling object away from his friend. The bundle fell harmlessly to the ground behind True, who barely noticed the sound of it hitting the ground.
Uly had astounded himself. True and the falling item were a good five feet away from him, yet he’d been able to reach his arms out far enough to knock the bundle away from her. He hadn’t taken a step towards her.
Turning around to see what the noise was, True saw Uly standing still and looking with wide eyed astonishment at his hands. Seeing his kindling and a tied bundle on the ground, she asked, “What happened? Did you get hit? Did you cut yourself” No answer. “Uly?”
“How did I do that?” he said breathlessly and examined his hands from all angles.
“Do what?”
When he didn’t answer, just continued to stare at his hands, True turned around and ran off to find Julia.

Julia brought the boy to her med tent and immediately looked for the cuts or bruises True was afraid he had gotten. She found nothing wrong with him.
“What happened out there, Uly? True seems to think a bundle fell from the back of the transrover and struck you. Did you get hit by something?”
“No. It wasn’t me that almost got hit. It was True. I . . . I just helped her.”
“You helped her what?”
“I dropped my firewood and helped her not get hit.”
Julia sighed. “Well, that was kind of you, but what made her think you’d hurt yourself?”
After looking at the floor for a few moments, Uly shrugged his shoulders. “I guess I better tell you. I found out I can do this.” Without moving from his seat, he reached for Julia’s gear on the table beside her and brought it to hold in front of him. His arm had spanned a four foot area with no effort. Not wanting to see the expression on her face, he turned the unit over idly in his hands.
Julia was alarmed and one hand reached for the corner of her seat behind her, but she managed to keep herself where she was and did not propel herself away as every instinct was telling her to do..
“The Terrians do it all the time,” he said with a shrug. “I can do a lot of the things they can do. It’s getting easier as I get a little older, but it isn’t bad stuff. It doesn’t hurt and it might look funny, but that’s how it is now.” He turned his head a bit to look at Julia.
Gathering her wits about her, Julia grabbed for her diaglove and began to put it on - her fingers fumbling with the fasteners as if she’d never done this before. “Uh . . . Let me take a quick scan of your arms, Uly. You, uh, said you’ve never done this before? It just happened?”
“Uh huh. I dreamed about it a couple of times, but I never really did it before now.”
“Yes, well . . . I’d still like to take a closer look at you, anyway.”
“You don’t have to shake so much, Doctor. You don’t have to be afraid for me. This is what I’m supposed to do.”
Julia looked into his eyes and he managed a reassuring smile for her.
“Tell you what. I’m going to have Yale and Danziger come join us, okay? Since they’re both taking care of you while your mother is away, you should tell them what you’ve told me, too.”

Quickly summoning Danziger and Yale, Julia asked Uly to repeat his story for them. With the two of them watching, she did a thorough examination of the boy, drawing samples of blood and tissue for testing before and after the boy demonstrated what he is newly able to do.
To say the two men were as startled as Julia had been was understating the case badly.
While Julia and Yale studied the physical evidence from the boy, Danziger took Uly outside and had a serious talk with him. Uly admitted he had been having frequent dreams in which he visits the Terrians and talks to the Mother, the planet. The dreams began as soon as they left the valley where his mother was. In the dreams he has been learning how to use his Terrian powers, and while awake, he has been secretly experimenting with moving through the ground.
“This is the first time I’ve been able to do other things the Terrians are able to do,” he said, cocking his head to one side. “I think I learn how to do them in the dreams and then I’m supposed to practice when I wake up.”
Danziger had a hard time keeping the uneasiness he was feeling from showing in his expression the more Uly talked. This was, after all, something to which Devon Adair had objected to having happen to her son. It was something she didn’t understand and, therefore would never have allowed to take place until she did.
Again, Uly assured an adult there was no need to fear for him. The Mother had been waiting a long time to begin teaching him how to use his Terrian ‘gifts.’ While his human mother was sick and away from the group, the planet was taking the opportunity to teach him what he needed to know.
Uly related the information in a matter-of-fact manner, as if it was a natural progression of events. He missed his mother very much and also dreamed about her frequently, but he seemed to understand the Mother’s desire for him to know the extent of his abilities before the rest of the Syndrome children arrived on the second ship.
Danziger knew very well that Devon would fight tooth and nail to keep this from happening were she here.
Knowing he has no choice but to follow Devon’s wishes, Danziger sent the boy away to play and then went back to the med tent to relay this new information, and his feelings about it, to Julia and Yale.
He’d barely stepped inside the opening when Baines’ voice, coming over their gear units, interrupted their concern over Uly.
“Baines to camp. Everyone listen up! Zero’s reached the cargo pod!”

To be continued . . .

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Sunday, 27 June 2004
I Graduated!
Wow! I can't believe I haven't posted anything since March. Between writing two final papers for my degree, and then graduation, the next chapter of the story got a little bit left on the wayside. Well, it was also turning into the Alonzo/Britt Story, so I stepped away from it for that reason, too. I was corresponding with CMKerr, AKA Carrie, for ideas about Alonzo's past and how to fit in Britt Navarro and she was so full of great suggestions that the story kind of took a sharp 90 degree turn and became a completely different story. I had to think of a way to put all that stuff at the end of 9 Weeks, so when everything is done and the gang is all back together, I'll have Alonzo sit down at the campfire some night and tell Julia the story of him and Navarro.
I'm working on the next chapter now, and just to fill some space and let Angelfire know I haven't completely abandoned the blog, I'm going to post one of the recent topics of conversation at the E2 group at ICQ. I wish I knew who "Anonymous" was so I could email her - or him, but I'm betting it's a woman - and follow up on her ideas about Devon.

P.S ICQ a very strict language policy and that is why you'll see a lot of euphemisms and odd spellings of words like sex. Believe it or not ICQ will not allow the word sex to be used in a post. And never mind trying to swear! You'll never get a post to go through if you use "bad language."

The posts from ICQ:

Re: The Greatest Love Story Never Told


3 Posts (View)

More about me >>

I hated this episode with a passion. I couldn't stand Devon just falling for this guy and ignoring everything else in her life. She acted like she was just waiting for this weirdo to turn up. My question is did she sleep with this guy? They show them kissing passionately and then the next time we see them they're laying side by side a bed and talking intimately.
It just bothers me that she might have.
13 replies

Reply To: Re: The Greatest Love Story Never Told


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More about me >>

My opinion has always been that yes, they slept together. He had a hold on her, a way to control her that made her forget her committment to the group and made her focus her attention on him. Plus, he waited over twenty years for her to reach him. I cite the example of Star Trek. Jim Kirk sitting on the side of a bed putting on his boots while a female alien straightens her clothing in the background - universally acknowledged as the duo having occupied the bed. Devon and Shepard lying on a bed after that romantic kiss? Yes.
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No Way! Unrated Rating:Rate it(?)


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More about me >>

This was one of our first big arguments over the series.
I reject the Kirk comparison. I will never believe that Devon slept with that guy. I loved Patrick Bauchau on the Pretender, but as Shepperd I just can't see Devon ever letting him touch her. That's it. I'll never change my mind.
They were just talking.
I agree he had some kind of hold on her and it was an evil hold. He would have tried to take over the group and probably killed everyone because he was so obsessed with Devon-- influencing her to come to him through her dreams.
The idea to save Uly I believe was her own, but Shepperd would have found her eventually on the planet. It was just bad luck that Danziger led her straight to him.
I have always been very disappointed that there was no kiss at the end of BNP for just the reason stated by "Anonymous." It would have put the whole Shepperd business behind them. That should have been made clear.

Add Me Message Me Page Me Chat Me Posted Apr 09 2004 12:33

Re: Reply To: Re: The Greatest Love Story Never Told Unrated Rating:Rate it(?)


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Yes, we had this discussion at ezboard beforebut it bears repeating. I totally agrewith Rob. ten years ago when the show wason things were different. remember then showing David caruso's bare butt on TV was an outrage? The kirk examplewas still the norm. Sunday night at 8 you wouldn't have seen steamy s, and e, and x onthe tube unlessit was a TV movie. Especially notafter the kiss Devon planted on him!
we even suggestd that maybe Devon was dying in AAe because she was pregnantbut you can imagine how well that went over! people cameout of nowhere to refute that suggestion!

5 replies
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What A Horrible Thought! Unrated Rating:Rate it(?)


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More about me >>

Devon pregnant by that guy? NOOOOOO!!!!
I have to go with Bev on this one. Sorry, but I'm not even going to consider the possibility anymore. If there was some way to purge the entire episode from the story line I would do it.

1 reply
Add Me Message Me Page Me Chat Me Posted Apr 12 2004 20:49
Reply To: What A Horrible Thought! Unrated Rating:Rate it(?)


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More about me >>

Anyway, I agree all out. I don't know what the writers were thinking! Aside from meeting the humans living in the caves with Shepperd and the Elder, and True finding a future boyfriend, maybe, if Uly turns out to be more brother than friend to her, I see no reason for this episode to exist. Oh, and using the Terrians to dream across the heavens, which I think is a neato idea.

Add Me Message Me Page Me Chat Me Posted Apr 18 2004 14:20
Reply To: Re: Re: Re: The Greatest Love Story Never To Unrated Rating:Rate it(?)


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It's true what Rich said about the last time we had this discussion, people were popping out of the woodwork to say no, she didn't sleep with him.
One person who posted told us that Farentino was pregnant in real life and that was why she was packed off in ice, so to speak, because if the second season had gone on without changes, they didn't want to feature her pregnancy. Another guy said in the script Shepperd is much more malevolent and dark natured in his manipulation of Devon. By the time the show was being edited, they changed their minds and turned it into more of a love story and had him a reformed good guy, with his sister being evil and crazy.

Add Me Message Me Page Me Chat Me Posted Apr 18 2004 14:25
Devon and Shepard Unrated Rating:Rate it(?)


That episode has always puzzled me. I have never been able to figure out what it meant. Was it a way to make Devon more "accessible" after being such a hard case from the beginning of the series? A way to show she can love a man and that the friction between her and Danziger was caused by her unwitting feelings for this man who she only knew from her dreams? It seemed afterward, she was more willing to admit she had feelings for John, after the enigma of Shepperd was solved and she was able to put her feelings for him aside, feelings she might never have realized she was carrying. She seemed to forget about him as time passed and Uly became the center of her life, only to remember how much he meant to her after meeting him face to face. Then in the confusion of realizing who he was and how he'd helped her find a way to help Uly, she was blinded by her happiness at finding her source of inspiration.
Then in the next episode, there she was, over him, and willing to tell Alonzo how much she has come to care for Danziger.
While I agree in the end there should have been a kiss - what could it have hurt!!!?? - I can also understand how this being able to admit her feelings to herself and others is new to her. But then, she was a strong woman and when the time was right for her to tell Danziger, she would have done it just like she did everything else. She'd have run him over like a steam engine and left him with his head spinning for the rest of their lives together. That woman knows how to get what she wants! A man is no different than a contract to build another station to a woman like that!
That's where I disagree with the fan fiction writers. She was scared of nothing and no one. She defied the Council without a backward glance, and when it was firmly in her mind that Danziger was what she wanted she wouldn't have let a few butterflies in the stomach stand in her way. All that "Oh, no! let's not tell anyone yet!" crap where she wants to keep a romance a secret is just laughable to me!
She was ready to bring Sheperd home and make him a part of the group; when she was ready to romance Danziger she would have left no doubt in his mind they were going to be together for the long haul.
And, sorry, Robert. As much as I enjoyed the story "I Quit", Devon would have taken no answer but "I'm staying" from Danziger on the subject of going back to the stations.
The last scene between them when she pulls him into the cave and starts taking his clothes off him - that [is the only scene in the story that] is pure Devon!
3 replies
Posted May 01 2004 12:37
Reply To: Devon and Shepard Unrated Rating:Rate it(?)


3 Posts (View)

More about me >>

Wow, interesting insight into Devon.
Personally, I was never much of a Devon fan, but I do like to hear what others thought of her. It helps me to round her out in the stories I write because I have no real definite opinion of what she is like. I base her on the opinions of others, so anything new I can pick up is welcome. So far I have been writing her as my sister sees her - which is pretty much how everyone else sees her.
To me she was the least developed of the characters, and so the least interesting.
I like this suggestion that she was on the brink of steamrolling Danziger! If they hadn't begun getting sick and dying, they'd be farther down the road to New Pac and poor Danz would be just realizing he was a married man and wondering what hit him!
So you think the Devon who appears at the very end of "I Quit" is how she should always be portrayed? OK. That gives me something to think about.
It does makes sense, because when you think about it, from scene one in the series, she's always gotten what she wanted , not matter what it was.

Add Me Message Me Page Me Chat Me Posted May 02 2004 17:29
Reply To: Devon and Shepard Unrated Rating:Rate it(?)


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More about me >>

Love it! While I do like Devon and I am a D&D shipper, I have to agree that she was not the most developed of the characters. She went through very little changes as the series ran on. It seemed as if we were supposed to get everything about her from the first episode and carry it through to the end. Danziger mellowed out a little, Julia went through the biggest change, Alonzo became a survivor, and even Morgan began to see the planet and his life on it differently. Only Devon stayed mired on her role as strong willed leader without wavering - and I won't call meeting Sheppard wavering. I agree she found the source of her inspiration to come to G889, but that was all.
I wanted her and Danziger to get together and I still think they did. Julia found a way to cure her and she and Danz moved on to explore their relationship.
I guess it rings true that her take charge attitude would extend to her personal life as well. I have to think about this more because the belief that she was shy about romance and uncertain about letting a man into her life is so ingrained to most fans that I accept it. The notion of steamrolling Danz is too new! A fun thought, but way out of character for the Devon most fans see.
What about another subject concerning her, Devon that is? Do you think she was also genetically engineered as Julia was? Her singlemindedness about everything she does makes some fans think she probably was and I've heard some fans say they just assumed she was.
Other fans point out prodigies happen naturally all the time, and she could have been born with a head for business and an interest in design and construction, but others see this as the results of her extremely wealthy parents making sure their control of station building stays in the family.
What do you all think?
1 reply
Add Me Message Me Page Me Chat Me Posted May 08 2004 11:15
Reply To: Devon and Shepard Unrated Rating:Rate it(?)


I've wondered about that. I believe the comment about her parents wanting station building to remain in their family to be the key here. I'm sure she was genetically engineered. Her immense success before the age of 25 could have come naturally, but it's hard to believe. A prodigy child interested in exactly what she needs to be interested in, naturally born? I don't think so.
Can you imagine what her father must have thought when she gave it all up for her baby?! Instead of following her nature, she fell in love with her child and used her abilities to move mountains to try to save him from an early death. Her maternal instinct was more powerful than her genetic manipulation.
You can see the parallel with Julia. She too was able to overcome her pre-programming by falling in love and starting to care for her fellow survivors more than her need to support the Council.
Now that can tie in to what I think about Devon. Once she was able to beat her gene skewing, she became a woman who was finally in control of her life, not a pre-programmed individual dedicated to one thing. But that strong personality was still there and now it was focused on settling G889 and helping all children who had the same illness as her son. I don't think I would call it singlemindedness anymore. It became determination to see the job through.
By the time of Brave New Pacifica, I think she was beginning to see that having a healthy son had opened a part of her life that no longer had to be dedicated to caring for him. It was a part that was finally able to let another person into her life. So she sits there and tells Alonzo how much John means to her, now, and then, like a typical girlfriend/wife, she's relieved to see Danziger is all right, and then starts yelling at him for scaring her so badly!
There definitely should have been a kiss at the end of the story.
I have to believe the writers understood that if there had been it wouldn't have ended there. They would have had to lengthen the scene to imply intimacy.
But when you think about it, there was a lot of intimacy implied in All About Eve. Danziger hovering by Devon's side as she became more and more ill, leaving only in times of crisis for others. The handholding as if they were glued together as she makes the one person she trusts and needs by her side, MORE than Yale and Uly as she gets weaker, promise to take care of her son, is such a telling moment. If Danziger was still just her friend why would he be the one she trusts to take care of Uly? Wouldn't that job fall to Yale if she had no relationship with John?
I love that scene where she watches John and Uly together and turns away knowing her boy is fine. Remember in the begiinning when she used to get jealous of his attention to Uly and her possessiveness would come out? LOL!
Maybe we didn't get to see the kiss, but there is every indication here it took place after getting back to through the spider tunnel, and neither of them was shy about letting the others know. In this episode everyone just expects Danziger to be with her in the tent while she's ill.
I hope you excuse my long, rambling thoughts, but I just adored this show and I love having a place to come and talk about it once in a while.
And, yes, Robert, I do believe Devon should always be written as the take charge woman who knows what she wants out of life and is in no way shy about going after it. If that is contrary to what other fans think, thank goodness for individuality! Wouldn't this world be dull if we all thought the same?


Genes skewed, ripping off Danziger's clothes? Is that really Devon Adair? I'm still thinking about it. LOL!

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Saturday, 13 March 2004
Another Filler Post
Still getting rid of old links from my very lengthy Favorite Places files, I ran across the link to my old Earth 2 group at ICQ. Since I abandoned that group almost two years ago because of it's limited posting requirements, I thought it would be eliminated by the powers that be at ICQ after the inactivity there stretched out for over two years. Not only is the group still going, it has a couple of new members, and it's being called one of the "Longest Running" groups at ICQ!
The bboard had changed over the past two years, allowing for more activity within the group. So, anyway, I went in and created some polls about the show, simple ones, just to see what kind of hits I'd get. Wouldn't you know, the polls had barely gone up and Bev found them and gave the first answers after mine!
The group is called New2 Earth2 and it's the place where I first met Bev and Richard and we became online friends. It's also where we wrote the original drafts of the Danziger stories. The old messages are gone, alas, so those drafts no longer exist. You have to be a member of ICQ and have an ICQ number in order to vote in the polls, but if anyone besides Bev is interested the link is here:

New2 Earth2

Posted by scifi2/terrian_king at 8:51 PM CST
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Sunday, 18 January 2004
Brand Spankin' New Earth 2 Story
This story just popped into my head Saturday morning. I was deleting old links from my favorite places list and found a still good link to someone's web page of Earth 2 fanfic. One of the stories there was introduced as the author's answer to a fanfic challenge, "what if there was another spy among the EA besides Julia?"
I had been thinking about a story involving the background characters asserting their independence early on during their travels. How they might decide there were some things they could do on their own without going through the proper channels of getting Devon's and Danziger's OKs first. Then the idea of another spy kind of pulled it all together. Who would it be and how would he/she handle the situation? All of a sudden I could see the whole story acted out in my mind's eye.
After that it was a matter of writing it down. Some of it I typed out and some I spoke into my speech recognition software. As ever, it comes straight from WP10 so excuse the typos and bad grammar. I'll clean it up later when I move it to the web page. WordPerfect 10 also provided the title.
If anyone has beta suggestions, let's hear them.


"No one said it was going to be easy," Cameron muttered to himself for the umpteenth time in as many days. Weeks of travel across the dry, semi-arid landscape had worked themselves into a routine of sorts, and he had to remind himself now and again that he had volunteered for this. He actually raised his hand and said, "I'll do that."
He knelt by the small brook he and three others had been following, and dipped his arms into it, rubbing vigorously at the sticky, thick gum that had come out of the root of the plant stalk he had broken open moments ago. As if escaping, the sweetly odorous goo was everywhere before he had time to realize his mistake. He should have cut it open, but his knife, and his weapon, were twenty meters away in a sandy spot next to the last plant he had dissected and catalogued. It was the pressure of his hands holding the stalk and breaking it that had caused the fluids to erupt out of it. How brilliant to realize that now.
He grabbed a handful of sand from the stream bed and used that to help rub away the ooze. It might have been waterproof, but it wasn't sand proof. A few minutes of vigorous rubbing and it was gone. That felt better. The cold water had taken the dry, stinging itch away from his exposed and sunburned skin. He dried his hands on his pant legs and got up to look around. There were several of the plants around. He just needed to do it right this time.
He dug two more of the plants from the soil and carried them to the sandy spot and dropped to his knees beside it. He positioned his gear to record the process and began to examine them carefully.

Putting her samples into her bag, Denner put the scanner on top of them and slung the carryall over her shoulder. She turned away from the thick area of vegetation she'd been studying and walked over the small rise between her and Cameron. He was busily chopping a plant stalk into sections.
He looked up at the sound of her footsteps approaching. Using the back of his hand to wipe a fine film of sweat away, he nodded at the ground before him. "Scan this stuff before I go any further, Di. If I can throw it away and forget about it, it would make my day."
She knelt beside him and pulled the scanner out of her pack. "Where did the others go?" she asked and began to examine the plant he was working on.
Cameron eased himself to a sitting position on the ground and rested his arms across his raised knees. "They went to the other side of the stream to see if they could follow it to it's source from there. Less rocky. They took the other scanner with them."
"Well, my bag is full," she said. "And this plant looks promising. It has a lot of what Julia told us to look for. Better dig up a few more. Ready to head back for camp, or do you want to follow after Mazatl and E?" She handed him the scanner to read.
Even after a day spent walking, Cameron was still willing to go a little farther. "Let's get a couple more of these plants and go after them. Danziger will smooth it over if we get back to camp late."
"Okay. It's not like we'll have a meal worth anything waiting for us."
Putting on an exaggerated look of shock, he asked, "How can you say that? Emergency rations mixed with weeds are my favorite meal."
"Uh huh."

What a strange place this world was. One minute the beauty of the land around you could take your breath away and the next minute you might be wishing you had never had to see such a place. Mazatl had been wavering between the two since the day of the crash. Getting used to the planet wasn't easy for any of the Eden Advance crew and he was relieved to discover they were all having their problems, and he wasn't the only one who missed the stations.
"See anything?" Eben Sinh whispered from behind him.
The two of them were crouched behind a flowering bush and peering between the branches at a cave entrance just on the other side of it. They had stumbled upon it without warning and quickly sought cover in case it was an inhabited cave.
"No. It must be empty. With all the damn noise we made, if anyone or anything was inside they'd have come out to see what was going on by now."
Sinh fought back a laugh. They had made their presence known to any living creature in the area through no fault of their own. Mazatl's high pitched yelp as the dirt gave way beneath his feet and sent him sliding down the hillside to stop almost at the very mouth of the cave, had certainly startled her and gotten her attention. Seeing him scramble for cover as fast as he had was revelation. Who knew the laconic fellow could move that fast?
Of course, her yelling his name as he disappeared from the hilltop so suddenly hadn't been so quiet, either.
Well, it took a bit to get the hang of foraging.
She peered around his shoulder. "Shall I call Cameron and Denner? Or do you want to just go in?"
Mazatl looked down at his hands and swiftly got to his feet. "Let's go in. It might be just an empty cave."
Eben followed suit. "Do you think Gaal was telling the truth about grendlers living in caves?"
He shrugged. "Let's go find out."

"Hey!" A voice called from above and to their right.
They both swung to face that direction and frantically pantomimed "Be quiet!" to the speaker.
On the hill above the cave entrance, Cameron chuckled and tilted his head toward Denner. "Correct me if I'm wrong," he said in a low voice, "but I think they want me to shut up."
Denner had a better view of the area at the foot of the hill. "Come over here," she said. "Look down there. I think it's a cave entrance. Oh, wouldn't it be great if we could find Gaal's cave?"
"It would take a stroke of luck we haven't had lately." He looked around her. "Over there. On the other side of the rocks. Looks like a way down."
A few minutes later, the four crew members stood together contemplating the cave.
"We ought to call in," Cameron said. "Devon will want to know about this."
Eben shook her head. "No, she won't. She's still reeling from Uly's close call. She doesn't want to let on she's cut from the same cloth as the rest of us, but I know how hard it hit her to have to put her kid back into that god-awful immuno suit. I saw her breakdown when she thought no one was looking."
Cameron and Denner, the colonists of the four, still hesitated. Adair was their group leader even if the Ops crew was reluctant to accept her, she deserved the colonists' loyalty to her position.
Denner was the first to agree. "Okay. E's right. Devon has a lot on her mind right now, and frankly, Danziger isn't making things any easier for her." She raised a hand to quell the protests about to erupt from Mazatl and Sinh. "I know. I know. He's under a lot strain, too, because of what Gaal tried to do to his kid." She looked at Cameron. "That's why I think we should do this on our own initiative. If it comes to nothing, no harm done. No hopes to crush. If it is a grendler cave, or better. . . Well, it might be what it takes to put the memory of that damned Gaal behind us once and for all."
Cameron nodded slowly. "Alright."
Mazatl smiled and hefted his weapon, a mag pro, onto his shoulder, hanging it by a strap. "Good." To Cameron: "Give your mag pro to Eben." To her: "You stand watch and give us a call if you see anyone or anything coming. If we need you inside, we'll call."
She nodded and took the weapon. "Got it."

Denner followed behind the men. As soon as they entered the shadowed entrance, she felt the difference in temperature. The farther inside they walked, the cooler the air became and the darker the tunnel grew.
"Wait a second," she whispered, and surprised herself with the way so quiet a sound could echo the way it did. She reached into her pack and dug around, bringing out a small lumalight.
Cameron nodded and stepped to one side to allow her to walk between them.
The passage widened only slightly from the entrance and they walked for what seemed quite a distance before finding a second passage branching off to the left.
As the men peered inside, Denner took the opportunity to look back the way they'd come. To her surprise, they'd come less than seventy-five meters from the entry. She could clearly see Sinh standing just off center of the entryway, weapon butt on her hip in a casual stance as she slowly turned in a small circle, looking around. The red bandana tied around her head was a bright splash of color in the sunshine. She could have sworn they'd walked twice the distance. Turning back to the business at hand, she caught Cameron's rueful smile. He was clearly thinking the same thing.
Mazatl had gone into the tunnel branch, and they heard his voice softly calling to them from within. "Come on. There's a big chamber through here."
Still holding the lumalight, Denner wondered how he knew that.
The narrow passage curved gently toward the direction they had been going, and after a short distance they could see the figure of Mazatl silhouetted against a dim light beyond the other end of the passageway. They reached him and together left the passage and walked a few steps into a large cavern lit by sunlight coming through a hole in the roof. It was late afternoon and the light was still strong enough to see without the lumalight. At midday the sun probably shone through the hole and to the cavern floor very brightly.
"What now?" Denner asked. "Looks empty."
"Let's spread out. Looks like offshoot chambers over there and over there," Mazatl said and pointed first to right and then to left in front of them. "You two take the one to the right. I'll take the one under the hole in the ceiling. I won't need the luma."

Appearances were deceiving on this planet, distances were deceiving, nothing was uniform. On the stations, the hallways were always ten meters wide in residential areas, twice that in commercial areas, doors always the same, escalators and staircases exactly the same and placed identically from one station to another. In nature, everything was random!
In short the cavern was bigger than merely large. It was enormous. What appeared to be a short distance in the semidarkness turned out to be a long walk.
After a short time, Denner made a disgusted sound and said, more to herself than her companion, "This is pathetic. We have to get used to the planet sometime, might as well stop taking baby steps and let it be now."
She heard Cameron chuckle behind her, but he kept up when she increased her speed.
What looked like a smaller chamber was actually the entrance to another passage. It was wider than the one they had come through, and seemed to run straight instead of curving.
Cameron tapped his gear. "We found another tunnel," he said. "We'll go in a little way to see if it goes anywhere interesting. Just a few meters."
"Alright," Mazatl answered. "I found one , too. I'm going to follow it until I can't see by the sunlight anymore. Meet you back here in a few minutes."
"Yeah. Be careful."
"Same to you."

The passage was more or less straight, but they went only a few meters before coming to a side passage that proved to be the one they had originally entered to explore. The bright sunlight of the cave entry could be seen at the far end of the tunnel. The passage went on father, widening noticeably just before meeting another intersecting passage leading off to left and right as they stood in the intersection. They turned back and when they reached the large cavern, Mazatl had already returned and was crossing the large space toward the second area that appeared to be an alcove or small chamber.
He stopped and waited for them come even with him. He pointed over his shoulder. "There is a fork in that tunnel a short way in. I didn't try to follow either. Too dark."
Cameron briefly described what he and Denner had found. "Seems to be a bust," he concluded. "Just empty space."
Denner agreed with a shrug. "Let's see what this one is."
Two columns of rock reached from floor to ceiling, widening at top and bottom and tapering to a narrow center point just above their heads. They walked around them and entered a sheltered alcove. Denner lifted her lumalight high and they all stopped in their tracks.
The alcove had been home to humans once.

. The twin columns of mineral deposits had provided a semblance of privacy for the small chamber. Inside, carefully stacked or laid in rows along the walls, were boxes and what appeared to be lengths of pipe and coiled ropes or wiring. Items bundled in heavy cloth lay on the floor of the cave or high atop the stacked crates and boxes.
"Guess I spoke too soon," Cameron said with a shrug.
"Not really. How old do you think these materials will be? Twenty, thirty years? Gaal tricked us out of a working generator because what he had probably didn't work anymore. Anyway, if it was you, how good would the survival gear be that you gave to convicts?"
"Well, it's pretty dry in here for a cave. I was taught that most caves are wet and dark with floor and ceiling formations being created by the dripping water. I guess the hole in the ceiling and the passageways made for good ventilation. We could check for clothing and working items. I doubt if we'll find anything from our cargo pods in here."
As the men talked Denner leaned down and grabbed the edge of a tarp folded on the floor. It was heavy. She gave it a hard tug, straightening as she did.
A flash of white moved under the tarp and she let it go with a startled, "Oh!"
When she saw what it was, she stumbled back a few steps. "Here," she said unnecessarily. "Is it human?"
They were already in motion, stepping closer to crouch down and have a better look. They grabbed the material and pulled it back bit by bit to reveal what was inside.
A skeleton, probably human, was wrapped in the tarp. The remains of a thin shirt covered the top half of the bones while the legs were exposed where the material of a pair of pants that had been cut away.
"Look at that," Mazatl said quietly. "Both legs have more than one break."
Cameron waved his scanner over the remains and frowned, shaking his head. "Can't tell if it's human. This is the wrong kind of scanner. It doesn't scan for fauna, but Eben's does." He looked up at Denner. "I'd say, yes, though. Definitely looks human. Probably died here from his injuries."
Mazatl opened the shirt a little. "Broken ribs, too. I'd guess he died and someone covered him with the tarp. Wherever he got the injuries, it wasn't here. Someone brought him into the cave and probably tended him until he died." He started replacing the material as they found it. "Might have been a shroud. Something to drag him out to bury him."
Cameron handed his light and scanner to Denner and helped the other man re-wrap the remains.
Denner stepped around the remains and put the light on a high stack of boxes. She knelt on the cool cave floor and began opening the smaller hinged boxes lined along the wall. Inside were stockpiles of items which were probably quite dear to the humans of the dead man's time: medicines, rations, water bulbs, information chips, and weapons of wood and scrap metal. All of it impossibly outdated for their own group of stranded people.
The bigger crates revealed little else of use to them, until they came to a long, wide and shallow box behind the others, barely visible in the shadows of the alcove. It held the closest things to valuables they could hope to find:
Fifty-plus year old survival gear, still packed in manufacturers's boxes and clear shrink wrap.
The items ranged from survival gear to simple communications equipment.
"Hey," Mazatl said as he lifted some of the smaller boxes for a closer look. "Look at this. Gear, in it's infancy." He tossed a box to Denner. He leaned over and peered deeper into the box. "We can use some of this stuff. Knives, hatchets, eating utensils. There are rechargeable batteries in here. Won't take long to rig up a way to charge them. Range finders, night scopes, compasses, hand tools. Wow! Look at this stuff, Tim!"
Cameron grinned at him. "Looks like the toys we played with as kids, doesn't it? Pretend stuff." He hefted a bulky set of old fashioned gear in one hand. "Only the people who had this stuff were expected to survive using it."
The other man rose. "I'll get Sinh. We can take the useful things back to camp in our packs."
"Need the light?" Denner asked.
"No, I'll be all right," Mazatl said over his shoulder and hurried across the big cavern.

A short time later, Eben Sinh stood beside the rock columns and looked around the small alcove and gave a short laugh. "I just thought of something. Assuming he was telling the truth, remember when Gaal described the grendlers as mimics? Said he taught them some English words and they spread across the countryside like wildfire? What if that wasn't all they learned from humans? What if they learned to collect and stash goods from the penal colonists? Look at all the manufactured items in here. That might explain the grendlers' interest in such things."
The other three looked at one another and made subtle "Maybe" gestures with their faces and shoulders.
"You might be right," Cameron said. "Electronics, clothes - well, hell, they might have learned to wear clothes and animal skins from the convicts for all we know."
"And to live in caves," Denner said, and shrugged. "As long as we're speculating." She looked deeper into the box. "What are those things in the corner?"
"Called Geiger counters," Mazatl said. "Test for radiation. The doctor's medical scanner and the transrover's sensors can do a better job. These are antiques. They work, but a modern scanner can tell you what kind of radiation it is as well as how bad it is."
Cameron lifted one and looked at it closely.
Sinh nodded her head when she saw it. "Oh, I remember those. We used them when we built the skybridge above Mars."
Mazatl nodded. "Yep."
Denner watched as the men began putting things into their backpacks. "Why are you taking so many of the old gear?" she asked him.
"We can use some of the parts for replacements. The range finders and optical portions are pretty much obsolete, but the wiring and even some of the chips are still in use. Also the old lenses might come in handy somewhere down the line. Some of the vehicles and other equipment we have are pretty old themselves. Never know where we might be able to find a use for them."
Cameron shook down the contents of his pack. "Well, let's err on the side of curiosity. Give me another of these counter things. We might be able to use them somewhere down the line, too. I'll hide them in my personal stuff. I was trained for geology. I can pass them off as my own."

"Well? What are we going to do now? How are we going to handle this?" Mazatl said, hefting his pack in both hands to gauge the weight.
Denner looked up from the cavern floor where she was kneeling to stuff her own pack. "You mean about investigating a cave without asking permission first? I'd say keep it to ourselves."
"So do I," Sinh agreed immediately. "The same reasons still stand. Let's give Adair and the others time to collect themselves. Uly's lapse and True's brush with Gaal aren't the only things affecting the group. There's Alonzo's state of mind, the doctor's nervousness, not to mention some people still being angry at Morgan Martin for taking that first escape pod. The commander's death. What we have in our pack can be unobtrusively added to our equipment without anyone being the wiser. Denner and I made out the inventory list we've been going by. It won't be a problem to slip more items onto it."
"That's right," the other woman said. "We can fit most of this stuff into the spare tool kit, and whatever is left into the spare parts crate. No one will notice the difference. It's usually one of the four of us who is put in charge of them. It won't be hard to keep the job among us."
Cameron sighed with resignation. "I guess you're right. There's nothing we can do for the poor fellow on the floor anyway, except disturb him even more than we already have. Hell, if we bring the whole group trooping through here, it might make the grendlers think it's open season to raid the place after we leave."
"Fine with me," Mazatl said. "What they don't know won't hurt them. Grendlers and people."
As the others began to leave, Denner held back, still kneeling on the floor and fiddling with her pack. "I'll be right there," she said. "Almost done."
Making sure the others were walking away, she leaned away from her pack and brought her hand to her mouth. She extended two fingers inside, toward her throat and caused herself to dry heave once, then twice, and the third time a small metallic object fell to the ground in a small pool of gastric fluids.
Rattling her back to cover the sounds, she wiped at her mouth and looked quickly toward the others. They were adjusting one another's packs.
The small object she had vomited out of her body was blinking off and on silently, waiting for her to open it and activate it. Denner picked it up and cradled it in the palm of her hand for a while.
To hell with the Council, she thought. I'll have over forty years to live free of them and their threats. By the time they find out some of us survived the crash landing, but didn't check in, I'll be too old to care when the people they send to kill me finally arrive. Damn the whole bunch of them to hell. I'm not betraying these people for them.
She dropped the tiny communicator to the ground and quickly covered it, and the evidence of where it had been, with dirt. She put a small crate on top of it, and rose to her feet to join the others. She put the cursed blinking light firmly from her mind.

The sun was low in the sky when the foursome left the cave, still the hot, dry air of outdoors was almost a physical shock after the coolness of the caverns. Sinh immediately adjusted the kerchief on her head.
"It's getting late," she said. "We were in there longer than I thought."
"I hope no one tried to get a hold of us," Cameron said, still feeling a little bad about holding back.
Mazatl clapped him on the shoulder. "Don't worry. If they had they would have come looking for us and found us by now."
The four climbed the hill above the cave entrance and walked through the thin stand of trees between it and the creek. The partial shading kept the sun's heat off them for a distance. At the creek bed there was little shade, and they stopped to put their hands in the water and splash their faces with cool water. On the other side of the current, where the day's campsite was, there would be no shade until they reached the main group.
"Damn sun is making my skin itch," Sinh grumbled, rubbing the water over her arms. "I wish I brought a jacket."
"Heller says it's the heat and dry air drying out our skin," Denner said. "We'll all look old before our time." Lucky me. Maybe I'll look so old the Council's assassins won't recognize me.
"All of us except Cameron here," the other woman said. She looked at him. "Why aren't your arms as red as mine?"
He looked down at his hands. "I don't know." After a pause. "Unless it's because of that sticky stuff I got on me. I thought I washed it all off."
"What sticky stuff?"
"I broke open a plant root earlier. It had a thick, milky liquid inside that got all over my hands and arms. It wouldn't wash off so I scrubbed it off with sand and water."
"Well, give me some of it," she said with a laugh. "I don't care how sticky it is as long as it gets rid of the itch and the redness."
He was already looking at the ground nearby. "There's one over there. The one that looks like a clump of grass with white stripes in the blades."
A few minutes later, the other three were again beside the rushing water, industriously scrubbing away the plant goo from their arms and hands before it dried.
Eben Sinh smiled at Cameron. "It's soothing, and it isn't just the water. This stuff is making the burn feel better. You just might have found something more valuable than the things we have in our packs."
"She's right," Mazatl said, getting to his feet and extending his hands to help the women stand. "We have something to show to the others after all, and they'll be happier to see it than a handful of out of date electronics."
Cameron smiled back. "Well, it did scan out to have a lot of the stuff Julia told us to look for."
They resumed walking toward the spot in the stream where they had crossed on exposed rocks.
"Hey, you'll have naming rights," Sinh said. "You can call it. . . The Scotsman's Salve. Guaranteed to take the burn out of sunburn."
"Liquid Kilt," Mazatl said. "Cover yourself with goo and say goodbye to skin damage."
"Soothing goo," Sinh said. "Cover yourself with soothing goo."
"Okay. Soothing goo."
Cameron laughed. "Oh, come on. You know it'll end being called something like Edenite Emollient. Something that doesn't aggrandize one person, but the group instead."
"Group Ointment!"
"Walker's Cream!"
"Something simple, like . . . Plant Juice. That doesn't aggrandize anything!"
"But it sounds bad."
"Yeah. Juice just sounds unpleasant."
"Pick, pick, pick."
"Hurry up, you guys. There's the crossing. Let's get back before they come looking for us."

When the group began another day's march early the next morning, Denner sat on the back of the transrover for a time. She watched their campsite lose itself to distance, then turned her eyes to the north, to the low hills barely visible beyond the haze of dust left by the rolling tires of the vehicles. For the first time in days she was feeling free and light and comfortable.
She knew she had done the right thing. She had been forced into accepting the hidden communicator, forced into memorizing an identification code, and forced into agreeing to spy on the Eden Advance team. But, she had to real ties to the Council, no reason to keep helping them after they had tried to kill everyone when the ship left the stations. She'd felt the communicator activate two days ago and in the time since she'd had a good, long talk with herself. Forty four years was a good sized buffer zone between her and the Council. And who knew? Maybe they'd had something to do with the crash landing in the escape pods, too. She owed them nothing after two possible attempts on her life.
Soon the hills were lost from sight behind a grove of trees. No one need ever know about the little device calling out to nothing more than a dead man's bones in his burial wrap. Denner jumped from the back of the vehicle and went around the corner to look for Sinh.
All in all, there were probably a lot of things the group as a whole was better off not knowing.

The End

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Wednesday, 24 December 2003
Firefly DVDs
I bought the set the day it hit the stores and have been kind of picking my way through them at my leisure. I watched all the episodes as shown on TV first, in the order they are presented and, man, I miss this show!
The added commentary by cast and crew is terrific. I liked the way they pointed out things obvious to themselves about their performances, etc., that I never would have picked up on any other way. Morena Baccarin talking about how difficult it was to dance and speak her lines at the same time sounds like a joke until you take into consideration the camera angles. She was dancing with the cameras as much as with her human partners while trying to speak her lines when the camera could see her face. Alan Tudyk's commentaries were hilarious. Loved the "Headless Wash" scene, and the magical three switches.
I ended up re-watching the entire 4 disks again after the revelation by Joss in "Serenity" that Jayne was intended to have a little crush on Kaylee from the beginning. I remember that scene where he is crouched carefully out of sight just outside the infirmary as Simon operates on her. I used to think "What's he doing there?" That one whizzed right past me! There was more to his dislike of Simon than I originally thought.
My only complaint is the gag reel was missing a lot of the scenes that were included in the version that was available for download on the internet last spring. The very funny 360 spin of the camera in the cargo bay, for instance. We hear it mentioned in commentary made by Alan Tudyk and Jewel Stait, but it's missing from the gag reel! Also the scenes of Sean Mahar calling the character of his sister by the name of the actress who played her. I think Joss mentions that in a comment and so it's deleted from the gag reel. Too bad. They also took out Nathan Fillion's muttering of "f**kety f**k f**k!" in scenes whenever he blew a line.
I'm also very intrigued by the order of the episodes as determined by Joss and not the network. The unaired episodes were, apparently, not intended to be the last episodes in the series. "Objects in Space" was supposed to be aired last - in continuity to the others. Very interesting.......
It just makes me wish all the more for a set of DVDs, with at least a partial cast participation, to be made available of "Earth 2." The more time passes, though, the less likely that might be. I hope the petition for a DVD set lights a bulb over somebody's head soon.

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Sunday, 23 November 2003
Thank You, One and All
I appreciated the kind words and thoughts you've expressed over my family's recent loss.
We have been lucky to have had the help of the local Hospice caregivers to get us through my grandmother's illness, and now, they are helping us to keep going. I can't compliment that organization enough for all the help and support they offered us.
For my family she was the only grandparent we had throughout our lives. Our grandfathers passed before any of us were born, and my dad's mother passed away when I was 2. I'm the second oldest child and my sister, who was 4, and I don't have memories of her.
Since this will be the first holiday season without my grandmother, the Hospice counselors have suggested that we as a family celebrate Thanksgiving in a setting removed from our homes. They suggested having dinner in a public place. Since the holiday is going to be different no matter where we gather to celebrate - the first Thanksgiving ever without my grandmother - they said a total break from tradition often helps people get through the holiday. One of my cousins and I have been calling and visiting different places to try to reserve a time for a large family to get together.
It's been interesting. So far everyone seems intrigued with going to one of the riverboat casinos, but we're still going to check out some of our favorite restaurants, too.
When we first started talking about this suggestion seriously and wondering if it really was the way we wanted to go, it occurred to us that this is going to be the first holiday season without Grandma's sweet potato pies and frybread! Most of us have never developed a liking for pumpkin pie because we've always had her pies for dinner. And, since we are part American Indian, frybread has always been a part of our diet. I think the thought of having to go without some of our favorite foods was a deciding factor in taking the counselors' idea very seriously.
It's going to be something else!
I don't know yet where we will end up going, but we still have few days to arrange things.
I know I'm rambling, but a little break from writing fan fic never hurt anybody, right?
Besides, my fingers are working again. I tried to write a thank you post a day or two after I saw the messages you all very kindly left, but I was making so many typos and misspelling so many words, I had to quit trying and wait until my body wanted to cooperate with my head again.
Again, thank you.

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Sunday, 26 October 2003
I found this story while going through a box of disks looking for a different story. It sounds very much like a prelude to ABCDEtc. I think it might have been the true A story. I also found an outline that might have been C or D in that series.

I Just Called To Say...
Part 1

Julia Heller checked the vital signs of her patient, adjusted the temperature inside the amber light chamber, and stood back. She made no move to leave, to check any of the other patients in her small hospital's ward rooms. She merely looked through the clear sides of the chamber and smiled.
For two long G889 years, she'd waited and worked for the moment when she would see this patient on the road to recovery. In the end it was nothing she did, nor could ever do, that put the patient into this chamber to heal and to rest and to begin the first steps to regaining her life.
It made no difference to Julia how the miracle had happened, she was just happy to see that it, at long last, had.
She folded her arms across her chest, tilted her head to one side and simply smiled.
Inside the chamber, the sleeping form of Devon Adair was looking better already. A mere thirty hours after being taken out of cold sleep, the pallid color of her skin was returning to a normal, healthy pink. The dark circles around her eyes were the most stubborn physical signs of her illness, but even they would fade and disappear with time. The amber light would speed her healing.
In fact, Julia was mentally predicting a short four day stint inside the chamber for Devon. The amber light was quickly giving back all the illness had taken from her.
The doctor might have stood beside the chamber for an hour or more if one of her students hadn't interrupted her vigil.
"Uh... Dr. Heller? There's a Mr. Mazatl in your office to see you. He said you sent for him."
Julia turned around slowly, still smiling. "Thank you. I'll finish my rounds later, after Mr. Mazatl leaves."
She brushed past the young woman - Nelson, wasn't it? - and quickly walked along the curved hallway to her office.
The building, within which was housed her hospital, medical school classrooms and administration offices, was a modest, two story, circular structure made from a design suggested by the hospital on the space stations where she had trained. It was Julia's one concession to her former life. Besides, circles were common shapes in nature and she wanted the shape of her hospital to fit in with the land around it.
Julia opened the door to her office and saw the tall, slim form of her long time friend standing at the window looking out.
"Chris? Thanks for getting here so fast."
Mazatl turned around. "I was mapping the river north of here when I got your message," he said. "I left my survey team up there and flew down as fast as I could."
He crossed the room in three long strides to greet her with a warm embrace. He pulled away, holding her shoulders at arm's length. "You look like a woman with a secret you're dying to tell someone."
Julia's welcoming smile grew bigger. "Devon is waking up, Chris!" she blurted out. "Uly called me the day before yesterday and told me to take his mother out of the cold sleep capsule and put her into an amber light chamber. He said the planet, the mother, told him in a dream it was time to awaken Devon."
Mazatl looked at her with a mixture of surprise and excitement. "You're serious! After all this time... You mean just like that..." he stammered.
Julia laughed. "Yes, just like that! I'll take you in to see her in a little while, but first I need to ask you a favor. After I talked to Uly and Alonzo, I tried to contact Yale, but Morgan Martin said he was at the southern tip of the peninsula with a salvage team. A cargo pod washed up on shore and Yale volunteered to take a group of colonists out to bring it back to the colony site at New Pacifica. They took just one shuttle with them. I called you to ask if you would take your lander down to get Yale and bring him back here. Morgan passed the news to him, and as you can imagine, Yale would like to get here as soon as possible."
"Absolutely," Chris Mazatl assured her. "I'll leave as soon as I talk to my team."
"It's not big a rush," Julia said. "I think we'll have four days to prepare, at the least. In just thirty hours the improvement in Devon's physical condition has been phenomenal. I sent True across the valley to get the Camerons otherwise she'd be sitting beside the chamber day and night until Devon awakens. As it is, I can hardly stay away from her myself! I was just standing there beside the chamber, looking in, when my student came to tell me you were waiting."
"It's great news, Jules, but there's one thing I don't understand. Uly said the mother told him it was time to awaken Devon. What does that mean?"
Surprisingly, the doctor laughed. "I don't know! At this point, though, I don't really care either. As long as she's waking and her health is returning, I couldn't ask for more."
Julia grabbed his arm and pulled him toward the doorway. "Come on. Want to see her?"
"Of course," Mazatl assured her. "Hold on. Let me leave my coat here if you don't mind. It's getting cold up north - even saw a few dustings of snow already. We had to break out the winter clothes."
"How far north are you? The leaves have barely started turning around here."
He hung his coat on a rack behind the door, and followed Julia into the hallway. "We're mapping the big river five hundred klicks north of here. The wide dark line on Yale's old map we thought was a strait or a channel. Remember it? It's just a river, maybe a kilometer and a half wide and it flows west, not east! Think of the time we would have saved if we landed a little farther north."
Julia stopped walking and turned to look at him. "It was a river flowing to the west coast? Are you joking? "
Laughing, Mazatl shook his head slowly. "That's what I said when we first reached the river. I got out of the lander and started walking in circles, going, ‘You've got to be joking! You've got to be joking!' My crew was looking back and forth, like, ‘What? What?' I'm glad no one had their gear turned on!"
Julia laughed. This was definitely turning into a great day. How could she possibly feel happier? They started walking again.
At the doorway to the amber light wardroom, she turned to Mazatl. "This is it. Brace yourself. She really looks great."
He smiled back. "Lead on."
For whatever reason, the need to talk in whispers in a sick room, even one as noisily humming with life support machinery as this one was, had the two of them conversing in hushed voices until they returned to Julia's office a few minutes later.
Mazatl returned to the window and looked outside. "To tell you the truth, Julia," he said, keeping his back to her, "I never thought Devon would ever get out of the cold sleep capsule. Yet, there she is, as mysteriously getting better as she mysteriously got sick. If it wasn't Bennett's rejection illness, what was it?"
"I really don't know, Chris." Julia answered, crossing her arms and going to stand beside him. "Alonzo said he would tell me more about Uly's dream when they got here, but I've been thinking about it. I have a feeling, and I think I know what they're going to say."
Turning his head only slightly, he looked at her out of the corner of his eye. "But you're not ready to talk about it, are you? Okay. I'll wait. How is John these days? Heard from his team lately? Does he know?"
He could hear the smile in her voice. "Same old Danziger. He's doing fine. He's been sending back reports once a week, but I haven't actually talked to him in months." She sighed. "I sent a message to the last relay he used, asking for him to get in touch. His team has probably moved on, though. It might be weeks before they set up another relay."
"Where are they?" he asked. "Last I heard they were still on Copus."
"They were mapping near the pole and ready to start back according to his last message. We expect them back in four or five months, unless they get my message and come straight back."
Chris Mazatl turned his attention to the window and it's beautiful view of the biodome valley resplendent in full fall colors. Lachance Valley, it was called now, and the name looked right and perfect on the new maps he was helping to create. Lachance, after Mary's parents.
The director's office of the Heller Clinic had a sweeping view of the biodome, it's outgrowth of Quonset huts, and the small village growing up around it. The village was called Mary's Garden, and the territory around it was Kansa.
Looking to his left, south along the valley floor, Mazatl saw the roof of his own house waiting for his return in a small clearing between two stands of tall, white trunked trees. He liked to think of it as being three stones' throws from the biodome. Or a five minute walk.
Julia loved the view year round. It was the reason she chose the spot for the location of her clinic. Watching the seasons change around the dome and the village was a wonderful spectacle.
She said, "I sent someone down to open your house, to get a fire going, to leave a few provisions in the kitchen. You've been gone over a month. I thought it might need a little air."
"Thanks, Jules. As long as there's no hurry, I'll go down and get some rest. I'll leave to get Yale at first light."
"All right. See you at dinner?"
"Wouldn't miss it. I'd better call my people and tell them they're on their own for the rest of the week."
Julia reached out and squeezed his hand as he turned to leave. "Thank you, Chris."
He nodded. "You're welcome, Julia. See you later."

The sun was behind the mountains, throwing Mary's Garden into twilight when Julia left the clinic and drove her dunerail to her home in the biodome. She was wondering how things were going to change now that Devon Adair was about to join the people living in the planet's three major settlements.
It was going to be a shock for her to awaken at the advance group's winter campsite. Would she understand the reasons why the colony at New Pacifica was being abandoned? Why the advance group and the surviving colonists did not want to stay there?
Surviving colonists.
Those two words alone would require an encyclopedia of information to explain.
Devon and the group had been so looking forward to reaching the western ocean, the beaches of New Pacifica, the Sea of Antius. Was she going to be able to understand why they simply couldn't stay there?
It wasn't going to be easy explaining everything that had happened to the group, the colonists, the children, the colony ship...
"Oh, god!" Julia said aloud and brought the vehicle to a dead stop in the middle of the trail.
The excitement and the happiness of the last two days was suddenly overwhelming. She turned off the rail's engine and laid her forehead against her hands at the top of the steering wheel, and she began to cry.

Waking up was the hardest thing Devon Adair could ever remember doing. She wanted to awaken, but her eyes wouldn't stay open. Not that they were working correctly, anyway. All she could see were rows of brilliant brownish colored lights in front of her
She opened her eyes again. Someone was talking. A human voice saying things impossible to understand. She closed her eyes against the sound and drifted off.

Her eyes opened slowly. She wanted them to stay closed. The funny colored lights were still so bright. She took a deep breath and fell asleep again.

The next time she opened her eyes the lights were not as bright. In fact they were a dim glow in front of her. A voice coming from all around her was telling her to take her time, don't rush it. Silly voice! What did it think she was trying to do?

Devon was aware she had awakened again without ever realizing she had fallen asleep. Waking seemed to have become her life's work. She was doing it a lot lately. Something was different this time. A blurred someone was looking at her sideways. How were they doing that? Oh. Not sideways. From above. Devon was flat on her back and looking up. The person was leaning over her and doing something with her arm.
The person was saying something, but darned if Devon knew what it was. It didn't matter, anyway. She was still sleepy and her eyes were closing.

"All right," a familiar sounding voice was saying. "This is it. Open your eyes, Devon. Time to wake up."
Devon did as instructed and the familiar voice belonged to a familiar face. She could focus her eyes now and the light didn't hurt so much.
Julia Heller was leaning over her, looking all serious as she watched the readings on her diaglove. Her eyes flicked to Devon's and the businesslike manner vanished. In it's place was a brilliant smile.
"There you are! I think you're going to make it this time, Devon."
She must have looked puzzled, because Julia drew away her arm with the diaglove and sat down on the side of the bed. Her face was ‘upright' in Devon's vision now and her smile looked even brighter.
"You've been trying to awaken for a day and a half, Devon. I think you've finally done it." Julia looked away and reached for something.
When she turned back, Devon felt something touch her lips and click against her teeth.
"This is water, Devon. I'm going to squeeze a little into your mouth. Okay? Here we go. Just a little."
It was the best water she had ever tasted. Where did they get water like that? She swallowed it quickly and Julia squeezed in a little more.
"How long?" Devon tried to ask, but her voice came out a harsh, unintelligible whisper.
Julia smiled again. "Don't worry. It'll come. You're just a little out of practice." She squeezed more water from the bottle. "Let me know when you've had enough. Just say stop."
Devon did better. She said, "That's enough."
Though her voice sounded as ancient as Julia had ever heard a voice sound, to Devon's own ears, her voice was strong and vibrant.
"Uly?" she asked. "Yale?"
Julia adjusted her position on the edge of the bed. She clasped her hands in her lap and gave Devon an earnest look. "They're both on their way," she said. "Devon, you were in cold sleep for a long time. Your waking was not a planned event. I'll explain it to you later, so for now just try to understand that none of us were expecting you to wake up when you did. We brought you out of cold sleep two days ago. I was planning a slow, four day recovery period for you, but your body has other plans. Your recovery is two days ahead of schedule. Everyone - including Uly and Yale - are busy at one task or another away from here."
"From here where? Where are we?"
Julia looked at her very earnestly. "Well, at the moment you're in a bed in a room in my clinic. I have a lot to tell you, and I hardly know where to begin. Why don't we first let me play doctor and give you an examination, alright? With that out of the way, we can talk."
Without waiting for a reply, Julia began to pass her diaglove over Devon's head and upper body. Though Devon tried to ask questions, she was ignored as Julia split her attention between the device on her arm and the medical equipment positioned around the bed.
Try as she might to fight it, Devon fell asleep.

Part 2 coming soon. . .

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Saturday, 18 October 2003
Reilly and Bennett
" Name: Kenneth

Does anyone know if Reilly was a real person at one time? If Eve was created by Bennett, then how old would Reilly be? He would have had to live before the super computer was created in order for it to learn about him and use his image to interact with Julia.

Thursday, 16 October 2003 - 5:49 PM CDT

Name: Richard

Something was sending info back tothe stations so I just assume it is Eve. Before that would be Bennett and his party, and whatever othr teams were on the planetobserving the penal colonists. I doubt if thereis anything in orbit. I think Eve was misleadingthe ZED about that. reilly could have been an original observer and Bennet would have accessto his records to input when he build Eve. i think the odds are he died on the planetbefore Bennett got there. I don't think anyone has ever gone back to the stations aliveafter being sent there.

Thursday, 16 October 2003 - 7:43 PM CDT

Name: Beverly

Maybe there was an orbiting observation craft at one time. Eve turned out to be much more powerful than Bennett planned. I can see her killing everyone on the 'satellite' and absorbing their computer data in her effort to stop Bennett's virus from killing her. "

You have some good ideas there, guys.
I think Reilly was once a real person, too, and that he might have been one of the first observers of the initial penal colonists sent to the planet. I don't think he was ever in an orbiting platform, but that idea is a good one. I like it.

I theorized he and several others watched from a ground base established by the Council when the planet was first discovered. The hovercraft, like that the EA team were supposed to have with them, might have been a means of spying on the convicts. Also there were probably satellites in orbit for surveillance, too.
I also like the idea that he might never have gone back to the stations. Maybe he and his group of observers were rejected by the planet, too, just as the Bennett people would be years later, and they died. Even though Reilly seemed to have hit on the connection between young children and establishing a link with the planet, he killed a child when he tried to find out how the link was established. That could not have sat well with the planet.
That's why I don't think he was ever in a station in orbit. He had to have close access to the convicts, and later, their children.
Still, I like the idea. I just have to figure out how to make it work.

I always thought also, the Bennett team was rejected because they did not try to live on the surface as colonists would. They were always expecting to go back to the stations, so maybe they had recyclers for their water and enough consumables with them to stay five years. I don't think they ever tried to survive off the planet like the convicts and, later, the EA group had to do.
Bennett built Eve, probably back at the stations, and released her into G889 orbit to monitor them and relay information back to the stations.
But unknown to him, the Council was covering all the bases. They sent the ZEDs to the planet to monitor (and kill) convicts, while Bennett and Anson were studying the planet itself.
After dealing with Bennett's Venus class ship when Bennett tried to leave, Eve probably then appeared to the ZEDs as Reilly, and they might have been able to track her signal into orbit- they were heavily computerized- and it would be nothing to her to lie as Reilly and say he was in an observation satellite.

If you remember in "First Contact" the EA ship never received it's Level 6 clearance before making a run for it. I remember talking about this with my brother once and we thought maybe all ships meant for exploration or colonization had to have a clearance that ordinary freighters and pleasure craft between the stations didn't have to have. We thought this might explain why Bennett and Anson were so sure Devon must know why the planet was rejecting them. Maybe Level 6 clearances gave the departing crews addtional information about the places they were going. In this case, a warning about the planet's history of rejecting humans.
Since the Council seems to have had no intention of letting Adair's ships leave, they never had the need to tell her anything more than what she wanted to hear.
If they had been able to force her into accepting Council partnership in her project, think of how differently the matter would have turned out!

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